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Former Lobbyist Turned Inmate Is Now Fighting For Criminal Justice Reform

Kevin Ring is a former lobbyist and Senate Judiciary Committee counsel, who went to prison himself, and is now back on the Hill fighting for sentencing reform. Ring is the president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums and he joins Federalist Radio for a discussion on Matthew Charles, criminal justice reform under Trump, and his own personal experiences with law enforcement.

00:56:00 6/3/2018

Past Episodes

Senior Editors Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi talk through the history of guns in America. They discuss which guns are considered the most significant (the Kentucky Rifle, the AR-15, etc.) and why other guns didn't make the list.
00:45:00 10/22/2018
How can we return to teaching the arts, humanities, rhetoric, and learning how to persuade each other in peace and truth? Matthew Mehan argues that we can rebuild a culture of self-government and it starts with teaching practical philosophy. Domenech and Mehan discuss poetry, high lessons in popular art, Harry Potter, and the trends in young adult literature. Mehan's book of poetry, "Mr. Mehan's Mildly Amusing Mythical Mammals" is out this month. He is the Worsham Teaching Fellow for Hillsdale College's Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in D.C.
00:52:00 10/21/2018
Senior Editors Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi discuss two big stories this week: the US Treasury employee arrested for leaking classified information, and the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. They also debate their TV consumption, currently "Man in the High Castle" and "The Good Place."
00:50:00 10/18/2018
Investigative Reporter Sara Carter traveled the country to document the heroin and opioid crisis, to find out where the drugs are coming from, and to find a way to help the kids, teenagers, and adults who are dying everyday. The new documentary, "Not In Vein," exposes how this crisis and our southern border are a national security threat, and why the Mexican cartels behind it should be considered terrorists.
00:54:00 10/17/2018
Major Garrett has covered Congress and four different presidencies for three news outlets. He is now Chief White House Correspondent at CBS and author of the book, "Mr. Trump's Wild Ride: The Thrills, Chills, Screams, and Occasional Blackouts of an Extraordinary Presidency." Garett shares his experiences covering politics, how television and print media have changed, and his own account of the first year of the Trump presidency.
01:01:00 10/16/2018
Bridget Phetasy writes on sex and dating for Playboy, Mel Magazine, and does stand up comedy in L.A. She joins Ben in studio to discuss gender roles, modern dating, what men and women should know about the opposite sex, and how Playboy can save itself. "I always say to women: If you think all men are murdering rapists at their core, then we wouldn't have made it this far. There have to have been men that are more interested in protecting women and children than killing women or we literally would not be here as a species," she said.
00:56:00 10/15/2018
Becket Adams, commentary writer and media critic at The Washington Examiner, joins Ben in studio to discuss the media coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings, the biggest journalistic failings of the last few weeks, and how the MeToo movement is impacted by reporting like Ronan Farrow's. Stick around for the third segment where they go down a Westworld/Star Wars rabbit hole.
00:53:00 10/14/2018
Ellie Bufkin and Ben Domenech give a run down of all the new movies, television and entertainment out for consumption. Bufkin is a senior contributor at The Federalist, a co-host of the podcast "Flix It," and a film critic. They discuss Bradley Cooper's "A Star is Born", what Netflix is investing in and why, and whether we are at the end of good super hero movies.
00:49:00 10/10/2018
Penny Young Nance is the CEO and President of Concerned Women for America and the leader of the "Women For Kavanaugh" campaign. Nance describes the behind the scenes of the last three months--from her conversations with the White House before they even selected Kavanaugh, to the intense waiting in the Senate Gallery for the cloture vote. She also shares her own story of sexual assault, and how the media exploits the deeply hurt women and victims of assault.
00:55:00 10/9/2018
Andrew McCarthy, contributing editor of National Review and Fox News contributor, joins Ben Domenech to discuss Kavanaugh, the status of the Mueller investigation, and FBI FISA abuse. McCarthy shares his perspective into the Russian investigations and the excuses made by Comey and the DOJ as a former federal prosecutor.
01:00:00 10/8/2018

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