Dr. Hockey

The first round of playoffs has been bloody, and we love it. Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley break down the early round action - Tampa Bay & Pittsburgh get swept, Ovi knocks out a rookie, Leafs' Kadri banned for the rest of the first round, and the Sharks are looking at another first round exit. PLUS, we chat with Head Oddsmaker David Strauss of MyBookie.ag - If you want to bet on hockey, this is the site to do it!! This week's episode of the Dr. Hockey Podcast is sponsored by MyBookie.ag !! Deposit today and MyBookie will give you a 50% bonus! That's 50 cents in free play for every dollar you deposit! Just visit MyBookie.ag and enter promo code 'DRHOCKEY' !!

Dr. Hockey
00:43:49 4/18/2019

Past Episodes

Dr. Jay Calvert & former NHL goalie John Blue break down the starting goalies and give their Mt. Rushmore of goalies for the upcoming 2019-20 season! JASON WE MISS YOU <3
00:33:08 9/12/2019
...of the nose! GEEZ! Dr. Jay Calvert brings on a special case that's just hit his desk - the case of college hockey player, Nick Hill - who, after surviving a nasty car wreck, needed the expertise of Dr. Calvert to put his nose back together. Dr. Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley chat with Nick and his father Randy about the injuries Nick sustained, and the events proceeding. Shout out to William Raymond.
00:34:59 9/5/2019
RED WING NATION. Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley are joined by former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty. Darren chats with the docs about his journey to the Wings, his involvement with The Russian Five documentary, how medical marijuana saved his life from alcoholism, his partnership with cannabis company Pincanna, the current state of the Wings, and the upcoming season! Check out his podcast "Grind Time with Darren McCarty" More info at www.DarrenMcCarty.com
00:53:05 8/29/2019

Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley celebrate their birthdays with Mt Rushmore lists and latest headlines. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOCS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shout out W/R 

00:38:48 8/22/2019

Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley chat with JJ from Kansas of SB Nation' s Winging It In Motown! Trust me, it's a lot of pun.

00:00:00 8/15/2019
Dr. Jay Calvert, Dr. Jason Berkley, Jose Vazquez, & Beau Calvert round up the cup contenders and bottom dwellers for the upcoming season! Can the Blues repeat? Will the Bruins push thru? Colorado & Dallas look poised, the Metro division might actually explode, the post-Cory Perry Ducks era, LA & Chicago futures still looking bleak, and Mitch watch...... continues. This is your Monday Morning Prescription for the NHL.
00:50:25 8/12/2019
Three-time Stanley Cup Champion Ken Daneyko joins the show! Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley chat with Ken about his career as a life-long defencemen for the Devils, and New Jersey's excitement for the coming year with the arrivals of Jack Hughes and PK Subban!
00:00:00 8/8/2019
63 DAYS TIL HOCKEY SEASON I GOTTA TOUGHEN UP, YEAH! The docs discuss possibilities around Mitch Marner's destination, the renewed excitement in New Jersey, perpetual issues with the Wild, and what teams may be in trouble this coming season... maybe it's your team.
00:00:00 8/1/2019
Please enjoy our final round of interviews from the NHL Awards! This week we're featuring Victor Hedman, Commissioner Gary Bettman, Willie O'Ree, Sean Monahan, Dan Milstein, Kenan Thompson, Kurt Busch, Jesse Robitaille, Alexa Lemeuix, Simon Pagenuad, and James Holzhauer! Thanks to our sponsors Blue Chew & Caimon Oil!! DrHockeyshop.com for MERCH
00:00:00 7/26/2019
It's a red carpet summer! This week, hear the docs chat with Rasmus Dahlin, Nick Foligno, Mark Messier, Mark Stone, & Ben Bishop from the NHL Awards! BUT FIRST, Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley break down the new rule changes for the 2019-20 season! New rule changes to Coaching Challenges - including penalties, on-ice referee review, double minors for high-sticking, puck out of bounds, line changes for defense, awarded goals, and more... everyone's happy, right??? The Dr. Hockey podcast is brought to you by BLUE CHEW! Go to BlueChew.com and use promo code DRHOCKEY to try it FREE, just pay $5 shipping!
00:36:37 7/18/2019

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