Dr. Hockey

The Washington Capitals are your 2018 Stanley Cup Champions! The crew recaps the Cup, Ovi's binge, the incredible run by the Vegas Golden Knights, and a quick peek into this year's draft!

Dr. Hockey
00:39:26 6/13/2018

Past Episodes

Celebrating our 100th episode of the Dr. Hockey Podcast with none other than ultimate Caps fan Mia Khalifa!! With 20 days til playoffs and only three teams clinched, Mia, Jay & Jason discuss the current playoff picture; who's surging, who's slumping, wild card hopefuls, dark horses, real deal cup contenders, and potential upsets. PLUS, Gritty, Leaving Neverland, Prince, R. Kelly, March Madness wagers, and Mia's guity pleasure team(shhh)... Doctor terms include: mitosis, mitochondria, interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase. Special guests: Robert Sandberg & Dr. Anthony Corrado. Shout out W/R

00:56:52 3/21/2019
Jay performs emergency surgery on Jason after a popcorn incident... you read that correctly. Playoffs just around the corner, so the docs discuss who's on the bubble, and give some wisdom about your wisdom teeth. The Sharks have quietly ripped off 15 of the last 19, Carey Price becomes the Habs' all-time winningest goalie, James Dolan dusts off his trusty "life-time ban" playbook, and the docs ask some tough questions... Will Tampa Bay break the single-season record of 62 wins? Will Jason & the Red Wings win the draft lottery? Which teams will have a tough time protecting players from Seattle?
00:48:10 3/14/2019

A real miracle on ice... Jib Street was playing in a beer league hockey game in Charlotte, North Carolina when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest, and didn't have a pulse for over five minutes. Luckily, also on the ice was Dr. Craig Bryant, an emergency room doctor who immediately sprung into action, started CPR, and used an AED ( Automatic External Defibrillator ) unit to restart Jib's heart. Jay & Jason chat with Jib & Dr. Bryant about the incredible events that saved Jib's life. 

00:30:31 3/11/2019
Jay & Jason discuss the hottest team in the NHL - the Carolina Hurricanes! The Canes are poised for a deep playoff run... and Don Cherry is pissed. The docs also chat with ESPN's Adam Gold - Host of the Adam and Joe Show on 99.9 The Fan in Raleigh & the Canes Corner Podcast!
00:50:45 3/7/2019
Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley chat ALL TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING with NBC's Larry Timko!
00:32:49 2/28/2019

ALL BRUINS EPISODE | Dr. Jay Calvert chats with Fluto Shinzawa - senior writer for The Athletic, covering the Boston Bruins since 2006; also a former staff member of The Boston Globe. Jay and Fluto break down the magic behind the recent success of the Boston Bruins, possible last-minute acquisitions, keys to getting past contenders in the east, and how the B's have seemingly rebuilt on the fly. Follow Fluto on Twitter @FlutoShinzawa!! Cue the Happy Gilmore clip!

00:29:05 2/25/2019
Jay and Jason discuss the latest news and headlines ahead of the trade deadline, the St. Louis Blues 11-game winning streak, poor protoplasm, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Jason's giddiness for The Russian Five movie, the San Jose Shahobs, Tampa Bay, New York Islanders, destinations for trade deadline candidates, Gritty torture, and David Puddy's puck drop fail.
00:39:57 2/22/2019

Jay chats with Jeremy Roenick about the playoff race in the east & west, and which teams & players may be on the move ahead of the trade deadline! Including JR's thoughts on the league leading Tampa Bay Lightning, Zuccarello's potential landing spot, Matthew Barzal and his team of the year New York Islanders, Vancouver's Elias Petterson, and his misson to find the most passionate hockey comunity in America! Vote for your local Arena/Community at Kraft Hockeyville!

00:21:56 2/19/2019

Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley recap their experience at the Anaheim Ducks Center Ice Party! PLUS, we talk Malkin's suspension, Jumbo Joe passing Mr Hockey on the assist list, elites without cups, the western conference race, and the craziest fan bases during playoffs. 

00:39:49 2/14/2019

Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley discuss Austin Matthews' contract extension, the surprise of the NY Islanders, the upcoming trade deadline, and Ovechkin breaks Fedorov's record for Russian scoring, so we discuss our "Mt. Russian-more" (( All-Time top Russian-born NHL stars )) Who's on YOUR Mt. Russian-more? PLUS, the docs talk 3D nipple tattooing, modified star flaps, and curbside diagnoses. Feat. Special Guest Dr. Katherine Rose!

00:48:00 2/7/2019

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