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The Man I Call "Scraper": Snowboard Shredding, Fascia Fluffing, Protective Chakra Energy Balls & Much More With Scott Dolly. I've met a lot of interesting characters and crazy cats in my life. Scott Dolly, AKA "The Scraper" (at least, that's what I call him) is no exception. I first met Scott in Costa Rica at a digital detox, hot yoga retreat and adventure getaway called "Runga". Yep, that's the same event at which I hung out with Eric, the guy I interviewed in the episode "How To Cure Yourself Of Cancer: An Epic Interview With A Man Who Defied Conventional Medicine & Cured Himself Of Prostate Cancer." and the same event founded by my buddy and Spartan racing bigwig Joe DiStefano, who I interviewed in the episode "Digital Detoxing, Travel-Proofing Your Immune System, Underground Body Weight Workouts & More With Joe DiStefano." A few months after Runga, Scott pulled up to my house in Spokane, WA in a big black SUV jam-packed with snowboarding equipment and a bag full of strange body adjusting and "scraping" tools. Our ensuing weekend together was a geekfest of biomechanics, physiology, fascia fixing, woo-woo chakra energy work and much more, and in today's episode, we take a deep dive into all that and much more. So who is Scott, exactly? Scott Dolly MS, ATC, CSCS is the owner/CEO and founder of Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation. He is a manual therapy and IASTM specialist who utilizes biomechanical movement analysis to locate imbalances and dysfunctions in the human body. Scott is a national and international speaker and educator in the field of sports medicine; and he has authored courses on I.A.S.T.M. and Advanced Training Science. Scott also serves as the Peak Performance columnist for Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine in the UK, through which his work reaches over a half million people worldwide. Scott has over 15 years' experience studying and working with the human body and he works with thousands of clients every year. He resides in Winchester, Virginia. His credentials and certifications include: -Master's Degree in Athletic Training: Shenandoah University -Undergraduate work in Biology and Physics: Shepherd University -Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: National Strength and Conditioning Association -Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Specialist -Reiki Master: 11 years During our discussion, you'll discover: -The truth about whether foam rolling really works, and why Scott is a big fan of "butter knives" for your fascia...[14:45] -Why Scott said I needed to do more "closed kinetic chain exercises" when he analyzed my gait...[26:40] -How Scott helped a nervous guy on the chair lift using "distance healing" and Qi Gong...[41:30] -Scott's work in sound bowls and healing frequencies, and how he aligns that with being able to run a 4:40 mile, train NFL athletes and deadlift nearly 700 pounds...[46:30 & 56:30] -The protective "bubble" Scott drew around us inside the mountain lodge when we were snowboarding...[46:20] -Scott's experience with the one-inch-punch by a Shaolin monk...[59:50] -And much more... Resources from this episode: -"Gil Hedley: Fascia & Stretching: The Fuzz Speech" -Graston & Scraping tools on Amazon -Robert Peng: The Master Key Video Series -The artist Alex Grey -Singing bowls on Amazon -The one-inch punch Show Sponsors: biOptimzers - Crank your muscle gains to new heights by flooding your muscles with maximal amino acids without increasing your protein intake by a single gram. Go to to automatically get 10% off your order. MVMT Watches - The watchmaker's goal is to change the way consumers think about fashion by offering high quality minimalist products at revolutionary prices. Go to to get 15% off. Free shipping and free returns! Organifi - For the best tasting greens superfood blend, go to and use code 'BEN' for 20% off your first order. Marc Pro - Pain Relief and Faster Muscle Recovery Time. For a 5% discount, use promo code "BEN" at -Runga 2017: Dec 8-21, 2017 (you get to choose how long to stay!). RUNGA is a once a year retreat, currently hosted in December. RUNGA is designed to facilitate a dramatic shift in attendee's current outlook, lifestyle choices, self efficacy, motivation, love, even spirituality. The retreat spans 8-days and centers around fostering heightened awareness, presence, and connection with others through a mandatory "Digital Detox" - or no cell phones, computers, and other technology. Yoga is offered twice per day, everyday. There is also an off-site adventure ranging from hiking volcanoes to white water rafting or zip lining. World-class spa treatments are available and 100% of the food are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, or ketogenic dieters. They are also delicious. Click here to sign up. Use code BEN (or let them know I sent you) to get VIP treatment and a free gift valued at $100! Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Scott or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!

01:11:16 6/17/2017

Past Episodes

Keto bread? Keto waffles? Keto fruit salad? Yep, all those low carb option and more are totally possible on a ketogenic diet. You just need to know what to do, and my guest on today's podcast, Maria Emmerich, knows exactly how to do it. Maria is a wellness expert in nutrition and exercise physiology. She is the author of several cookbooks and three nutritional guidebooks, including the global bestseller The Ketogenic Cookbook, Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking and the books we talk about on today's show... ...The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse... ...Keto Comfort Foods... ...and Keto Restaurant Favorites... Maria's success stems from her passion for helping others reach and sustain optimal health through programs and education that work on a personal level. She understands the connection between food and how it makes us all feel inside and out. Her specialty is brain chemical neurotransmitters and how they are affected by the foods we eat. After struggling with her weight throughout her childhood, she decided to study health and wellness so she could help others who are discouraged by their appearance and do not feel their best. The nutrient-rich, relatively high-fat dietary approach that she developed for herself and the exotic, little-known replacements for typical high-glycemic starchy foods and sugar are what finally gave her total peace with food, something she never imagined possible. During our discussion, you'll discover: -Why Maria is such a big fan of using potassium and magnesium to maintain lean muscle when on a ketogenic diet...[9:35 & 11:50] -How to make a ketogenic snow cone...[13:42] -Why one of the common keto mistakes is consuming too many nuts and seeds...[17:05] -What are the top sweeteners that Maria likes and why do she "blends" sweeteners...[22:45] -The one sugar alcohol that is best and OK to use...[26:50] -Maria's amazing chicken and waffles recipe...[28:20] -A low-glycemic index, healthy twist on a "hot pocket"...[35:40] -How to make a "fat bomb"...[39:15] -Maria's recipe for a ketogenic fruit salad...[41:30] -How to make dairy-free and nut-free ketogenic bread...[44:00] -How Maria makes healthy refried beans...[47:11] -The shocking truth about omelette batter in restaurants...[50:55] -Maria's definition of a comfort food, and why you get a unique psychological benefit from eating comfort food...[53:50] -What Maria's favorite comfort food recipe is...[55:50] -And much more! Resources from this episode: -The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse: Reset Your Metabolism with 160 Tasty Whole-Food Recipes & Meal Plans -Keto Comfort Foods -Keto Restaurant Favorites -Shaved Ice machine -Omica Organics stevia -Swerve stevia -Stevia glycerite -Kettle & Fire bone broth -USWellnessMeats Liverwurst -Stand mixer Show Sponsors: -Organifi - Go to and use discount code BEN for 20% off your Green Juice order. You can also use discount code REDBEN for 20% off your Red Juice order! -HealthGains - Text the word "GAIN" to 313131 to receive a $250 voucher toward your HealthGAINS treatment. -Four Sigmatic - Go to and use code code BENGREENFIELD for 15% off. -Thorne - Go to to check out pure, high quality supplements. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Maria or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!
01:01:09 10/14/2017 When I first met today's podcast guest, we were sitting inside a sauna at Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece's pool. He was sitting across from me, and filled me in on some of the most advanced stem cell boosting tactics that I'd every heard - including talking about little-known superfoods I'd never heard anyone expound upon with such knowledge. Turns out this guy, whose name is Darin Olien, is actually called "the Indiana Jones of superfoods." Since 2005 he has successfully sourced more than 300 foods and ingredients from around the world as an exotic superfoods hunter, supplement formulator, and environmental activist. Today, he is a renowned authority on nutrition, hydration, and the health potential of foods and herbs and he's on a mission to help everyone learn about them and use them to feel their best. Darin He is the formulator of the superfood-packed Shakeology® and a full plant-based detoxification program. His book, SuperLife: The 5 Simple Forces That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome, offers resources for easy lifestyle changes to create optimal health in your body and live your best life possible. In this groundbreaking health and lifestyle guide, the superfoods expert and nutritionist provides the key to understanding and utilizing the five life forces?the sole factors that determine whether or not we will be healthy, fit, and free of illness. In Superlife, Darin Olien provides us with an entirely new way of thinking about health and wellbeing by identifying what he calls the life forces: Quality Nutrition, Hydration, Detoxification, Oxygenation, and Alkalization. Olien demonstrates in great detail how to maintain these processes, thereby allowing our bodies to do the rest. He tells us how we can maintain healthy weight, prevent even the most serious of diseases, and feel great. He explains that all of this is possible without any of the restrictive or gimmicky diet plans that never work in the long term. Olien has traveled the world, exploring the health properties of foods that have sustained indigenous cultures for centuries. Putting his research into practice, he has created a unique and proven formula for maximizing our bodies' potential. He also includes a "how-to-eat" user's guide with a shopping list, advice on "what to throw away," a guide to creating a healthy, balanced diet plan, and advice on how to use supplements effectively. Written in Olien's engaging conversational style, Superlife is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive look at dieting and nutrition, a timeless and essential guide to maintaining the human body and maximizing its potential. During our discussion, you'll discover: -The crazy shenanigans that take place in Laird Hamilton's pool workouts...[6:05] -How Darin became a superfood hunter known as the Indiana Jones of superfoods...[10:25] -The first two superfoods Darin discovered in the Amazon...[16:00] -Which little-known protein source has a perfect balance of omega 3's, 6's and 9's...[21:00] -The one type of cell in your body that is truly "immortal" and the one common berry that can activate this cell...[24:25] -The type of coffee that in new research has been shown to significantly increase BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor)...[39:55] -Why Darin drinks his water from something called an "air-to-water" machine...[50:40] -The next big "nut" trend in superfoods that barely anybody knows about...[60:00] -The plant that Darin calls the "vitamin pill"...[67:00] -And much more! Resources from this episode: -SuperLife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome -Podcast: Some Of The Craziest Superfoods You've Never Heard Of. -Podcast: Lightning Speed Healing Hack or Overpriced Fad? What You Need To Know About Stem Cells. -Organic Maca root -Organic Yacon -Sacha Inchi protein -Brewable coffeefruit from Amazon -Bulletproof NeuroMaster 30 Capsules Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor BDNF Energy -Podcast on Teloyears testing -Air To Water Machine -The structured water filter Ben uses -What Is Molecular Hydrogen video by Tyler Lebaron -The Baru nut -Moringa plant extract Show Sponsors: -Organifi - Go to and use discount code BEN for 20% off your Green Juice order. You can also use discount code REDBEN for 20% off your Red Juice order! -Human Charger - Go to and use the code BEN20 for 20% off. -Onnit - Go to and save 10% on your purchase. -Casper - Go to AND use promo code BEN to save $50 off your purchase. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Darin or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!
01:15:08 10/12/2017 In today's podcast, I interview Joel F. Salatin - a self-described "Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-Farmer". We discuss his new book The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs and much, much more. Salatin is an American farmer, lecturer, and author. He raises livestock using holistic methods of animal husbandry, free of potentially harmful chemicals, on his Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. Meat from the farm is sold by direct-marketing to consumers and restaurants. In high school, Salatin began his own business selling rabbits, eggs, butter and chicken from his family farm at the Staunton Curb Market. He then attended Bob Jones University where he majored in English and was a student leader. He graduated in 1979. Salatin married his childhood sweetheart in 1980 and became a feature writer at the Staunton, Virginia newspaper, The News Leader, where he had worked earlier typing obituaries and police reports. Tired of "having his stories spiked," he decided to try farming full-time after first getting involved in a walnut-buying station run by two high school boys. Salatin's grandfather had been an avid gardener and beekeeper and a follower of J. I. Rodale, the founder of regenerative organic gardening. Salatin's father worked as an accountant and his mother taught high school physical education. Salatin's parents had bought the land that became Polyface after losing a farm in Venezuela to political turmoil. They had raised cattle using organic methods, but could not make a living at farming alone. Salatin, a self-described "Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-Farmer" produces high-quality "beyond organic" meats, which are raised using environmentally responsible, ecologically beneficial, sustainable agriculture. Jo Robinson, the author of Pasture Perfect: The Far-Reaching Benefits of Choosing Meat, Eggs and Dairy Products From Grass-Fed Animals (2004) said of Salatin, "He's not going back to the old model. There's nothing in county extension or old-fashioned ag science that really informs him. He is just looking totally afresh at how to maximize production in an integrated system on a holistic farm. He's just totally innovative." Salatin considers his farming a ministry, and he condemns the negative impact on his livelihood and lifestyle of what he considers an increasingly regulatory approach taken by the agencies of the United States government toward farming. Salatin now spends a hundred days a year lecturing at colleges and to environmental groups. And now from Christian libertarian farmer Joel Salatin is a new book - a clarion call to readers to honor the animals and the land, and produce food based on spiritual principles: The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All God's Creation. This book is an important and thought-provoking explanation of how by simply appreciating the marvelous pigness of pigs, we are celebrating the Glory of God. As a man of deep faith and student of the Bible, and as a respected and successful ecological family farmer, Joel Salatin knows that God created heaven and earth and meant for all living organisms to be true to their nature and their endowed holy purpose. He intended for us to respect and care for His gift of creation, not to ravage and mistreat it for our own pleasure or wealth. The example that inspires the book's title explains what Salatin means: when huge corporate farms confine pigs in cramped and dark pens, inject them with antibiotics and feed them herbicide-saturated food simply to increase profits, they are not respecting them as a creation of God or allowing them to express even their most rudimentary uniqueness - that special role that is part of His design. Every living organism has a God-given uniqueness to its life that must be honored and respected, and too often that is not happening today. Salatin shows us the long overlooked ethics and instructions in the Bible for how to eat, how to shop, how to think about how we farm and feed the world. Through scripture and Biblical stories, he shows us why it's more vital than ever to look to the good book rather than corporate America when feeding the country and your family. Salatin makes a compelling case for Christian stewardship of the earth and how it relates to every action we take regarding our food. He also opens our eyes to a common misconception many Christians may have about environmentalism: it's not a bad thing, and definitely not just the province of secular liberals; it's really a very good thing, part of heeding God's Word. During our discussion, you'll discover: -Why Joel calls his new book the Marvelous Pigness of Pigs...[7:10] -How Christians abuse God's creation, and what's wrong with the average church potluck...[9:10] -Examples of how even the Bible is chock full of animal rights...[19:17] -Why Christians should be devoted to soil development...[22:00] -How a church and church property could be used to actually hydrate the landscape...[33:15] -How a church property could be used to provide food and water for the entire community...[40:05] -Why Joel believes that God would not want us to create GMO foods...[45:20] -What a beautiful, Christian farm and food system should look like...[55:08] -What it looks like to be "farming with faith" vs. "farming with fear"...[60:50] -And much more! Resources from this episode: The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All God's Creation Show Sponsors: -Organifi - Go to Discount code BEN for 20% off your order! -HealthGains - Text the word "GAIN" to 313131 to receive a $250 voucher toward your HealthGAINS treatment. -ZipRecruiter - Post jobs on ZipRecruiter for FREE by visiting -Blue Apron - Check out this week's menu and get your first THREE meals FREE?WITH FREE SHIPPING by going to Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Joel or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
01:09:20 10/7/2017 Naveen K. Jain is one of the most interesting guys I have ever met. Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation. He is the founder of several successful companies including Moon Express, Viome, Bluedot, TalentWise, Intelius and InfoSpace. Moon Express is the only company to have permission from the US government to leave earth orbit and land on the moon. We are developing technologies to harvest planetary resources on the moon and developing infrastructure to make humanity a multi-planetary society. Naveen Jain a trustee of the board at the X PRIZE Foundation where he is focused on finding entrepreneurial solutions to address the global challenges in health, education, women empowerment, agriculture, and energy. He recently launched a million-dollar Women Safety XPRIZE to empower the women around the world. Naveen Jain is on the board of Singularity University, an interdisciplinary university with the mission to educate and inspire leaders to address humanity's grand challenges through innovative technologies. Naveen Jain has been awarded many honors for his entrepreneurial successes and leadership skills including "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year", "Albert Einstein Technology Medal"for pioneers in technology, "Humanitarian Innovation Award" at the United Nations, "Distinguished Global Thinker Award" by IILM, "Most inspiring Entrepreneur" by Andaaz TV, "Most admired Serial Entrepreneur" by Silicon India, "Top 20 Entrepreneurs" and "Lifetime Achievement Award" for the leadership in the technology industry and support of other entrepreneurs by Red Herring. Naveen's latest project is called "Viome", a cutting-edge gut and microbiome analysis company I first revealed in the must-see video "What Is Viome? How Gut Metatranscriptome & Microbiome Analysis Can Change Your Health.". Viome is focused on disrupting healthcare with the goal of "making illness elective". They have developed technologies to analyze the biochemistry and ecosystem of our body that consists of millions of metabolites and trillions of micro-organisms. Their plan is to identify biomarkers that are predictive of chronic diseases and prevent them through personalized diet & nutrition. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Naveen got permission to land on the moon and built the largest moon rock collection...[10:15] -Naveen's unique system for learning new things...[12:20] -Why Naveen became so interested in the microbiome...[22:35] -How the "poop" from young creatures can make older creatures more sprightly and young...[31:50] -Why Naveen thinks most microbiome evaluations are complete snake oil...[39:40] -The reason you must test your gut fungus in addition to your gut bacteria...[44:20] -The fascinating way that a gut test can tell you how much you are actually working out...[45:55] -How Naveen licensed $21 million gut sequencing technology from Los Alamos laboratory...[49:20] -Whether you can create a customized probiotic strain specific to you...[52:50] -How glyphosate is killing your microbiome...[56:55] -Naveen's shocking prediction about the next big thing in health care...[61:15] -And much more... Resources from this episode: -The Facebook Live version of this podcast -Get moved to the front of the list if you use code "fitness" at -What Is Viome? How Gut Metatranscriptome & Microbiome Analysis Can Change Your Health. -Naveen's "Moonshots" book -The GMO Revealed Documentary -Ben's podcast about glyphosate and the Restore supplement his kids take every day -The book "Beyond Human" by Eve Herold -Eran Segal's Wiezmann institute lab in Israel -Modifying the Gut Microbiome Could Lead to Treatments of Chronic, Anxiety, and Stress-Related Disorders -Young guts make elderly fish sprightly -Obesity, metabolic syndrome and gastrointestinal disease are all influenced by our gut microbiome. -Our microbiome controls our immune system more than we realize. -What we eat alters our microbiome faster than expected. -Our microbiome is associated with both type II diabetes and the complications that come with it. -Our gut microbiome has been shown to influence depression, cognition, behavior, and neural development. -Gut microbiota have been linked to Parkinson's disease and its motor symptoms. -Certain bacteria have been linked to atherosclerosis, an all-too-common heart condition. -Microbes are involved in the development of Alzheimer's pathology. -Shifts in the makeup of our gut microbiome are associated with colorectal cancer. Show Sponsors: -Me Undies - To get your 20% off, Free Shipping AND their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and get the best and softest underwear you will ever own, go to: -Thorne - Go to to check out pure, high quality supplements. -Human Charger - Just go to and use the code BFITNESS for 20% off. -Bark Box - For a FREE EXTRA MONTH of BarkBox, visit when you subscribe to 6 or 12 month plan! Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Naveen or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!
01:13:36 10/5/2017
From the MindPump "Lake Tahoe Spartan Studio" at the 2017 Spartan World Championship race, Ben and Brock sit down with the guys from MindPump to talk OCR. In a surprising turn of events, Ben leaves the interview allowing Brock and the MindPump boys to dish behind Ben's back.
01:12:53 10/1/2017
From very near the start line of the 2017 Spartan World Championship race in Lake Tahoe, podcast sidekick Brock Armstrong talks with Ian Adamson, former competitive adventure racer, television professional and president of the International Obstacle Sports Federation. They chat about the state of obstacle racing as a recognized sport as well as how the anti-doping regulations could help or hinder it in getting recognized.
41:07 10/1/2017
Live from a hotel room in Lake Tahoe at the 2017 Spartan World Championship race, Brock Armstrong interviews three of the personalities behind the SpartanUp podcast. Sefra Alexandra (, Johnny Waite, and producer Marion Abrams. The conversation takes some surprisingly philosophical turns including enthobotany, dealing well with low points in your life and burpees as an analogy for life.
47:37 9/30/2017 Last month, I ventured to a place called "The Human Garage" in Venice Beach, California... ...for an absolutely mind-blowing full body reboot that turned out to be the most unique mash-up of deep tissue body work, aromatherapy, energy healing and combination of ancestral methods and modern science that I've ever experienced in my life. Not kidding. I left as a new man with a new body. So what is the Human Garage? At Human Garage, they pursue the Power of Alignment, balancing both body and mind to maximize the innate capacities present in each of our bodies to heal. They utilize a systemic, hands-on approach to unwinding and rebalancing body and mind. They believe by locating and releasing the origin of the problem of pain, biomechanically and biochemically, the body begins to unwind and lays the foundation for the body to heal itself. They take clients through an unwinding process with a hands-on release therapy they created and designed to realign the body from the inside out. Their treatment is based on the belief that every person and every body is different. Their belief is that people ultimately know their own bodies better than anyone else and have to actively participate in its recovery. Unlike traditional modalities for treating pain, they believe in finding and treating the origin of discomfort to avoid chasing symptoms of pain and dysfunction. Their approach is based on a sound belief in the connection between body and mind and they offer a variety of services to bring the body back into balance. In addition to their unwinding and release alignment protocol, they also provide services such as nutritional supplementation and coaching, personal training and biomechanical development to maximize well-being and health. They also offer a wide variety of functional foods and hand-crafted essential oils to keep your body and mind happy, healthy, and in motion. On today's podcast with Human Garage founder Garry Lineham, you'll discover: -The story of how Garry went from a bed-bound ex-bodybuilder to completely reinventing and fixing his anatomy...[13:15] -Why most people (including doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists) don't see the full picture and "get it wrong" when it comes to permanently fixing your joint aches and pains...[17:00] -The surprising number of people who work on you all at the same time at the Human Garage (I personally had 4 people working on me at once)...[25:30 & 47:55] -How Garry "talks to your body" and asks it questions, then sense the response...[27:20 & 55:40] -Why Garry endorses high dose curcumin and ketones combined with one special ingredient (this one surprised me) to make his work even more effective...[83:00] -The "libido tea" and special "sprig water" Garry uses...[87:40 & 97:40] -Where essential oils and aromatherapy fit into the healing process, and how you can use them...[92:45] -How to incorporate sound healing and music into deep tissue therapy...[93:30] -And much more! Resources from this episode: -The Facebook Live recording of this episode (don't forget to use code Ben17 for your 10% off) -Adam Von RothFelder -My review of Dr. David Hawkins book -Dr. David Rubenstein -The Human Garage Alignment Protocol graphic -Essential Anatomy software -Ben's biochemical lab results from the Human Garage -Fascia Magnified 25x Video -Libido Tea -KetoFuel -PowerCurc -Essential Oil Wizardry Essential Oils -Sprig Water Show Sponsors: -Organifi - Go to Discount code BEN for 20% off your order. -Onnit - Go to and save 10% on your purchase. -Human Charger - Just go to and use the code BFITNESS for 20% off. -HealthGains - Text the word "GAIN" to 313131 to receive a $250 voucher toward your HealthGAINS treatment. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Garry or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!
02:06:21 9/30/2017
Podcast sidekick, Brock Armstrong, sat down with Brent Totty (CEO at Volv) to talk about bad habits, algorithms and how AI may be able to help us dial in our own personal healthy lifestyle.
39:27 9/29/2017
Live from Lake Tahoe at the 2017 Spartan World Championship Podfest, sidekick Brock Armstrong (with a brief appearance by Ben) chats with Shanna Mota about mindset, detoxing your thoughts and the 4 ingredients in Organifi that go beyond your regular superfood. Find out more at and use code "spartanben" for 20% off.
39:27 9/29/2017

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