All of the Above with Norman Lear

Actress Rashida Jones joins Norman and Paul to talk about her TV work and Angie Tribeca, being the child of famous parents, and the importance of having discussions about being bi-racial.

00:58:12 1/8/2018

Past Episodes

Passion Pit lead singer Michael Angelakos joins Norman and Paul to talk about his studying of Norman's career, their both going to Emerson College, his bi-sexuality and his being bi-polar, using art to shield and expose yourself, his relationship with his former wife, and getting better with age.
00:59:36 3/12/2018
The Middle creators Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline join Norman and Paul to talk about the show running 9 seasons, Norman's shows inspiring them, their long careers working together, going to "The University of Murphy Brown", Paul's role as Reverend Tim Tom on the show, and breaking the last story for their final episode.
00:51:02 3/5/2018
Norman and Paul sit down with RuPaul to discuss the political correctness of words and titles, the etymology of "Drag", his mother as his strength, being a born entertainer, his background in musical theater, RuPaul's Drag Con seeing the future of acceptance and celebration, and his dream of opening a daytime disco.
01:12:26 2/26/2018
Actress Katey Sagal sits down with Norman and Paul to talk about Norman's role in her life as her Godfather, her career really taking off with "Married with Children", working with her husband, and her music career. Plus, her and Paul play a song together!
00:58:15 2/19/2018
Writer, Director, Producer Jordan Peele and Actress Catherine Keener join Norman to talk about their Academy Award nominated "Get Out". They discuss how he got started in comedy, getting out of acting and into the director's chair, dealing with rejection as an actor, the editing process, and the importance of what "the sunken place" represents.
01:01:02 2/12/2018
One Day at a Time actress Rita Moreno joins Norman and Paul in studio to talk about working on a show about serious issues, being a SKEGOT winner (SAG, Kennedy, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony), what it's like to date Elvis Presley, and her relationship with Marlon Brando.
00:57:59 2/5/2018
One Day at a Time creators Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce join Norman and Paul to talk about season 2 of the show on Netflix, how to find the balance between hot and fresh, giving voices to Latina characters, how Gloria kickstarted her career, the difference between Network TV and Netflix, and not leaning on the crutch of profanity.
00:51:47 1/29/2018
Writer, director, and producer Peter Tolan joins Norman and Paul to discuss their new show "Guess Who Died?", getting started as an actor, moving to LA from New York at 30, his sexual discovery later in life, and his new life afterward.
01:02:17 1/22/2018
All of the Above brings you Norman's evening at the Garry Marshall Theater as part of their "Modern Masters" series. Hosted by Christine Lakin and discussing Norman's incredible career and the changing landscape of television. Plus, he takes listener questions!
01:10:30 1/15/2018
Writer/Producer Steve Levitan joins Norman and Paul to talk about his career, the enormous success of Modern Family, how he stays healthy, and adjusting to modern ways of life.
00:57:52 1/1/2018

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