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Heather finishes up her vacation tour with a trip to Mammoth, then asks you to give her your two-cents on how she should handle Max's latest request. Also, she talks to YouTube personalities-turned-hosts of "This Might Get..." Mamrie Hart & Grace Helbig about their new show, responding to trolls on the internet, and Mamrie's new book "I've Got This Round: More Tales of Debauchery" available now.

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01:15:00 4/27/2018

Past Episodes

Former MTV VJ and Heather's friend Daisy Fuentes pops into the studio to share her methods of keeping a consistent sanity in her marriage through mediation, the meaning behind her Instagram post, and her methods of maintaining youth.
01:27:00 8/10/2018

Heather Dubrow hits a very important landmark in podcast history with champs in pineapples (try it--they're REALLY good) while talking about a fight over parasailing, a very weird speaker at Max & Nicky's new school who had some ideas plucked from Handsmaid's Tale and the aspect of reaching out to old friends.

The Heather Hotline is here! Ask Heather your questions at 949-439-5159 anytime, anywhere!

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01:20:00 8/9/2018

Heather & Natalie tackle Max's desire to go to festivals and balancing family expectations during special life events (i.e. Heather's wedding)! Later on, Terry pops into the studio to talk about their recent appearance on The Doctors.

The Heather Hotline is here! Ask Heather your questions at 949-439-5159 anytime, anywhere!

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00:00:00 8/3/2018

Lindsey is back as the cocktail table while Natalie shares the harrowing tale of her first time skydiving with Riley, while Heather reveals the secret of her classy sweats and her tips for building a registry.

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01:23:00 8/2/2018
Heather and Natalie open up about the issue of addiction and how it's affected them in this this special bonus episode of the show.
00:00:00 7/28/2018

Heather and Natalie finally get to answer all YOUR questions and calls! Plus--the fabulous Emily Osment is in and talking the weird cliffhanger for Young & Hungry and her opinion on Miley Cyrus' decision to reset her Instagram!

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01:25:00 7/27/2018
The County Fair is in town and everything is going crazy in the Dubrow House! Nicky is magically a grilling master while Max walks into a VERY unexpected situation in Heather & Terry's bedroom...
01:20:00 7/26/2018

Heather follows up on the scuffle she had with Terry and the issues with the expensive wine from last week's episode while Heather & Natalie get into some TMI conversation!

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01:20:00 7/20/2018

Natalie is celebrating the birth of yet another niece while Terry provides an official rebuttal to last week's juice debacle! Also hear a blast from the past with Heather's creative voice messages from long ago!

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01:13:00 7/19/2018
Heather finishes up her tale about the Terry Juice Incident and admires Natalie's new gift from Riley before meeting up with the star of stage and screen Kristin Chenoweth as she opens up about her on-set accident from 2012 and her favorite Broadway moments!
01:00:00 7/13/2018

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