Cold Case Files: The Podcast

When an elderly couple is robbed and brutally murdered in a quiet logging community, accusations fly. No stone is left unturned, but the killer never surfaces, leaving the family of Ed and Minnie Maurin with nothing but unanswered questions and crippling grief. The investigation goes cold for two decades, before a courageous eye witness comes forward with information that cracks the case wide open.

00:32:26 6/27/2017

Past Episodes

A thirteen-year-old girl vanishes, seemingly out of thin air, while her brother is standing just feet away. She was never seen again, and her disappearance would haunt her brother or thirty years. That is until another victim comes forward, and her trauma unlocks the mystery of what happened to the missing child.

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00:40:00 5/29/2018

After pregnant Diana is attacked in her home, she nearly dies. Despite a severe head injury, she believes she can identify her attacker - her husband, Kevin. Kevin insists he is innocent, and that his wife was attacked by a boogeyman. His story sounds crazy. But is it?

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00:35:00 5/22/2018

Ensign Andrew Muns disappeared from the Navy ship he was serving on during the Vietnam War. His disappearance was officially ruled a desertion, but Andrew's sister, and investigators, never believed that story. They believed he was murdered. And they held onto that belief for thirty years.

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00:42:00 5/15/2018

In July of 1988, the owner of a taxi company in Michigan was shot by a disgruntled employee. He survived, until a year later when he was shot once again. The identity of his second attacker would remain a mystery for fifteen years, until an exchange of letters between an inmate and a woman provided police with a clue.

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00:38:00 5/8/2018
For over 20 years, Kirsten was haunted by the unsolved murder of her mother when she was eight years old. And while Kirsten's nightmare drove her to keep working with Cold Case detectives and never stop believing her mother's case would be solved, it was someone else's dream - a dream with eerie similarities to the scene of the murder - that would eventually help solve the case. Thanks again to this week's sponsors: Discover great wine today! Go to to get $20 off your first shipment. For $20 off your new suitcase - visit - and use promo code "COLDCASE" during check out
00:30:00 4/30/2018
There were three Evans brothers: the cop, the truck driver, and the troublemaker. When a rumor surfaces connecting one of the three brothers to a murder case eighteen-years cold, the boundaries of loyalty, morality, and trust between siblings are tested. Spruce up your living space by going to and get 25% off your design package. Never overpay on quality clothes. Get free shipping on your first order when you go to
00:34:00 4/24/2018
In the spring of 1977, a small town convenience store in Arkansas becomes the site of a robbery and a murder. What makes this case unique, is that the victim was seventy-one years old - and a cop. Solving his case would take a chat with a serial killer, an undercover sting operation, and twenty-five years.
00:34:00 4/17/2018
After a young girl is murdered in her home while the rest of her family slept, the police investigation zeroes in on the girl's teenage brother. But by focusing so closely on the brother, did investigators miss another suspect?
00:44:00 4/10/2018
In Toledo, Ohio in 1980, a woman's body was found in a chapel, covered only by an altar cloth. She had been stabbed 31 times. The woman's name? Sister Margaret Ann Pahl. Somebody had murdered a nun.
00:33:00 4/3/2018
It's the late 90's in Houston, Texas and a serial killer is on the loose, having already strangled at least three women to death. His signature? A ligature tied around the neck, and tightened with a tourniquet.
00:34:00 3/27/2018

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