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Pat and the boys sit down for a ridiculous interview with Stanley Cup Champion, Ian Cole, from the middle of the Penguin's championship parade. Pat plants a seed for an amazing original movie and the boys water it until it blooms into the greatest original movie ... ever created.

01:25:06 6/15/2017

Past Episodes

Welcome to the era of same day delivery for The Pat McAfee Show. Pat about flipping the rap game upside down, Todd McComas takes us "Behind the Badge", Tactical Digs gives us a sports update, and World News Nick delivers breaking news.
01:06:15 8/15/2017
Pat and the boys sit down for a chat with NFL running back and Dancing with the Stars Champion Rashad Jennings.
19:57 8/15/2017
Thanks to 100 Retweets in less than a minute by the twitter faithful, here is a Monday edition of The Pat McAfee Show. Pat talks about his first time watching the Colts, we receive breaking news from World News Nick, and get the latest NFL news from Tactical Digs.
01:08:29 8/14/2017
A bonus episode of The Pat McAfee Show as two legendary badasses, Matt Mitrione and Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, crash the studio for an amazing chat about MMA. Enjoy the bonus episode. Cheers.
50:13 8/11/2017
Pat and the boys sit down for another late night podcast with Bobby the Money guy. The boys cover everything from finances, ordering 500 shots at the bar, and the newly formed "Little 3" Basketball league. The group also takes you on a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
02:12:13 8/10/2017
Pat and the boys sit down to podcast after eating an amazing meal prepared by the $20 Chef himself, Shaun Latham. The boys discuss the Dolphins signing Jay Cutler, the blind twin brother prank, Martavis Bryant being reinstated, and take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
52:49 8/8/2017
It's the 50th episode ... the boys celebrate with Conor Daly.
02:12:42 8/3/2017
Pat and the boys premiere the first episode from the new Heartland Studio. Comedian and Roast Master Tony Hinchcliffe calls in to talk about his upcoming tour and working with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Pat and the boys go past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update, and Pat gives us his game plan on playing soccer with U.S. legend Tim Howard.
01:14:21 8/1/2017
BANG! Diamond Dallas Page joins Pat and the boys and talks DDP Yoga, taking on Brock Lesner in the ring, Jake the Snake, and DDP's acting career. The boys fill pat in on the worst concert of all time, Pat gives his take on the most recent CTE study, Degenerate Digs gives his NFL week 1 gambling picks, and Todd takes us "Behind The Badge" with a real life horror story.
01:14:21 7/27/2017
Extreme/action sports icon Travis Pastrana joins the show and Pat attempts to find out what Travis is truly afraid of. The guys talk about the best show on tv (Game of Thrones) and the worst show on tv (Michael Phelps Races a Shark). Pat goes to the movie Dunkirk and throws a carnival for his ladies birthday. The boys also take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
01:23:19 7/25/2017

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