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Pat and crew present their final show from the Indy 500 infield in dire conditions of what is left of #CampHeartland. The recap of the previous week provides insight into meeting the drivers, the events of the race, and the ridiculous party atmosphere at the track. A Jim Kong update and the Tiger Woods arrest are discussed as well.

58:37 5/30/2017

Past Episodes

The end of the world is right around the corner so Pat and the boys have an end of the world party and discuss what they have accomplished with their lives and what they want to accomplish in the last 24 hours. The boys also get a special guest caller from heaven on the podcast.
53:42 9/22/2017
The end of the world is supposedly this weekend, but that doesn't stop Pat and the boys from sitting down for a chat about the NFL with Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman, AQ Shipley. The boys talk aliens, trading jerseys, Eric Dickerson partying, and what Todd keeps in his room.
01:10:23 9/21/2017
11 year NFL Vet and Laces Out co-host, AJ Hawk, skypes into the studio to chat with Pat and the boys about Ohio State, celebrating championships, and AJ's love for Aaron Rodgers. World News Nick gives us the latest breaking news, while Tactical Digs informs us about sports and moon sauce.
01:52:55 9/19/2017
Pat skypes into the studio from Cincinnati where he is recording NFL virtual reality segments for Intel. The boys learn a what an archipelago is, they discover Vibbs cant read, Tactical Digs gives us the latest sports news, World News Nick delivers breaking news, and Todd McComas takes us "Behind the Badge" with weird laws.
58:38 9/15/2017
Pat and the boys sit down for an interview with a man who absolutely rocketed a punt on Monday Night Football, Thomas Morstead. The Monday Night Football action doesn't stop there, Jon Gruden swings by the studio and sits in with the boys. Tactical Digs fills us in on the latest sports news, World News Nick gives us the latest world breaking news and has a meltdown due to too much Will Smith.
59:34 9/14/2017
After the blowout loss to the LA Rams the Indianapolis Colts Head Coach, Chuck Pagano, is called in for an emergency press conference. Pat and the boys discuss Pat's trip to Ohio for Barstool Tailgate, Tactical Digs fills us in on the latest news from week 1 in the NFL, World News Nick brings us the latest breaking news, and Todd goes "Behind The Badge" to break down the police chase Pat was involved in.
01:24:39 9/12/2017
Pat and the boys chat with retired NFL veteran Jerraud Powers about this upcoming football season and the Colts infamous fake punt against the Patriots. The guys discuss the package delivered to the office for Digs, Barstool's new tailgate show, what Pat looks for in a movie, Digs brings us the latest NFL stories, and World News Nick delivers breaking world news.
01:36:25 9/8/2017
Pat and the boys sit down for a chat with country superstar Chase Rice. They discuss Chase's college football career, the CMA's, Chase going to the DMZ in Korea, Pat's upcoming schedule, NFL updates from Tactical Digs, and the latest breaking news from World News Nick.
01:41:53 9/7/2017
Coming off of Labor Day weekend, Pat and the boys get right into it. They discuss Pat's dog coming home from camp, Vibb's going to the John Mayer concert, taking a bath, a special Chuck Pagano press conference, NFL updates from Tactical Digs, the latest breaking news from World News Nick, and much more on The Pat McAfee Show.
59:42 9/4/2017
Pat and the boys sit down for a podcast to take you into the weekend. They discuss donuts, Voodoo, week 4 of the preseason, green screens, Tactical Digs gives you the latest NFL updates, World News Nick delivers the latest breaking news with a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong Update.
52:11 9/1/2017

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