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The NCAA has a scandal and Rick Pitino may or may not be involved (2:16 - 8:34). We call the FBI hotline for NCAA violations to report a College Basketball crime we suspect is occurring at a certain prominent basically school that may or may not rhyme with Puke ( 8:34 - 12:31). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (12:31 - 26:21). NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter joins us to talk about his new show First Things First, Randy Moss, what does elite really mean, and his conversation with Colin Kaepernick (26:21 - 68:34). Segments include Hurt or Injured for Darren Sproles. Sabermetrics for Michael Beasley using too much of his brain, uhh ya think for D-Wade on the Cavs and Guys on Chicks.

00:55:33 9/26/2017

Past Episodes

Fastest 2 minutes for Divisional Round Weekend (2:17 - 5:52). Break down each game including the insane ending in Minnesota, Nick Foles finding a way, the Patriots steamrolling the Titans and the stunner in Pittsburgh (5:52 - 17:54). Plus bonus Mt Rushmore of things you do to cope with a bad loss for Steelers and Vikings fans (17:54 - 26:15) . Who's Back of the Week (26:15 - 33:38) - . Former Denver running back and NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis joins the show to talk about his career, what it was like playing with John Elway, whether it's better to have a short unbelievable career or a longer average career, and Championship Sunday in 1999 where celebrating the Falcons win over the Vikings almost cost the Broncos the AFC Championship game (33:38 - 73:31). Segments include Respect The Biz for golf cameramen, remembering Keith Jackson, Bad Radio narrating the Eagles fan getting a blow job on public transportation, Talking Soccer, and Embrace Debate "are we wrong to not like Tony Romo as an announcer?"
00:55:33 1/14/2018
Divisional Round is here and we go through all our picks and story lines for the best weekend in Football (2:20 - 18:40). Big Cat reveals a podcasting/diet secret (18:40 - 22:20). Former NHL Player Ryan Whitney joins the show to catch up on hockey, explain what the hell is going on with the Olympics, and bashes Basketball (22:20 - 39:27). NFL Draft Scout Matt Miller joins the show to talk about the new coaching hires, the biggest weaknesses in this weekend's games, and ranks the Quarterbacks in the 2018 Draft (39:27 - 57:12). Segments include Connect the Dots, Just Chill out Man for the former 49ers exec who wants to lube up Jimmy G, Dad to Dad for Lavar vs Lebron, the return of Spoilers, Thats enough internet for the day, and Jimbos.
00:55:33 1/11/2018
Nick Saban has won another National Title and he's probably already recruiting. We have Tua mania and feel bad for Kirby Smart (2:20 - 9:07). Jon Gruden announced as new Raiders Head Coach (9:07 - 13:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (13:30 - 27:26). NFL Hall of Fame Running Back Jerome Bettis joins the show to talk about Football, how the game has changed, what it was like being thicc and quick, and why he should say sorry for the Steelers Super Bowl win over the Seahawks (27:26 - 53:15). Segments include Embrace Debate how do you pronounce the name Matt Nagy. Sport of the future update for Lacrosse. Hermatology with a Herm Edwards update. Bachelor for guys that don't watch the Bachelor and special guest Cordarrelle Patterson from the Oakland Raiders joins the show to talk about Jon Gruden and Guys on Chicks. 
00:55:33 1/9/2018
Wild Card Weekend Fastest 2 Minutes (2:20 - 5:14). The guys go game by game recapping the first round of the NFL Playoffs (5:14 - 19:48). Who's Back of the Week including OJ Simpson and Shorts (19:48 - 29:35). Former Arkansas Head Football Coach Bret Bielema joins the show to talk about how to gameplan against Alabama, what it's like talking to Nick Saban before the game, and the Karma tweet (29:35 - 42:04). SI CFB writer Andy Staples joins the show to talk about the National Championship game, SEC Fatigue, and who the best coach in Florida is (42:04 - 60:08). Segments include Not to brag but we called it with the Patriots in fighting, Grumors Finale, Respect the Biz, Kings stay Kings for Jeff Triplette, and a full CFB Title Game pump up.
00:55:33 1/7/2018
Wild Card Weekend is here and we're excited for some playoff football. Andy Reid in cold weather, Jacksonville is limiting table sales, and we're still waiting for the Falcons to put it all together (2:20 - 15:32). Former Browns and Jets Head Coach Eric Mangini joins the show to talk about the playoffs, what he learned from his life in the NFL, and how dieting with Rob Ryan isn't always easy (15:32 - 60:16). Segments include a "Sheeeeeesh" update, Put one in his earhole Josh Rosen, PR 101 Rich Rodriguez, Humans vs the Sun, and we do our New Years Resolutions for 201678
00:55:33 1/4/2018
Marvin Lewis is still the Bengals coach and we have our theories as to how this is possible (2:20 - 8:19). The debut of the newest hit single "Love Watching NFL Football", the song to recap the 2017 NFL season (8:19 - 11:27). We have an intervention for Lebron being a Wine addict (11:27 - 17:22). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:22 - 27:51). Danny Kanell joins the show to talk about the CFB playoffs being a mess, who is his favorite quarterback in the 2018 draft, and how he plans to be more likable on twitter in 2018 (27:51 - 57:10). Segments include Hurt or Injured Andrew Luck, NPR - the case of Todd Haley being pushed outside of a bar on New Years Eve. Hank Hot In The Streets, Logan Paul is a douchebag. Bachelor Talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor and Guys on Chicks
00:55:33 1/2/2018
We're back from a week off too much beer, food, and football. Recapping an unbelievable Rose Bowl and Bama kicking the shit out of Clemson (2:10-8:08). Week 17 in the NFL was wild and the Bills are back in the playoffs for this first time in almost 20 years. Brown suck, Joe Flacco might suck, and Mark Davis is going to hire Jon Gruden because he wants a best friend.(8:09-22:13) Who's Back of the Week, Big Cat's diet, The Big 10, and the Winter Classic (22:36-30:25). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about all the NFL firings and what coaching vacancy is the most coveted. He also updates us on his terrible Fantasy Season (33:16-1:00:59). Segments include Kings Stay Kings Gronk ended the season with 69 catches, Lane Kiffin texts Saban's wife, and Skip Bayless remains the king of shitty takes (1:03:09-1:06:51). Not to brag but we called it, Sabermetrics for Jimmy Graham being a unicorn according the Russell Wilson (1:09:03-1:10:30) and Embrace Debate, what year is it now (1:10:32-1:12:15). *Alleged Diet, because Hank and PFT think theres no chance he actually sticks to any type of diet whatsoever.
01:14:08 1/1/2018
We end the year with our best of episode. Starting with the best Coaches interviews we revisit our time with Jim Harbaugh (4:02-16:05), Geno Auriemma (16:58-21:49), Tom Crean (21:51-31:38), Jay Wright (32:20-37:12), Bob Stoops (37:13-43:30).Next up we have the random interviews we loved including Canelo Alvarez(46:22-49:03), Anthony Scaramucci (50:17-53:47), Danica Patrick (53:48-57:12) Ice Cube (57:13-58:12) and Mark Teixeira (53:13-1:00:28).Our personal favorites with Theo Epstein (1:02:28-1:12:05), Bill Walton (1:13:42-1:25:05) and Hank Azaria (1:25:07-1:29:15).Finally we wrap up the best of with our favorite recurring guests including Stu Feiner (1:30:47-1:34:33), Marlins Man(1:37:52-1:39:26), Mr Portnoy (1:39:30-1:44:58) Blake Bottles (1:45:54-1:49:50),Billy Football (1:49:51-1:52:42) and and our favorite segments including the bonus segment from Las Vegas we don't talk about.
02:00:00 12/28/2017
NFL Week 16 Recap and NFL Week 17 preview amidst our Christmas week food hangovers. Should America be allowed to kick the Titans out of the playoffs? Coach Firing season and we throw out the dark horse coaches to be fired(2:10-16:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including an explanation of Cardi B and Offset breaking up then making up(17:29-30:42). Former NFL O-Lineman Geoff Schwartz joins the show to talk about his playing career in the NFL and our new segment "Flaw and Order" where we break down the flaws of all the Super Bowl Contenders.(31:10-54:29) CBS Sports College Football Expert Tom Fornelli joins the show to talk about the College Football Playoffs and why a motivated Nick Saban is the scariest thing in the entire world.(56:23-1:15:14) Perspective with Lebron James (1:17:32-1:19:28), NBA Torch passing update,(1:19:32-1:21:32) Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules fixing NFL Replay(1:21:36-1:23:33) and Guys on Chicks(1:23:32-1:27:49).
01:29:18 12/26/2017
Before we get to NFL Week 16 preview we have an intervention for Big Cat being a 32 year old man who is addicted to Call of Duty. What's at stake in the second to last NFL regular season weekend plus the Browns are probably going to win this Sunday.(2:20-17:13) Fantasy Fuckbois.(17:20-19:53) Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show to talk about various legal issues as well as a year end Portnoy's Complaint.(23:31-47:38) Former San Diego Charger team doctor, Dr David Chao, joins the show to teach us about NFL injuries, ACL's, and other notable superstars that have been placed on IR this season.(47:40-58:59) Segments include Stay Woke is FSU even eligible for their bowl game?(1:04:15-1:06:26) Not to brag but we called it Apple is fucking us over with their iPhone updates.(1:06:27-1:08:17) Locker Room Talk and Jimbos.(1:10:28-1:18:44) Plus we lay out next week's schedule, no one freak out.
01:22:42 12/21/2017

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