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Renowned showrunner Norman Lear joins Heather in the studio to talk about the plethora of classic shows he's produced, his new podcast, and the impact he has on television as a medium.

01:33:49 4/28/2017

Past Episodes

Pretty Little Liars Tammin Sursok drops by the studio to talk to Heather about her new projects, how drastic her life changed after becoming a working mother and what it takes to work alongside her husband.
01:34:52 6/23/2017
Vine superstar-turned-actress Brittany Furlan talks to Heather about her upcoming movie Random Tropical Paradise as well as carving our her career out of the internet and why dating men in Los Angeles is not as glamorous as it appears. Also, Natalie's life has taken a very interesting turn
01:24:10 6/16/2017
Botched on E! stars Dr. Terry Dubrow & Dr. Paul Nassif visit the studio to talk about what to look forward to in the upcoming season and the future of Paul's love life...and his new car.
01:33:37 6/9/2017
Evite.com's CEO Victor Cho joins Heather to talk about the website's mission of connecting people over the internet, as well as his trials and tribulations as a traveling father, family bonding and Heather's new party-themed show "Celebrate With Heather Dubrow."
01:07:20 6/2/2017
Lindsay Dickhout, Heather's friend and CEO of Million Dollar Tan, joins Heather in the studio to talk about the looming end of her pregnancy and how she handles her empowering business during the most hectic time of her life. Also, Heather finds a bell.
01:48:04 5/26/2017
Roger Clinton meets up with Heather in the studio to talk about the trials of being a single father to his literal model son, overcoming addiction, and branching out as both a musician and the brother of the President of the United States.
01:32:00 5/19/2017
The doctor is in! Dr. Terry Dubrow joins Heather in the studio to give the listeners of her show a special preview of their PodcastOne show "Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig" available every Tuesday, where they answer all your questions about health, wellness and beauty.
01:05:40 5/12/2017
Actress Melissa Peterman from the show Baby Daddy joins Heather in the studio to talk about finding success after her tenure on Reba and raising her son as a working mom; meanwhile, Heather gives Melissa tips for her long overdue home remodel.
01:24:02 5/5/2017
Quiet Riot's James Durbin & Frankie Banali join Heather in the studio to talk about their upcoming album, the legacy of Terry's late brother Kevin Dubrow, and James' experience on American Idol.
01:53:25 4/21/2017
Color psychic and life coach Dougall Fraser talks to Heather about discovering his abilities, gives both Heather & Natalie their color readings, and promotes his book "Your Life In Color" hitting bookstores on April 25th.
01:06:03 4/14/2017

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