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Spencer learns the hard way after being dissed by actor Owen Wilson - no more respectful asks to Snap celebrities, just take the Snap and go. Hear about the encounter, including illegal parking and why Wilson is now dead to Spencer Pratt.

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00:01:51 5/14/2018

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The crew gives the simplest explanation they can come up with for the people they've found while in New Jersey.
00:01:35 2/17/2019
Spencer is on Gunner watch while Heidi faces a stomach bug.
00:01:45 2/16/2019
Is Jewelry a good gift? Heather explains gift giving through her father.
00:01:00 2/15/2019
Hear the story of Chael's dinner with Cowboy Donald Cerrone, who couldn't quite seem to translate "bathroom" for a barmaid in Australia.
00:01:15 2/15/2019
Kurt Angle gets a reality check when jumping into the pro wrestling ring for the first time and gets smacked around.
00:01:25 2/14/2019
Heidi and Natalie Nunn talk about returning to reality shows and why Lauren Conrad needs to be on The Hills!
00:01:15 2/13/2019
Hear how Shaq's father used tough love and shut the door in his face, all guiding him to the Hall of Fame.
00:01:20 2/13/2019
The crew talks about the impact of role models in sports and why Tom Brady is leading the way.
00:01:35 2/12/2019
Hear how Meghan's new album, Love Train, came to life. Meghan and husband, Daryl Sabara, also give insight into the inspiration behind their favorite track, "Marry Me."
00:01:25 2/12/2019
Find out how the creator of Pringles asked to be cared for when he died.
00:01:30 2/7/2019


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