Tiny Tim explained, classics of magic re-imagined, & Penn's journal tips.

Penn's Sunday School
01:02:23 10/10/2018

Past Episodes

Getting paid in cash, Ridiculousness, AFAN, Puddles Pity Party, & old renaissance festival friends.
01:09:37 2/13/2019
A new way to insult performers, more fun with interpreters, Andy Warhol's Superbowl spot, Jeff Bezos, & the reason for fame.
01:07:53 2/10/2019
Paul Simon vs. Bruce Springsteen, violent vs. non-violent revolution, & Sam Harris vs. Ezra Klein, with Rounders & Oceans Thirteen writer Brian Koppelman.
00:54:45 2/6/2019
The expectation of failure, nurturing your curiosity, the dangers of good reviews, & a particularly monstrous compliment. with Billions executive producer Brian Koppelman.
00:55:09 2/3/2019
The trick that isn't ready, Piff demos retail magic, John Weidman's Assassins, & orchestral triage.
00:59:41 1/30/2019
John Davidson live at [The Hawk], amateur dentistry, & a piranha eats Teller.
00:57:49 1/27/2019