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It is officially Mt Rushmore season. The guys talk about their trip up to ESPN on Thursday plus Mayweather/McGregor and the US Open (2:18 - 14:39). Scott Van Pelt joins the show to discuss the Mt Rushmore of bald people (14:39 - 27:02). The people's lawyer, Mike Portnoy, joins the show to debate the Mt Rushmore of life's minor inconveniences (27:02 - 55:20). Segments include 15 seconds with Rick Pitino. Trouble in Paradise Lebron vs Draymond, Respect the Biz for Odell Beckham's new cleats, Sabemetrics for Lavar Ball's new autographed trading cards, and Jimbo's of the week.

79:43 6/15/2017

Past Episodes

The Cubs are dead. Deader than dead. But Tommy Lasorda is alive, for now. Raiders/Chiefs and how it's fucked up Oakland is losing their football team(2:05-14:20). Playmakers Book Club, we watched the first 19 minutes of Episode 4 (forgot to finish the full episode, sorry)(15:20-18:21). NFL Picks(18:25-20:11). Michael Rapaport joins the show to talk about his new book, making a TV show, his beef with Bill Simmons, and the cat situation in his backyard(22:42-53:47). Segments include Fantasy Fuckbois(55:34-57:47), Sorry not Sorry(59:07-1:00:22), A phone call to Jason Kidd asking him to come on Barstool Van Talk(1:00:29-1:06:44), and Explain it to Hank(1:06:50-1:11:14.) ??
72:30 10/19/2017
The Cubs are in trouble and Gordon Hayward is dead (broken ankle) (2:12 - 7:14). The guys talk about Barstool Van Talk Episode 1 that premiered on ESPN2 (7:14 - 16:11). MLB Playoffs and start to the NBA season. Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:11 - 23:29). Recurring guest HoFer Scott Van Pelt joins the show live from Vanny Woodhead for an extended interview about how we sold out and what has changed at ESPN plus an update on how he's dealing with twitter trolls (23:29 - 47:52. Segments include Trouble in paradise for the Bulls, Explain it to ourselves for Ezekiel Elliot, Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules, Protect the Shield, and Guys on Chicks.
69:40 10/18/2017
Fastest 2 Minutes in Football for Week 6 ( 2:24 - 7:16). We have recency bias on which teams are good in the NFL and playoff baseball talk (7:16 - 22:59). Who's Back of the Week (22:59 - 38:40). Football Guy of the Week featuring Will Muschamp putting his face in fire (28:30 - 36:46). UFC President Dana White joins the show to talk about Mayweather/McGregor, what it's like to promote a fight, why he has a girl's name, and upcoming UFC 217 (36:46 - 64:30). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for the Browns, Grumors with Jon Gruden in Knoxville, Talking Soccer, and Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules for the Patriots/Jets ending.
81:17 10/15/2017
Pardon My Take is getting a television show called "B******* V** T***", every Tuesday starting next week, 1 am eastern time on *****. The guys talk about the entire process of getting the show, what it means to them and Barstool and details on how it will all work. DONT WORRY NOTHING IS CHANGING WITH PARDON MY TAKE. We get serious though (Brazzers Music) (20:57 -43:01)
67:09 10/13/2017
Baseball has been rained out and Dusty Baker is losing his mind. In honor of no playoff baseball we do an emergency Mt Rushmore of rainy day activities ( 2:20 - 12:39). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (12:39 - 29:16). Denver Bronco Von Miller joins the show to talk about the NFL, his sack dances, fart fines, and twitter trolls (28:16 - 51:45). Segments include Protest Power Rankings, Hurt or Injured, the saddest Talking Soccer of all time, Embrace Debate, and guys on chicks.
75:11 10/10/2017
Fastest 2 minutes of Football for NFL Week 5. The Dolphins O-Line coach loves cocaine, allegedly. Big Ben may be done and JJ Watt's ambulance stole the show ( 2:20 - 19:59) Who's Back of the Week and Football Guy of the Week (19:59 - 31:35). We welcome on former Colt and Wisconsin Badger Jim Sorgi to talk about backing up Peyton Manning, getting choked by Ohio State, and the mentality of a backup QB in the NFL (31:35 - 53:31). We had about 10 minutes with recurring guest Vince Wilfork to talk about the sounds quarterbacks make when they get sacked and the U being back (53:31 - 63:31). Segments include Hurt or Injured for the entire Giants roster, Talking Soccer, Whats the internet mad about today, and PR 101 for Aroldis Chapman.
78:53 10/8/2017
Thursday Night Football and Nick Folk is unemployed (please credit PMT) (2:02 - 9:28). Playoff Baseball and Week 5 NFL Preview with our locks of the week (9:28 - 19:01). Playmakers Episode 2 recap (19:01 - 24:16). 2X World Series Champion David Ross joins the show to talk about winning the World Series, playoff baseball, pitchers being lunatics, and how long he partied last October (24:16 - 56:56). Segments include Fantasy Experts, Sorry not Sorry for Cam Newton, PR 101 for Katie Nolan getting ESPN news leaked and everyone jumping to conclusions about what type of content she could be doing, and Jimbos of the Week.
Baseball Playoffs are back and the Yankees fans are back. Andy Reid calling timeouts and a terrible MNF beat(2:30-11:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne(13:20-25:15). Nationals Pitcher Max Scherzer joins the show to talk about the upcoming playoffs, robot umps, his eyes, and sabermetrics (26:22-50:27). Segments include Talking Soccer(52:35-55:40), Marlins Man is on National Television so we called him(56:41-58:51), Mike Greenberg's dumb rules for the NBA All Star Game(58:52-1:01) and Guys on Chicks with special guest Julie Stewart Binks (1:02:01-1:15:11)?
77:17 10/4/2017
Week 4 Fastest 2 Minutes (2:07 - 8:03). Should the Patriots Panic, are Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Joe Flacco done or finished and football headaches (8:03 - 19:09). Who's Back of the Week (19:09 - 24:37). Football Guy of the Week featuring the newest hold back guy Adam Smotherman (24:37 - 34:53). Jets Running Back Matt Forte joins the show to talk about being a running back in the NFL for a decade, how locker rooms work, and whether or not he could take us in a fight (34:53 - 55:22). Segments include Clutch Gene for Pablo Sandoval, the debut of our newest segment "Pardon My Woke", PR 101 for OJ Simpsons, Bad Sports Town Barcelona, and That's Enough Internet For Today
72:53 10/1/2017
Thursday Night Fooball recap, Mike Glennon is terrible and the Bears suck. We go out on a limb and state our case for Tony Romo maybe not being the greatest announcer of all time as many people have said. Week 4 NFL Preview(2:12-13:18). Playmakers Book Club is in session as we recap Episode 1 of Playmakers(13:26-18:11)Mark Titus joins the show to talk about the NCAA Scandal, what the fall out is, and who could be next(19:20-33:34). Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio joins us to talk about Louisville, the death of Rick Pitino jokes and whether or not he's at all nervous about Cal(33:38-52:25). Segments include the debut of the newest segment Fantasy Football Experts(56:10-57:51), Respect The Biz(57:58-1:00:19), As a White Guy for Boltman(1:00:29-1:03:58), Just Chill Out Man(1:04:11-1:05:31) and the return of Roasts(1:05:32-1:09:30).
71:09 9/28/2017

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