Seven Year Switch S:3 | The Time Has Come E:10 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

This is it!  The final episode.  Watch your hosts Sean Paul Payton and Ashley Lauren Dickenson discuss the season finale of Seven Year Switch on the Seven Year Switch AfterBuzz Aftershow Season 3 Episode 10.  We're talking drama, breakups, staying together, cheating, love....laying it all out! Watch us here or wherever you listen to podcasts. Like, comment, subscribe and share! About the After Show: Living happily ever after is not as easy as it sounds after being with someone for many many years. So what do you do when wanting to save your marriage? Well in the SEVEN YEAR SWITCH AFTER SHOW we discuss how couples make an extreme change and move in with a complete stranger! Wanna know whether these couples make it or break it? Subscribe to the show and we will give you all of the details, news and gossip, and guest interviews! About The Show: Four couples at relationship crossroads after seven years of marriage participate in an

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