How to 'Turn the Ship Around' with intent-based leadership (ep. 10)

Erik Therwanger chats with David Marquet -- a former nuclear submarine commander and author of "Turn the Ship Around." On this episode, Erik and David do a deep dive into the mechanics of leadership, including how to create environments that allow for people to do amazing things, and how to communicate from a place of curiosity in a way that leads to better collaboration. And much more! To find out more about David, visit

00:00:00 7/7/2017

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Todd Rooker loves to tell some great success stories, and today is one of them. Erik Therwanger, a former Marine, caregiver, has worked a few different jobs, and now speaks to groups about Leadership and how he got thru the tough times in his life to be where he is today. He speaks of his super interesting life story! Check out for more!
00:00:00 5/20/2019
Erik Therwanger's appearance on the Educo Community Podcast includes discussion about how to respond to crisis, how to be a great leader and how to plan and execute on your goals.
00:00:00 2/27/2018
Phil Mackey from 1500 ESPN Twin Cities joins Erik Therwanger to discuss the process of leadership on this episode of Think GREAT. Topics discussed on this episode include why hoarding power is cancerous, learning from failure, why hiring or working with people who are smarter than you is valuable, the power and process of delegation, why leadership can be defined as simply as "good communication," and much more.
00:00:00 8/6/2017
Ever hear someone say, "If you want something done right you've got to do it yourself?" Well, this phrase is toxic. And incredibly unproductive. This is all about leader's intent -- or, as Erik Therwanger explains, how to supercharge your delegation skills with impeccable communication. To help illustrate, Erik tells a story about a part-time, overnight employee at his media company who was empowered enough to reel in a large business deal during his shift. When you finish this episode -- whether you're the boss, a manager or an entry-level employee -- you'll understand how to get everyone pulling on the same rope without being told what to do every step of the way.
00:00:00 5/1/2017
On this episode of Think GREAT, Erik Therwanger explains why the majority of people in sales are doing it all wrong. Along with diving deep into why sales are TUF (Trust, Understanding and Following Up), Erik explains why closing is not the be all, end all when it comes to succeeding in sales. "The fortune is in the follow-up," and Erik explains, in detail, how to follow up with better results.
00:00:00 4/17/2017
How to define your big picture (your purpose) so your goals lead to a greater meaning. On this episode of Think GREAT, Erik Therwanger explains why many people fail to accomplish their goals. What is a greater purpose and picture? Erik shares his. Plus, how to light a fire inside yourself long-term.
00:00:00 2/13/2017
Here's a little-known secret: You don't need to be a company executive, or a manager -- or an established influencer of any kind, at all, whatsoever -- to elevate yourself and your surroundings. On this episode of Think GREAT, Erik Therwanger discusses the process of taking yourself and the people around you (your company or business, your team, your family, etc.) to new heights. Whatever goals of growth you have, this episode will light a fire under you. Get ready to take your business and your life to the next level.
00:00:00 2/6/2017
On this episode of Think GREAT, Erik Therwanger welcomes guest Drew Dudley to the show for an in-depth discussion about how to become a top-notch leader. Drew is the founder of and has given multiple TED Talks on the subject, and he has also worked with noteworthy companies and organizations such as McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble, JP Morgan Chase, Hyatt Hotels, the United Way and nearly 100 colleges and universities. On this podcast, Erik and Drew discuss how to start becoming a better leader today, the role of fear in leadership, how to live a life of empowerment, how to change habits and more!
00:00:00 1/30/2017
Poor communication is a raging epidemic in the business world. It's the number one problem with most companies. That's because most people and businesses don't put enough thought into the value of dynamic, powerful communication. On this episode of Think GREAT, Erik Therwanger explains the art of empowering people and how to add jet fuel to your conversations with any group you're involved with. Erik will teach you how to instill confidence in people around you, how to turn That's not my job into How can I help? and Here's why we cant get it done into This is how we can.
00:00:00 1/23/2017
Lets be honest, a majority of goals we set fall by the wayside due to a lack of focus, the absence of immediate results, or some other flaw in the process. Imagine how much better life would be if we could accomplish the goals we set on a more regular basis? On this podcast, Erik Therwanger unveils his step-by-step system for accomplishing ANY goal big picture or small. You will learn the framework of a system that you can apply to all types of goals. Erik also shines a light on the one major step people regularly skip that prevents them from accomplishing their goals. Erik explains, using two dynamic examples from his personal life and from our country's history to help illustrate.
00:00:00 1/16/2017

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