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Dennis and Christian go through the latest headlines to discuss President Trump canceling a meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles, and how to navigate living in a world where we're told that Obama was too good for us, Bill Clinton doesn't need to apologize and the Miss America Pageant will no longer judge based on looks. We also dip into the mailbag and find out what Dennis has been reading, and he wind tunnel tests a piece he's writing.

01:15:56 6/5/2018

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Dennis reacts to Elizabeth Warren's decision to publicize the results of a DNA test, Hillary Clinton's comments that Bill's relationship with Monica Lewisnky wasn't an abuse of power because she was an adult, and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. There's also some free-associative conversation with Christian about hiking with Jimmy Connors, the Harlem Globetrotters, Wilt Chamberlain scoring on and off the field, the MLB Playoffs, the Final Four, Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon", "My Favorite Year", Matt Murdock (better known as Daredevil), Jack Benny, Superman, phaser settings on "Star Trek", Red Foxx, "Beerfest", "Zoolander", Bevo Francis, Bruce Springsteen's Broadway show, getting into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and more!
01:04:31 10/23/2018
Dennis starts off talking with Christian about Halloween, Kanye and Trump, Taylor Swift getting involved in politics, President Trump liking her music 25% less and his predilection for fast food. Christian and Dennis also remember working together on his CNBC series 14 years ago, and Dennis reveals that he has upcoming appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Then, comedian David Spade is back to tell some more great stories, starting with memories of Chris Farley at the SNL Monday meeting, his OCD, leaving a message for Spade's friend, and how much the new cast enjoyed when Dennis would reduce them to their most basic qualities. They also discuss how acting sometimes takes you out of your comfort zone, Spade being peer pressured into bidding too much at a Sean Penn fundraiser, dating the girl from the "Hot for Teacher" video and much more.
00:58:12 10/18/2018
Dennis is joined by David Spade for the first of two episdoes this week, discussing the dinner they recently had with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. David also talks about getting his start in stand-up and great advice that he got from Dennis, hanging out with Sam Kinison, working with Sandler for Netflix and going out on the "Grown Ups" tour with him, where Schneider insulted Norm MacDonald, whom Spade does trivia nights with. He also tells a story about Chris Farley's brothers making Paul McCartney self-conscious, and will have plenty more stories in our next episode. PlutoTV= Pluto TV is the easy and completely legal way to watch your favorite TV shows and hit movies for free. Download PlutoTV today. Leesa Mattress= Get up to $160 off the Leesa mattress or $235 off the luxury Sapira mattress and free shipping on the Leesa mattress at and enter promo code dennis at checkout. BetDSI= Join today using promo code [Miller101] to get in the action and get paid. Theraworx= Try Theraworx Relief - a non-greasy foam that's proven to relieve muscle cramps fast and reduce muscle soreness. Learn more at ZipRecruiter= Try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE at this exclusive web address: ZipRecruiter dot com slash [miller]! That's
00:58:54 10/16/2018
Dennis starts off talking about Winston Churchill and updates Andy Warhol's prediction that everyone will be hated for 15 minutes. He also asks Christian about the TV show "Glee", characterizes Nancy Pelosi as Oblivia de Haviland, comments on the film "Remains of the Day" and "ships" a romance between Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and Jim Bob Cooter. There's also discussion of Nikki Haley resigning as Ambassador to the UN, the business portfolio of Papa John, marveling at the brilliance of David Bowie, giving tennis advice to Andre Agassi, and skepticism regarding Hillary Clinton's distinction between allegations against her husband and Brett Kavanaugh.
01:04:39 10/11/2018
Dennis discusses Brett Kavanaugh's swearing in as Supreme Court justice, which leads to a conversation about the field of potential Democratic presidential hopefuls, and where Joe Biden and Michael Avanatti factor in. He also theorizes about what Democrats actually want and reacts to images of Progressive activists clawing at the door of The Supreme Court. Dennis also talks to Christian about Indigeonous Peoples Day, an upcoming episode with David Spade, remembering hanging out on the Sunset Strip with Randy Quaid and Ron Jeremy. They also discuss the recent Space X launch, sitting next to Matthew McConaughey on a flight, a CNN Reporter who has to apologize for past tweets, the impending doom from Climate Change, astronaut Scott Kelly trying to negotiate the mob mentality of Twitter, the MLB Playoffs and Banksy Christian also reads a comment from a listener about the recent "cranky" episodes of the podcast, which leads to a discussion on downloads and how everyone listening can help the show. Thanks to our sponsors: Leesa Matress= Get up to $160 off the Leesa mattress or $235 off the luxury Sapira mattress and free shipping on the Leesa mattress at and enter promo code dennis at checkout. BetDSI= Join today using promo code [Miller101] to get in the action and get paid.
01:03:17 10/9/2018
Dennis and Christian discuss the download numbers of the podcast with producer KC, compared to other podcasts. They also talk about Tesla heading in a similar direction as Apple has without Steve Jobs, and the time that Dennis introduced Clint Eastwood to Ed Norton. The conversation shifts to Lindsey Graham, Trump's taxes, politicians being morons, and how important it is to not let politics ruin your life. Then, Dennis celebrates a strong week of NFL picks and talks a little baseball. Plus, Kanye West, Macedonia, the impact of marijuana on DUI's in Colorado, an engagement on a high elevation, and rounding things out with a discussion of the Dark Web, Facebook and their policy towards boosting posts
00:55:28 10/4/2018
There's no guest and Dennis is in the studio alone and cranky, discussing a variety of topics including Tom Cruise, Matt Lauer, Bob Costas, the importance of compartmentalizing football, his dislike of the phrase "truth to power" and reading Michael Ovitz's memoir "Who Is Michael Ovitz?". Dennis and Christian also share their thoughts about the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and the FBI investigation and weigh in on Bill Cosby going to prison. They also discuss Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom's prospects of winning NL Cy Young and Mets 3rd baseman David Wright's retirement. They also discuss a New Jersey man who was killed by a brain-eating parasite he contracted at a Texas wave pool, a fear of flying, the new NAFTA, El Chapo, preparing a comedy special, and Sammy Davis and Joey Bishop. And thank you to today's sponsors: RXBAR= For 25% off your first order, visit and enter promo code: dennis at checkout . Pluto TV= Never pay for TV again. Download Pluto TV for free on all of your favorite devices today.
00:52:41 10/2/2018
Dennis continues with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. The conversation continues about swinging London They talk all things Beatles. You'll hear about Beatles manager Brian Epstein and how he downsized the groups show into 1 van and made the band money. John Lennon's loyalty to Brian Epstein and stories of him as a lead singer. Peter tells stories of Coronation Street in London and his plans to move to Australia, his hilarious cab ride, and Dennis shares a funny encounter with William Shatner. Also hear stories of Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.
00:59:05 9/27/2018
Dennis is joined by Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. Peter and Dennis share a funny lunch story from Peters father, and discuss the book Ready Steady Go by Shawn Levy and the their fascination with Rolling Stones producer/ manager Andrew Oldham. They tell stories about swinging London from David Bowie to Roger Daltry and drinking with John Lennon and the Beatles. Peter talks about his career beginnings singing as a boy, and the creation of Herman's Hermits. Also Dennis and Peter talk about never released David Bowie/ Freddie Mercury music plus answer fan questions.
00:55:57 9/25/2018
Dennis talks to Christian about a trip he took years ago to Mt. Everest, including the difficulty flying in and out of Bhutan, meeting the monks, and seeing an actual Golden Child. This transitions to a conversation about the Vatican and the Pope, the Young Pope with Jude Law, and purple nurples. There's also discussion about a Republican winning a Texas special election in a district Hillary won by 12 points in 2016, whether Democrats can win the House this year, and whether millennials will follow the elderly Democrat revolution. Also, more on North Korea's nukes, mailbag comments about Paul McCartney's recent revelation, An "Inside Edition" camera crew that was robbed (and the fact that the show is still on), a surprising declaration from a former "Sesame Street" writer, a listener's guide to bit-surfing, great jokes throughout history, and the comedic tandem of Norm MacDonald and Drake Sather.
01:15:33 9/20/2018

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