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Movie Trivia Schmoedown - Dan Murrell VS Ethan Erwin: Singles Tournament Semi-Finals


On today's episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, the semifinals of the 2018 Schmoedown Movie Trivia Singles Tournament begins! Dangerous Dan Murrell fresh off his victory over Stacy Howard takes on Mr. Big Time himself Ethan Erwin. Erwin had a tougher than expected match with The Kid Chance Ellison, but is now stepping up in competition as he takes on the former two time Singles champion. Dan has been talking about facing his fellow Horsemen and current Singles champ The Outlaw John Rocha in a rubber match to end their trilogy, but he has his work cut out for him against what many consider to be the Rookie of the Year in Ethan Erwin. Erwin is looking to etch his name in history as the first rookie to ever win the Singles belt, but he'll have to get by the GOAT to do it. You know these two are going to put on one hell of a Schmoedown match and whoever comes out of this one could go all the way to the final of the tournament. See which great competitor will be left standing at the end and move on to the Finals of the tournament.

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00:38:15 12/4/2018

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