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Salad rants, MDW recap, edibles, Seatox, #ForTheSummer: how to grill, Voicemails (38:17), expiration dates for relationships, going to a bar alone, morning wood, and hot vs. crazy


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Net neutrality is getting repealed and we may have to start paying for the internet piece by piece (or maybe not, idk). What individual parts of life in general, would you pay for, and how much?
00:18:04 12/18/2017
Ali Lee made her KFC Radio debut in 2014 on KFCR episode #32. Now she sells weed professionally and may or may not have had a seizure in the middle of this episode.
00:22:13 12/15/2017
KFC is a Big Baller and also the new voice of erectile dysfunction. It's Throwback Thursday KFC and Feitelberg revisit the day Dave was murdered by Chrissy Teigen, Feitelberg told his story of having ecoli on Christmas, Feitelberg asked why black people love Kung Fu movies so much. Voicemails include: Being sexually harassed by a 76 year old woman. Is paying for parking worth the sex? I'm sending nudes but he won't come over to fuck me. Getting handjobs while checking twitter. Imagine if pornhub kept track of your yearly watching trends? and The second girl from last episodes "accidental threesome" calls in to give her side of the story.
What was the better decade, ages 8 to 18 or 18 to 28?
00:14:04 12/13/2017
KFC and Feitelberg run through today's Barstool front page: Video of bullied child Keaton Jones going viral turns out his family is racist, Giancarlo Stanton signs with the Yankees and the Evil Empire is back, Carson Wentz out for the season with a torn ACL the Eagles are done, Netflix knows way too much about what people are watching. Voicemails include: Guy is having his identity and dick stolen on Grindr, Motorcyclist gets off on getting kicked in the balls, What are the four It's Only Sunny episodes you couldn't live without?, guy can't cum when having sex with this chick, and guy has sex with 2 roommates in one night.
Mr. Diarrhea-Since-Easter-of-2007 himself, Uncle Chaps joins KFC for a quickie. How to handle shitting at your in-laws house and how to install your own bidet.
00:12:06 12/11/2017
What fictional Christmas characters would you like to drink with?
00:17:50 12/8/2017
On today's episode Young Pageviews joins KFC and Feitelberg to mourn the loss of porn star August Ames and talk favorite porn scenes of all time. The guys run through Barstool front page: a picture of Tupac's dick was sold for over 7 thousand dollars. Aaron Boone named the new manager of the Yankees. Mike Pence ratted on his fraternity in college for having a keg. James Dolan allegedly was a aware of Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse. Voicemails include: Getting out of dressing like an elf for your office Christmas party. Going on a date with a guy who doesn't drink. Toe fucking. Cum girl calls back to give some more background of her story. Living in a light bulb.
How to handle your old hook-ups hitting up your phone when getting back together with your ex
KFC and Feitelberg are back from a weekend trip to Atlanta where they don't sell beer at football games. The guys run through Barstool front page: Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend has been stealing money from him. Ed Sheeran says that Beyonce changes her email every single week. Woman still calls her dead boyfriend her boyfriend and soul mate. Voicemails include: Would you rather be in cushy jail or a stay at home dad with 2 kids? Dealing with getting rejected at the bar. Do I tell my friend that his fiance is a total slut? When do I put my clothes on after sex? Is every time you hang out with your girlfriend a date?

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