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FRENSHIP released their new album "Vacation" on May 17th. James Sunderland and Brett Hite stopped by our studio to tell us all about it. If you're a musician with big Spotify dreams you need to hear their incredible story; and for everyone who can't wait to hear new songs from FRENSHIP you've come to the right place! They started their tour on May 18th. Get your tickets now at:

Music Connection
00:40:32 5/21/2019

Past Episodes

ENCORE Episode! Faith, friendship, respect, and love of music have kept Take 6 together all these years! Join hosts Randy Thomas and Anita Gevinson with Claude McKnight, lead singer of Take 6, to see what it's like to belong to the most awarded a cappella group in history. Ten GRAMMYs plus having recorded and/or performed with Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, and countless others. Take 6's album Iconic hit #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart. Check them out here:
00:28:18 8/13/2019
An incredible episode revisited: YouTube sensation SAARA, a Finnish singer/songwriter/artist, joins the podcast to talk about her hot new single, growing up making music, and the alien languages she created for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "Star Trek Beyond." For more check out:
00:25:09 8/6/2019
British Singer/Songwriter James Bay shares why the world thinks he left his music after the incredible success of his first album, his SNL appearance and new album dropping in May 2018. Also, hear the story about how James found the most incredible World Class Guitars - Designed and custom-built by the Frank Brothers, and played them for both his SNL performance and his music video, featuring his song Pink Lemonade. Check out more at:
00:32:52 7/30/2019
Encore Presentation! ? Previously, Randy Thomas & Arnie Wohl got a vacation update from Senior Editor Mark Nardone, and Mark reflected back on the three cover stories Music Connection did with Tom Petty over the years. Then Hot Australian Artist, Vance Joy stopped by the Podcast to talk about his fast rising career, popularity, and selling out his tour with one great single. Check out his latest tour and new music here:
00:29:39 7/23/2019
Once again, singer/songwriter Olivia Lane joins the podcast team of guest host Rachel Wohl, Mark Nardone and Anita Gevinson. All aboard as Olivia takes us on her journey from Houston to Los Angeles to Nashville. Olivia reveals her songwriting process for some of her biggest hits like "You Got Me", and "You Part 2". Check out more here:
00:27:24 7/16/2019
Back by Popular Demand! Denise Kaufman is the guitarist & bassist for Ace of Cups, one of the first all-girl rock bands. In 1967 in San Francisco, Denise along with four other fearless young women, opened for Jimi Hendrix and were on their way to superstardom. So what happened? Denise tells all including how the band made an unlikely comeback. Check out their website for the new album!
01:05:58 7/9/2019
Franke Previte, best known as the lead singer of the 1980's pop band "Franke and The Knockouts," is also an Academy Award-winning composer and the producer of a new empowering musical called "Calling All Divas". Check out the conversation here:
00:34:51 7/2/2019
Canadian singer songwriter Sarah Burton left Toronto for Texas where she crafted her 5th studio album called "Give Me What I Want". We spoke to the very young and extremely gifted Sarah while on the road, on her Birthday! Check out more here:
00:29:24 6/25/2019
Kam Franklin is the powerful vocalist for "The Suffers" an electrifying 8-piece Gulf Coast soul, rock, and funk band from Houston Texas. We talked to Kam about the band's music and life on the road, which is where we caught up with her. Check them out here:
00:32:28 6/18/2019
From 1991 to 1994, music manager Danny Goldberg worked with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. He witnessed the many highs and lows of what turned out to be the last four years of Kurt Cobain's life. On the twenty-fifth anniversary of Kurt's death Danny Goldberg talked to us about his brilliant new book "Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain".
00:39:49 6/11/2019

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