Former NFL Quarterback Dan Orlovsky talks about his recent experience with the LA Rams including his thoughts on HC Sean McVay & Jared Goff. Dan & Ross also discuss Alex Smith, Kirk Cousins, and Nick Foles.

00:00:00 2/18/2018

Past Episodes

On today's podcast, Ross talks with former 49ers LB Chris Borland about his decision to retire after only 1 season in the NFL, the Pat Tillman race, and his company that integrates meditation into athletics.
00:43:03 4/19/2018
Andrew & Ross talk about Reuben Foster, Dez Bryant, & Colin Kaepernick on today's podcast.
00:35:30 4/17/2018
Former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky talks slot WRs and Draft QBs on today's podcast.
00:43:12 4/15/2018
Ross & Greg preview the top CBs in the upcoming NFL draft. They also discuss Dez Bryant, Cam Meredith, & Eric Reid on today's podcast.
00:36:36 4/11/2018
Ross & Andrew talk about Andrew Luck's health, Lamar Jackson without an agent, offseason workouts, Belichick v Gronk, & more on today's podcast.
00:38:37 4/10/2018's Dave Dameshek & Ross unveil the "NFL uniform draft" on today's podcast. They rank all 32 teams uniforms from first to worst.
00:48:31 4/8/2018
Ross & Greg evaluate the top Linebackers in the upcoming NFL draft.
00:37:35 4/4/2018
Andrew & Ross analyze the Brandin Cooks trade from both the Patriots and Rams perspective.
00:38:03 4/3/2018
Adam & Ross discuss the possibility of an Odell Beckham Jr trade, Additionally, tey talk about Aaron Donald, & Sam Darnold on today's podcast.
00:34:32 4/1/2018
Greg & Ross evaluate the top D Line prospects in the upcoming NFL draft on today's podcast.
00:00:00 3/29/2018

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