Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

From their bed in Hawaii, Kailtyn and Shawn review the latest episode of The Bachelor to discuss the ickiness of Arie's bowling date, as well as their favorite contenders so far and what the pros/cons are of Season 22 are!

00:51:00 2/1/2018

Past Episodes

Kaitlyn is joined by professional sommelier Mattie Selecman to talk about some of the nuances of white wines, inexpensive wine suggestions, and Mattie's Nashville restaurant Salt & Vine
00:53:00 5/17/2018
Kaitlyn is once again joined by special co-host Lo to chat with Big Brother and Amazing race stars Jess and Cody. Join in as they talk about finding lasting love on reality TV, being genuine fans of one another's seasons, and their relationships with the producers while filming.
01:20:00 5/15/2018
Kaitlyn is joined by her niece Sydnee and nephew Brody to find out what life is like out of the mouth of babes in this week's Grape "Juice" Therapy.
00:40:00 5/10/2018
Kaitlyn and special co-host Lo speak with Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry to speak about his TV show, learning and developing his gift at a young age, and some of the favorite readings he's done
01:03:00 5/8/2018
Kaitlyn is joined by her BFF Bri Cook to reminisce about their big fights with each other, Bri has a major confession for a member of Kaitlyn's family, and together they ask the pivotal question, "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
01:18:00 5/3/2018
Kaitlyn is joined by Lauren Akins, wife of country star Thomas Rhett, to discuss her journey to adoption and then birth, working with orphans in Uganda, and life on tour with her husband and family.
01:10:00 5/1/2018
Kaitlyn hangs out with fellow Bachelor alum Carly Waddell to confess their love of squatty potty. Carly shares the story of her daughter Bella's birth, and the ladies answer questions from the fans.
01:13:00 4/26/2018
Kaitlyn and her Fiance Shawn talk about their feelings on the British Royal Family, play a no hold bard game of would you rather, and call listeners for relationship Ken you not?
01:13:00 4/24/2018

Kaitlyn and her Fiance Shawn B. reminisce about their recent trip to Jamaica, clear up some of the many rumors surrounding the trip (are they married?), and make a big announcement!

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00:40:00 4/21/2018
New York Times bestselling author, co-founder of The Buried Life movement, and fellow Canadian Ben Nemtin joins Kaitlyn to reminisce about her move to America, the impact of ambitious goals, and living a life where it's never too late.
01:28:00 4/17/2018

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