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Spike, Seinfeld, and Zuckerman all sit down at the porch to address the infamous Porsche "book". Plus, why does Jerry force Zuckerman to drive his car?

01:04:58 12/13/2017

Past Episodes

Stunt Coordinator Wade Eastwood talks about his insane work on Mission Impossible: Fallout and gives the details on how intricate and daring those stunt sequences were featuring Tom Cruise.
00:51:47 8/15/2018
Actor Jerry O'Connell joins Spike to talk about his bargain Jaguar acting up and getting an impossible oil change, his love for a 30-year-old Chrysler Sebring, and his new show "Carter" on WGN.
01:02:42 8/8/2018
Comedian Maz Jobrani joins Spike to talk about his new Netflix special "Immigrant", the axis of evil comedy tour, the surprising fact that a lot of Iranians like Trump, and the challenges of half hour comedy. Plus, Spike and Zuckerman talk about Porsche becoming a mass producer of specialty cars.
01:07:53 8/1/2018
Spike, Zuckerman, and Matt Farah come together as the SCR trinity to talk the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours, Michael Strahan, a car sold with "original dirt", the 70th anniversary of Porsche, plus YOUR questions!
01:21:56 7/25/2018
Spike talks with comedian and filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait about always being drawn to comedy, his lengthy career, the new anthology series Misfits and Monsters, and an upcoming project with Judd Apatow.
00:54:19 7/18/2018
Fellow podcast host and entertainment journalist Ben Lyons talks to Spike about growing up around the corner from the original soup Nazi's restaurant, his new show, and defining the intersection of sports, entertainment, and culture. Plus, Spike breaks some BIG Porsche news!
00:48:24 7/11/2018
Actor and comedian Bobby Moynihan talks to Spike about his time on SNL, Lorne Michaels inspiring a Seinfeld episode, finding UCB as his true calling, the ups and downs of working in TV, and the David Pumpkins sketch. Plus, Matt Farah joins in!
00:55:56 7/4/2018
Spike and Zuckerman talk about travel and Alan de Cadenet's inability to trade cars. Then, Conde Nast Traveler Style Editor Matt Hranek brings his travel kit and helps break down Italy as Zuckerman prepares for a trip there. Then he talks about his new book, "A Man and His Watch", and some of the fascinating and timeless stories.
01:16:39 6/27/2018
Producer Todd Garner and Spike discuss the accidental trajectory of his career, making films to entertain people, and what the future of the movie going experience looks like.
01:03:35 6/20/2018
Spike heads down to the Porsche Experience as they celebrate their 70th anniversary and goes in depth on the history and the future of Porsche with Jeff Zwart and Porsche Motorsports North America President and CEO, Daniel Armbruster.
00:53:05 6/13/2018

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