Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

"Former Bachelor" and "First Sight" alum Jamie Otis opens up about marrying Doug Hehner and their life with a four-month-old daughter, as well as embracing her post-pregnancy body and coping with the tragic loss of her previous pregnancy.

01:23:00 1/2/2018

Past Episodes

It's time for Arie to make those hometown visits and we get to see a lot of interesting characters--both living and taxidermied! Kailtyn & Shawn make their predictions about the Final 3 and get a call from this season's Tia Booth! Also, Shawn gets his own fancy segment designed to help you beautiful people out!
00:58:00 2/22/2018
Country sensations Russell & Kailey Dickerson swing by to talk about their involvement on The Bachelorette, their post-Valentine's Day reflections of one another, how much they loved The Greatest Showman, and following their dreams to achieving success in the country world!
01:28:00 2/20/2018
Kaitlyn's back with an update on the latest episode of the Bachelor (including truffle hunting, a second Kissing Bandit, and the even-more-dreaded triple date) with Shawn B and a noisy Tucker Doodle in the background. Then they take to social media to answer your questions!
00:40:00 2/15/2018
Big Brother's Season 19 power couple Elena and Mark pop by the studio to talk about finding love in a house full of cameras, puppies, moms-turned-haters on the internet, awkward gynecologist stories, and so much more! Also, Elena and Kaitlyn might be twins--just sayin'!
01:28:00 2/13/2018
Kaitlyn's playing it solo today (although a shirtless Shawn is in the background) as she recaps the most recent episode of The Bachelor featuring two-on-one dates in Paris--the city of love! She also answers guest questions, including a tweet from a certain Bachelorette personality...
00:51:00 2/8/2018
The husband and wife team behind Eli Fitness pop in (with their cute baby!) to answer Kaitlyn's questions about life on Survivor and Big Brother, trying to keep fit during pregnancy, and their worst server and neighbor stories!
01:24:00 2/6/2018
From their bed in Hawaii, Kailtyn and Shawn review the latest episode of The Bachelor to discuss the ickiness of Arie's bowling date, as well as their favorite contenders so far and what the pros/cons are of Season 22 are!
00:51:00 2/1/2018
The boss babes behind PRIVILEGE Clothing (@styleforthepriv) and the lady-centric podcast PRIV Talks joins Kaitlyn in a hotel board room to drink mimosas and talk about their mission to empower women through their businesses, as highly-creative use for Kit Kat Bars, dating horror stories, and their awful experiences in the service industry.
01:15:00 1/30/2018
Kaitlyn isn't thrilled with Arie's season of the Bachelor and dishes about it with her BBF and official OTV voice Bri Cook! They delve into listener Konfessions, their respective nipple sizes, and Kailtyn addresses the rumor of the Bachelorette joint wedding!
01:02:00 1/25/2018
Canadian brothers and country duo Curtis & Brad Rempel of High Valley joins Kailtyn to talk about growing up with weird hyjinks and without Amazon Prime in Mennonite country, making it in the music world, and performs their single "She's With Me" for you peeps!
01:25:00 1/23/2018

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