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The Showtime Edition Featuring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar And Pardon My Take

One of the all time greatest basketball players, ambassadors, and overall human beings Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joins us to talk about his new book "Coach Wooden And Me: Our 50-Year Friendship On And Off The Court." Before we get to Kareem (53:00 minute mark), Tyler and Coley rank their All Time centers. We would've previewed the Eastern and Western Conference Finals but, yanno, you already know what's gonna happen.


Past Episodes

Zion Williamson and LaMelo Ball got hundreds of thousands of people to tune in to an AAU game past midnight on the East Coast on a Thursday in late-July and boy did it spurn some fire flames takes from sea to shining sea. Damian Lillard was there, Patrick Ewing was there, Thon Maker was there, LeBron James showed up, saw the crowd, and immediately left.
Kyrie Irving has had enough of LeBron's shit. John Wall and Andrew Wiggins have apparently not had enough of their respective teams' shit. Tyler has probably had enough of Coley's shit, one would have to assume. Conor McGregor trolled the Almighty hell out of Floyd Mayweather and Draymond Green got caught up in the crossfire. But the most important part of this episode comes from when Coley and Tyler do a deep dive on the founding members of the Finesse Hall of Fame: The Silna Brothers.
Pioneer and trailblazer Spencer Haywood joins the show to talk about his work with the NBA Retired Players Association and the Las Vegas Summer League. The Hall of Famer is one of the more important singular players in NBA history and he took Coley and Tyler on a journey throughout his life before, during and after his time playing professional basketball. The man who received the first ever shoe contract from Nike, the NBA Champion, the ABA MVP, the man, the myth, the legend - Spencer Haywood is the truth.
Noted idiots and buffoons, @ColeyMick and @TylerIAm, spend another hour of their lives talking about a television show that was popular in the '90s. Not even the main characters this time, either, just the side characters. The townsfolk, the normies, the weirdos, the peons of Springfield. Also, Jimmy Buffett's world domination tour continues right in everyone's faces and there's absolutely no signs of slowing down.
It's the middle of the summer, so you already know what the heck that means. That's right folks, it's time to bash baseball from the early-to-mid-1900s. Cy Young? Babe Ruth? Sandy Koufax? Yup, they're all outta here. Also, a spirited debated fueled by a couple of DEPs breaks out over whomst had the best verse on one of the greatest songs ever of all time: "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)." To close the show I think we talked about Paul George for a minute or two? It,,, hard to say.
Caleb and Rone from Young And Happy shanghai the opening to the show before Coley comes back and says his farewells to Avery Bradley. Tyler creates some memes on the fly while bashing graham crackers and praising the Nets. To end the show, a lengthy discussion about the albums that have dropped recently - including, but not limited to, Issa Album, 4:44, Thot Breaker, Beautiful Thugger Girls, Pretty Girls Love Trap Music, and Hot Chicken.
The biggest story to break during Free Agency thus far: Shams jumped over the Woj man. As long time Woj supporters, it's been tough to see but the game is the game. Gordon Hayward is coming to Boston, the Thunder were inexplicably able to trade for Paul George, the Kings got in the mix, and Tyler drank 1,000 (one thousand) beers. Smash that play button.
Chris Paul and James Harden. A match made in.... Well they'll be playing basketball together next season. Because, why not? They're both basketball players. It would've been weird if the Rockets traded for like, Yasiel Puig or some shit. Is Doc Rivers a herb? Is Austin Rivers a nerd? Is Lou Will planning on stuffing Austin Rivers in a series of lockers? Yes. Yes. And we can only hope.
Coley and Tyler take on the Grand Opening of the Big 3. At one point in the day we decided to try and be real life journalists and were able to talk with Gary Payton (start of the show), Dr. J (when Tyler says RIGHT NOW around like 40-something minutes, idk you'll hear it it's super obvious), and the Ice Man George Gervin (instead of the outro song we have George Gervin. I'm sorry for that wicked awesome upgrade. If you need a song for an outro go listen to "Good Times" by Thugger and Jamie XX. That probably would've been today's song if we're being honest with one another.) Now, the Big 3 denied credentials for our camera guy, so the audio on these interviews,,, well, it's audible. And that's the point of a podcast. To be heard. You're welcome.
To the haters and losers, of which there are many in the NBA Draft, Tyler and Coley properly roast them up a storm for picking bad - and in fact not good - players in this year's Draft. To the winners? Well, congrats. We don't really care about you show offs. Looking for validation? You've come to the wrong place entirely, buddy boy.

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