The Dennis Miller Option

In the premiere episode, Dennis and Christian review the latest headlines which leads to a discussion about the left's obsession with Trump and their inability to give him credit, even if he de-nuclearizes North Korea.

00:50:56 4/25/2018

Past Episodes

Actor, author and raconteur Orson Bean joins Dennis and Christian in studio for the first of two shows this week, talking about his Christianity, appearing on the Tonight Show 200 times (including being there the night Jack Parr walked off the show), The Rat Pack, the Marx Brothers, Louie Armstrong, race relations, Bert Williams, the power of The Ed Sullivan Show, being blacklisted, Playhouse 90, Art Carney, The Twilight Zone, Marlon, Brando, Wally Cox, moving to Australia and the Weather Underground.
00:53:56 8/14/2018
Dennis talks about not being able to go through with a calonic, hosting the MTV Awards (twice!) and then Christian Toto of talks about summer movies looks ahead to what he's looking forward to in the fall. There's also a conversation about all the late-night hosts in television and how there's room for a more moderate or even possibly a conservative voice. Finally Dennis talks about working with Wesley Snipes on the film "Murder At 1600", and a great TV movie about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
00:50:37 8/9/2018
Dennis starts off talking about the California wild fires and wonders about the connection to global warming. He also talks about his son getting married earlier in the week. Then, Dennis and Christian open up the phones to talk to listeners: First up, Gene in Philly who discusses the Beatles, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, then, Lisa in Colorado asks about actors who take you out of a movie. Finally, Dennis wonders about just how President Trump would handle it if the DOJ tried to send one of his kids to jail.
00:51:22 8/7/2018
Dennis talks about running into Steve Martin at a steakhouse, martinis, his new favorite Beach Boys song, the term "nonplussed", and then he and Christian are joined by former Republican Congressman of Michigan Thaddeus McCotter who talks about how much he prefers life outside of the House and why some people are so attracted to the power. They also discuss what it takes to actually impeach a president, their overall thoughts on President Trump's performance, the reality of Socialism, England, the inability of the LEft to concede when Trump's policies work, and their mutual thoughts of Obama.
00:54:51 8/2/2018
The show starts off with Dennis chatting with musician Patty Smyth, fresh off of four consecutive nights of performing. They discuss what was great on the radio growing up, Dennis helping her move a piano in the village up four floors, some of her earliest performances, her experiences working with Don Henley, the difficulty in breaking the first Scandal record because radio didn't like to play more than one female-fronted band per week, the greatness of Neil Young and so much more. Then, Dennis reads a passage from Nabakov's memoirs, discusses reading a collections of Gore Vidal essays, chats with Christian about traveling in Africa, meeting Shaquille O'Neal, 50 years of the Big Mac, songs that get stuck in your head, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and closing things out with a conversation on soybeans and bacon.
00:43:50 7/31/2018
Dennis discusses President Trump's joint press conference with EU president with Jean-Claude Juncker, Nikki Haley's comments about Russia, a sorority that will no longer exclude membership based on gender and the film "The Sweet Smell of Success". The baseball great Curt Schilling calls in to talk about his podcast, tell some great stories, including the bloody sock game, Johnny Podres and Greg Maddux, comparisons between President Trump and Ronald Reagan and why he doesn't worry about the opinions of people who don't know him. Then, Dennis and Christian read some of your comments from the mailbag.
01:09:28 7/26/2018
Dennis is joined in studio by his friend acting John Corbett, who talks about some of his jobs before he got famous, including working at a whorehouse, in a steel factory, as a hairdresser, at the Magic Castle, working the spotlight at The Groundlings theater. He also talks about meeting Vincent Price, his first appearance on "Leno", getting cast on "Northern Exposure", "Sex and the City", and his improbable involvement in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".They also talk some favorite old movies, including "Diner", "Asphalt Jungle", "A Catered Affair" and "The Wild Bunch", which was written by John's friend Waylon Greene. Finally, the conversation winds down with John explaining how he got together with Bo Derek when neither of them had a date for a party they both wanted to go to.
01:13:18 7/24/2018
Dennis and Christian start off chatting about President Trump's Helsinki meeting with Vladimir Putin, his half-hearted clarification of those comments and the impact it has on Dennis's impression of the President. They also discuss Jeff Bridges, the new HBO Robin Williams documentary, golfing with Alice Cooper and Matthew McCaughnehey, Marriot and Starbucks getting rid of drinking straws and the greatness that is "Kenneth Branaugh's Mary Shelly's Frankenstein". They also chat with AJ Benza who has a podcast called "Fame Is A Bitch", about dating the same woman as Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Bourdain, Liza Minelli, Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, Fatty Arbuckle, Crazy Joe Gallo and more.
01:16:08 7/19/2018
Dennis and Christian talk a little bit about President Trump's meeting with Putin and his trip to the UK. They also discuss France's World Cup win, surprising comments from Anthony Bourdain's final interview, and a raccoon in the news. Also, Adam Carolla calls in to discuss his trip to the UK, George Clooney's recent accident, Pac Man Jones and more!
01:11:33 7/17/2018
Dennis and Christian discuss the Croatia-England World Cup match, the prolific output of PG Wodehouse, and show business stories involving Kirk Douglas, Jerry Lewis, Brandon Tartikoff, Grant Tinker, Brad Grey, to name but a few. They also chat with Las Vegas Review-Journal White House Correspondent Debra Saunders about life in that briefing room, NATO, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and her Kim Jong Un sighting in Singapore.
00:59:37 7/12/2018

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