The Lyons Den with Ben Lyons

Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed joins Ben to talk about the movie, working with Paul Rudd, the theme of being a good father, growing up with college basketball, and the surprising success of Bring It On. Plus, Ben's review of the upcoming film "Skate Kitchen".

00:31:36 7/10/2018

Past Episodes

Actor Malcolm Mays talks with Ben about his growing up in the South Central, finding filmmaking and acting at a young age, and the success of the FX show, "Snowfall". Then, ESPN's Ryen Russillo calls in from the desert to talk about the traveling and dining opportunities in Baker, CA. Plus, Ben wraps up his great time in Vegas for the NBA Summer League.
00:34:39 7/17/2018
Actress Sydelle Noel talks with Ben about being recognized, navigating the audition process, transitioning from life as an athlete to acting, being part of something monumental with "Black Panther", her relationship with wrestling after booking "GLOW", and the joy of being wanted by casting. Plus, checking in with the NBA free agency!
00:43:04 7/3/2018
Actor Omar Epps sits down with Ben to talk about his new book "From Fatherless to Fatherhood", finding success at a young age, what influenced his voice growing up and over the years, and always wanting to pick the roles that are right for him. Plus, how will LeBron announce to the world where he's going to play next year?
00:41:23 6/26/2018
Terry and Omar Benson Miller sit down in the Lyons Den to talk about the weirdest place Omar was recognized, the dynamic of their relationship and their media, working with good producers, and bringing a younger voice to sports. Plus, the debut of "We Talkin' 'Bout Practice!"
00:29:59 6/19/2018
Director Baltasar Kormakur talks about his new film, "Adrift" and the importance of inspiring young women through the film, and being the REAL Most Interesting Man in the World. Plus, hear Ben's review of the new Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons film, "Hearts Beat Loud."
00:31:07 6/12/2018
Ben gets Jalen Rose's take on the NBA finals as well as his own wrap up as we head into game 3. Then, Actor/Director Kevin Connolly enters the Lyons Den to talk about his new film "Gotti" starring John Travolta, the difficulty in telling the story in a short run-time, and, of course, a brief chat about hockey.
00:39:00 6/5/2018
Coming soon...
00:00:31 5/29/2018

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