The Producer's Guide: Todd Garner & Hollywood's Elite

Blumhouse Productions founder & CEO - Jason Blum - chats with Todd Garner about discovering Paranormal Activity, why good horror and Sundance films are more similar than you think, working for Harvey Weinstein in the 90s AND MUCH MORE!

The Producer's Guide: Todd Garner & Hollywood's Elite
01:14:00 4/11/2019

Past Episodes

Renowned Hollywood editor CHRIS LEBENZON talks about his work on Ed Wood, Sweeney Todd, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, and Top Gun - AND shares what it's like in the editing room with the likes of Tim Burton, Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer.

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01:04:00 8/15/2019

Every movie SHOULD make money. Head of Screen Engine ASI - KEVIN GOETZ - shares the hard metrics of what makes a successful movie - the impact of streaming content - and how films like Green Book and The Hangover defied focus groups.

01:30:00 8/8/2019

From a shy Italian girl to a powerhouse TV personality - Food Network star GIADA DE LAURENTIIS chats with Todd about coming from Hollywood royalty to paving her own path in culinary and television world!

01:00:00 8/1/2019

Todd chats with distinguished Hollywood screenwriter JOHN AUGUST (Aladdin / Big Fish / Go) about the collaborative process between writers and producers of taking stories from paper to the silver screen.

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01:18:00 7/25/2019

Bing Bang Theory star KALEY CUOCO makes her podcast debut with her friend and Head of Berlanti Productions SARAH SCHECTER! They discuss Sarah's time at Warner Bros - Kaley's transition from acting into producing with her company Yes, Norman Productions - and how more women writers and directors can be working in Hollywood.

01:15:00 7/18/2019

BRUCE MILLER shares how his early fondness for Margaret Atwood and his experience writing for ER led to Hulu picking him to be the showrunner and executive producer of The Handmaid's Tale.

01:19:00 7/11/2019

DR. STEVE MOSKO talks about his time running global TV at SONY - his involvement with shows like Breaking Bad - The Shield - Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Wheel of Fortune - Jeopardy... and why he just couldn't stay retired.

01:19:00 7/4/2019

What's the risk involved in making a movie? Do you need a star? Summer or Christmas release? Got superheroes?? Cinelytic Co-founder / CEO TOBIAS QUEISSER shares how his company is impacting the film industry through historical data analysis. PLUS - Todd interviews Megan Cloherty and Jack Moore - hosts of the hit true crime podcast 22 HOURS: AN AMERICAN NIGHTMARE!

01:21:00 6/27/2019

Head of Stage 29 Productions - JAY McGRAW - talks about his early work with OPRAH and his dad (DR PHIL) - creating and syndicating THE DOCTORS - developing scripted TV shows like BULL on CBS - AND MUCH MORE!

01:05:00 6/20/2019

Film giant - MIKE MEDAVOY - talks about his time at United Artists, Orion & TriStar - his work on Young Frankenstein, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Robocop & Apocalypse Now - and how the movie industry has evolved over the last 50 years.

00:54:00 6/13/2019

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