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Salad rants, MDW recap, edibles, Seatox, #ForTheSummer: how to grill, Voicemails (38:17), expiration dates for relationships, going to a bar alone, morning wood, and hot vs. crazy


Past Episodes

KFC and Feitelberg discuss the new wave of alleged celebrity nudes, then explore how the male mind works. Voicemails: girlfriend mad about her bf listening to KFCR, cum rags, pokemon, getting laughed at naked, and bringing your girl to your fantasy draft.
KFC and Feitelberg talk about dicks in porn. Frankie Borelli stops in to explain how he wants to see utter obliteration in his porn. Interview with Andrea Savage about her new sitcom, "I'm Sorry" with some talk of ice cubes and butt holes. Voicemails include dead dad's necklace, faking being in love with a chick to get out of going to her wedding, break-up hurdles, how long would it take you to go cannibal, and Nuva ring gone wrong
It's Feitelberg's 29th birthday and he's not sad about it. Two time cat killer Michael Rapaport calls in to roast those hipster Nazi's and talk about his new fantasy football podcast. Voicemails include a boyfriend pulling a Costanza and pretending he didn't get broken up with, dude eats part of a uterus wall during sex, snapchat streaks, chicks with glass eyes.
The homie Rone joins KFC & Feits to talk battle rap, butts, and boners. The debut of I Swear I'm Not High. Voicemails include: Fight a short gladiator or a rhino, fly out culture, jerking off to Alex Jones and more.
Barstool DVR covers the latest epic Game of Thrones episode. The guys answer some Game of Thrones voicemails including when will Jon Snow and Daenerys bang? Can Cersei stop these dragons? and is Daenerys becoming a villain? The 10 steps plan of how any woman can get any man they want. Normal voicemails include how long can you text a chick that you've never met? Assembling together the ultimate person you would hate. Anal beads. And dating a convicted statutory rapist.
Jared Carrabis visits KFC Radio to talk Red Sox and his new baseball show and podcast, Starting 9. Voicemails include guy ditching a girl by telling her that he's going into the priesthood, girlfriend casually bringing up having a kid soon, ex girlfriend trying to set up her ex boyfriend with her little sister, would losing your sense of smell effect your life?, and girl cheating on her boyfriend with her ex boyfriend.
KFC is BACK from paternity leave and reunited with Feitelberg. The guys compare how different their paternity leaves were. Barstool DVR covers Ozark, Game of Thrones, and Dunkirk. Voicemails include having sex with a girl who's boyfriend is in jail, girlfriend's list of girls that her boyfriend is not allowed to talk to, how to split rent with your girlfriend and how to juggle multiple girlfriends as a minor league baseball player.
KFC is still out on paternity leave so we're throwing it back to 2014 #Mailtime where KFC and Super Producer BC break down the most absurd rap lyrics of all time. Featuring Big Pun, Ghostface Killah, Nicki Minaj, Jameis Winston, the Rza, the GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef, and the M-E-T-H-O-D MAN... and many more! KFC also battles Jay-Z and Geno Smith. FUCK FREE WORLD! 3-1-3!
Back in February 2015 we listed the biggest biggest scams, shams and hoaxes throughout history. Headaches, religion, caffeine, Magic Johnson, voting, traffic laws, and of course Helen Keller
Back in April 2015 we rattled off a list of fairly simple concepts that we are just not smart enough to comprehend. We are not intelligent people, apparently. Amongst this list is: water displacement, electricity, the Day Moon, planes, and women. We also do April Fools in the cubes.

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