Revenge of the Jocks with Martellus Bennett

As school begins to kick off this fall I thought it would be great to talk about the future of the school system and kids in the classroom. I sit down with Collette Williams Alleyne who has 18 years of experience in alternative and arts education and now serves as the Senior Director of Education at Inner-City Arts here in LA. We discuss raising a creative child and finding your creative voice as well. What's it means to be an encouraging parent that allows your child to explore and being courageous enough to explore the arts with them. Children are the future and we must allow them the space to create this episode touches on those things and many others.

Revenge of the Jocks with Martellus Bennett
01:43:00 9/5/2018

Past Episodes

This week I sit down in The Imagination Agency Studio with legendary ATL Super Producer Jermaine Dupri. We talked about his show The Rap Game, anime, the music business and the return of FreakNik.

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01:19:00 1/10/2019
This week at the Imagination Agency Studio - I chopped it up with my pops about his boys being super bowl champions, childhood stories, raising black boys in America, finding a mother for 3 kids and what that entailed, traveling the world, setting goals (even as an older man) and how he feels about us as fathers and husbands.
02:00:00 1/2/2019
This week at The Imagination Agency Studio I sat down again with my wife and best friend Siggi Bennett. We discussed building your relationship on a strong foundation, the balance between learning at school and at home, nail polish and being where you need to be to be found.
01:58:00 12/21/2018
This week I sat down at the Imagination Agency Studio with my former Bears teammate and Entrepreneur Ryan Mundy. We discuss transitioning to a new phase of life, dealing with grief, giraffes, and is football really family?
01:37:00 12/19/2018
This week I sat down at The Imagination Agency Studio with singer/songwriter and Country Music Star - Jimmie Allen. We discussed driving in inclement weather, personal growth, the country music business and new money management.
01:11:00 12/12/2018
This week I sat down with the undefeated heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder. We discussed the importance of visualizing success, following in your brothers footsteps, fatherhood and our constant fight for our people.
01:25:00 11/30/2018
This week I sit down in The Imagination Agency Studio with one of the people that knows me best....Best Friend Dessie AKA LowDown AKA LD4Sho AKA Dessie Lee Brown Jr. We answered questions from our listeners and discussed starting a business, marriage, relationships, fatherhood and our WHY.
01:46:00 11/28/2018
This week I sit down in The Imagination Agency Studio with the director of Creed II Steven Caple Jr. We discuss the movie making process, the importance of telling meaningful stories, top hood movies and a drug transaction gone bad! NO SPOILERS ALERT
01:19:00 11/21/2018
It's a family affair on this edition of Revenge of the Jocks as we highlight moments from two of the most important people in my life - my brother Michael - and my wife Siggi!
01:11:00 11/14/2018
On this edition of Revenge Of The Jocks - we highlight moments from Pixar Theory author Jon Negroni - media strategist / entrepreneur Ryan Holiday - and Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall!
00:58:00 11/7/2018

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