Forked Up: A Thug Kitchen Podcast

Lacey Henderson is a paralympian that is tough as nails and funny as all get-out. Hear about her amazing story, from losing part of her leg at age nine to becoming a world-class long jumper to her dietary outlook for maintaining Olympic-level fitness. Also, Matt and Michelle are here this week to dish on hurricanes, beef-flavored bath bombs and other edible odds and ends. Visit any MedMen location in Southern California and tell them you heard about MedMen on FORKED UP for $10 off your purchase! Shop now at and check out the new FOSSIL GEN FOUR smartwatches, now starting at $250.

Forked Up: A Thug Kitchen Podcast
01:15:00 9/19/2018

Past Episodes

Cookbook author Danielle Walker (AGAINST ALL GRAIN) joins our hosts today to talk about her journey to wellness via a drastic diet change, misconceptions about grain-free products and sharing parallel experiences with Thug Kitchen. Also, Matt and Michelle show much respect to the creator of Swiss Miss, discuss bans on animal dissections in classrooms and explain how the word "natural" means nothing when it comes to your food packaging.
01:19:00 4/18/2019
True crime investigative journalist Billy Jensen (CHASE DARKNESS WITH ME) stops by the podcast this week to talk about why the true crime phenomenon appeals so much to women, what his relationship is like with law enforcement as well as his new podcast THE MURDER SQUAD. Also, Matt and Michelle give props to a cookbook legend and go HARD on Easter food and why horse racing needs to be cancelled.
01:06:00 4/11/2019
Actor Desmin Borges (YOU'RE THE WORST) chats with Matt and Michelle about Bloody Marys, Chicago delicacies and being a fat kid (or "enthusiastic eater") at heart. Also, our hosts take a deep dive into what's going on with gum, McDonald's stepping up for the common folk and the infamous St. Louis-style bagels.
01:05:00 4/4/2019
Superstar food stylist Casey Dobbins joins Matt and Michelle in the booth today to talk Snoop Dogg cookbooks, growing up vegetarian in Kansas City and why you SHOULDN'T put an egg on it. Our hosts give props to San Antonio for taking a stand against Chik-Fil-A. Also, there's an avocado recall you should be aware of as well as a Duncan Hines birthday!
01:11:00 3/28/2019
Documentarian Raphael Sbarge to talk about his film LA FOODWAYS which explores the past, present and future of agriculture in Los Angeles. Learn about the citrus mafia, the internet's relationship with food and the state of food waste in LA. Also, Matt and Michelle want you to know about mislabelled seafood, new egg risks and bovine escapes!
01:19:00 3/21/2019
Matt and Michelle are joined by Oliver Gottfried, Senior Campaigns Strategist with Oxfam, about Oxfam's campaign EAT FOR GOOD and how you, as a regular consumer, can help create positive impact on the environment and mitigate poverty and hunger. Also, we're tracking the return of Michelin to Los Angeles, beer-naming wars in New Orleans and a shout-out to the mother of the pot brownie.
01:01:00 3/14/2019
Food truck entrepreneur Evan Fox talks with Matt & Michelle about his wildly successful enterprise, the Yeastie Boys food truck, bringing delicious bagels to Southern California. Hear all about Evan's trial by fire feeding hungry concert-goers at Coachella, why Montreal has the best bagels and what the BEASTIE BOYS thought of his moniker. Also, our hosts report that fast food was actually HEALTHIER in the 80s, how sparkling water might be bad for your teeth and...was Stalin a vegan?!?
01:05:00 3/7/2019
T.K. Pillan is the co-founder of the popular Veggie Grill chain of restaurants. Join Matt and Michelle as they chat with T.K. about appealing to non-vegans, T.K.'s enthusiasm for new product innovations and his baseball past. Also, our hosts give a shout out to the origins of the Ceasar salad and Matt finds out where all of his recycling has been going to.
01:04:00 2/28/2019
Los Angeles chef and restaurateur Jasmine Shimoda joins Matt and Michelle on the pod to share her unique influences, bland macro-biotic food and why her own breakfast burrito frustrates her. Also, our hosts break down stories about discovering a tiger while on weed, the Presidential health report and pink slime getting undeserved recognition.
01:09:00 2/21/2019
Punk rock legend and master orator Henry Rollins joins the podcast this week to talk about life before smartphones, his awkward 2016 Election Night performance and birthday pizza celebrations. Check out Henry's new special KEEP TALKING, PAL through the Comedy Dynamics Network and available on iTunes: Also, Matt & Michelle dive deep into vinegar Valentines, chunky trademarks and the fake Doritos/Cheetos beef. Visit any Med Men location and tell them you heard about them on Forked Up to get 10% off of your purchase.
01:29:00 2/14/2019

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