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Pat and crew present their final show from the Indy 500 infield in dire conditions of what is left of #CampHeartland. The recap of the previous week provides insight into meeting the drivers, the events of the race, and the ridiculous party atmosphere at the track. A Jim Kong update and the Tiger Woods arrest are discussed as well.

00:58:37 5/30/2017

Past Episodes

On today's show, Pat and Shaun are joined in studio by Tactical Digs and World News Nick  to chat about their long weekends and look ahead to the Sirius show, and have another short conversation with the Big Homie Polar Vortex. Later, Pardon My Take producer, Handsome Hank, and Shaun's opponent at Rough N' Rowdy 2, Smitty join the guys in studio to discuss everything pertaining to the fight. They also breakdown the incredible divisional playoff games and look ahead to the conference championship games (43:54). Today is a CAN'T MISS. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
02:09:13 1/15/2018
On today's show, Pat and Shaun are joined by the Heartland Radio crew as they recap the week that was. They chat more about Shaun's Rough N' Rowdy fight, being in a staged police chase, the small zoo Pat is accumulating at his house, how to react to a cold craps table, and everyone shares their favorite news stories of the week. Plus some NFL locks for the divisional round of the playoffs, and as always, we send you into the weekend with another electric version of Friday Bangerz. Come laugh with us. Cheers. 
01:26:14 1/11/2018
On today's show, Pat and Shaun keep the doors in the studio open and are joined by World News Nick and Tactical Digs to cover everything including Shaun's Rough n' Rowdy fight announcement (including a call to Barstool Radio), the NFL divisional playoffs, cropdusting airplanes, why Digs can't stand the Kardashian family, and are also joined in studio by Mr. Polar Vortex himself (14:55). Later, Indy Car driver and one of the current stars of 'The Amazing Race,' Conor Daly, stops by the studio to chat about what it was like filming 'The Amazing Race,' and his plans to make a NASCAR run soon (01:15:25). After the show, Pat is joined by World News Nick and wrestling legend Rip Rogers for a bonus conversation about all things wrestling including current events in the WWE, and a behind the scenes look at what goes on beyond the ring. They are also joined by former WWE superstar, Eugene, to chat about some of the best wrestlers he's ever faced off against, what he's currently doing, and where his WWE character came from (1:47:38). It's a great one. Come laugh with us. Cheers
02:28:30 1/10/2018
On today's show, Pat and Shaun are joined by Tactical Digs as he gives his 40 second NFL recap of Wildcard weekend. They also chat about Jeff Triplette's last game, what it's been like for Shaun training with Chris Lytle, and what it would be like to see Oprah and The Rock running together in 2020. Later, Barstool Pick Em' intern and all around Nostradamus, Black Jack Fletcher, joins the show for a hilarious conversation about his betting philosophy, what he does on a daily basis, and what he was doing prior to being a full-time gambling fiend (43:36). Come laugh with us. Cheers.
00:59:33 1/8/2018
On today's show, Pat and Shaun are joined by the entire Heartland Radio team to shoot the breeze and send you into the first weekend of 2018. They discuss this weekend's NFL playoff games, heckling audience members at comedy shows, some of the more wild situations Pat has gotten into, including knocking back some red wine with Eli, Archie, Peyton, and Cooper Manning, and going to a golf outing that ended up morphing into a Playboy Playmate golf outing, and hanging out with Ron White. Also included are Pat and Shaun's NFL locks, and an incredible Friday Bangerz playlist curated by World News Nick (11:37). Come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:20:55 1/4/2018
On today's show, Pat and Shaun are joined by Tactical Digs and World News Nick as they recap yesterday's press conference that was held by the Polar Vortex and the new arrival of the Bomb Cyclone that is creating havoc along the east coast. They also cover some topical things going on in the news, including another Jim Kong update, what some of their favorite Olympic sports are, which off brand products you can't skimp on, and chat a little more about the Sirius show starting January 15. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:18:25 1/3/2018
On today's show, Pat welcomes Shaun, Digs, Nick, and Todd as they try to pick up the pieces from Pat's New Years Eve show. They recap what happened throughout the night and try to work through their miserable hangovers. Later, magician Carl Michael stops by the studio to do a couple more magic tricks for Pat and the boys, and gives his recollection of events from the New Years Eve show (28:00). It's a good one. Come laugh with us, cheers.
01:20:23 1/1/2018
On today's show, Pat joins the Heartland Radio guys in studio for a hilarious conversation about different craps techniques, predictions for the 20 Dollar Chef, The Big Homie, Shaun Latham's Rough N' Rowdy fight in February, chat about the upcoming radio show on Sirius, and do a round of mad libs (3:46). Also included are Pat's locks of the week, and World News Nick and Tactical Digs stick around with Pat and Shaun for an electric edition of Friday Bangerz to send you into the new year (01:04:46). Let us help you bring in 2018 the right way. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:30:20 12/29/2017
On today's show, Pat and Shaun are joined by Tactical Digs as they discuss James Harrison signing with the Patriots, the havoc the polar vortex has been creating, and other topical things going on around the NFL including Digs' 40 second recap. Later, Matt Mitrione stops by the studio for an incredible conversation. They discuss his upcoming fight against Roy Nelson, what he does to mentally prepare for a fight, and the time he almost snapped Pat's leg in half with a leg kick (46:09). Also joining the show for an absolutely hilarious conversation is Darren McMullen, host of the new show, NFL Football Fanatic on USA. They chat about what it was like being an NFL fan growing up in Scotland, some of his favorite NFL cities, and what it was like meeting David Letterman (01:18:21). It's a good time. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:39:08 12/27/2017
On today's show, Pat worries about being killed due to the backlash from his Simpson's rant. Later, Pat and Shaun sit down with 4x Pro Bowler Antonio Cromartie for a hilarious conversation. They discuss his 14 kids, what it was like running Pat over, and Pat learning how to play dominoes for the first time (11:07). Also included are Pat's NFL locks of the weekend, and per usual, Friday Bangerz with the entire McAfee family to get your holiday weekend going. It's a good one. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
00:49:51 12/21/2017

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