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Neil Greenberg is a sports writer and stats geek at The Washington Post, who joins Ben Domenech on Federalist Radio to recap this year in sports. They discuss the big changes in players, teams, leagues, and sports media. Greenberg defends why he doesn't think Eli Manning is worthy of the Hall of Fame. "It's supposed to be reserved for great players, not very good players," he said. "Eli, while very good, probably doesn't rise to the level of Hall of Fame."

01:04:00 12/20/2017

Past Episodes

We talked to Monika Bickert, VP of Global Product Management at Facebook, about the social network's publishing of their "Internal Enforcement Guidelines." Ben interviews Bickert about the ways Facebook regulates or removes content and how users often see social media companies as faceless silicon valley overlords.
00:30:00 4/23/2018
Adam Wren is a contributing editor to Politico Magazine and Indiana Monthly. Wren, who lives in Indiana, wrote a dispatch from Brooklyn, DC, and other notorious areas of Clinton Country. Wren and Domenech discuss the rise of Mike Pence and the views of him in Indiana, as well as the political bubbles both urban and rural Americans find themselves in.
00:50:00 4/22/2018
Senior Editors Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi are back on Federalist Radio Hour after a long hiatus. They discuss this week's news on James Comey's book tour and his recently released memos, as well as Bob Mueller's ongoing investigation. "[Comey] publicly gave every indication and every selective leak coming out of that bureau was suggesting that this was a huge deal," Hemingway said. "That the President was implicated and that there was actual treasonous collusion between Trump and Russia and by the way that is still going on today."
00:57:00 4/19/2018
Daniel Davis retired from the US Army as a Lt. Col. after 21 years of active service and currently serves as a Defense Fellow and Military Expert for Defense Priorities. He joins Ben on today's podcast to discuss veteran's affairs, what's happening in Syria and the Middle East, and Congress's involvement in America's foreign policy.
00:50:00 4/18/2018
Ashe Schow is a reporter, columnist, and senior contributor at The Federalist who covers college campuses and feminist issues. Schow and Bre Payton discuss women's issues including the campus dating scene and alleged gender wage gap. Later in the hour, they discuss the life of First Lady Barbara Bush and what women can learn from her legacy today.
00:53:00 4/17/2018
Senator Mike Lee, vice chairman of Congress's Joint Economic Committee, discusses a new index measuring decline in our country's "social capital." Scott Winship is the director of the Social Capital Project, also joins the conversation to explain what studying families, health, crime, and volunteer work tells us about American institutions, religion, loneliness, and communities.
00:46:00 4/16/2018
Lionel Shriver is an award winning writer, novelist, and journalist. Her newest collection of short stories is, "Property: Between Two Novellas." Shriver discusses inspirations for her writings, censorship, social media, and how the Left controls the world of literature.
00:53:00 4/15/2018
Senior Correspondent John Daniel Davidson reports from the streets and underpasses of San Francisco on the city's dense homeless encampments. Davidson explores how a liberal city governance has wiped out the Middle Class. Later in the hour, we talk to Erielle Davidson, a Federalist Contributor and current San Francisco resident, about how rampant crime, drugs, and homelessness have taken over the city.
00:55:00 4/12/2018
Philip Klein, managing editor at The Washington Examiner, joins Federalist Radio to discuss the departure of Paul Ryan from Congress and the impact it will have on the Republican Party. He also reviews the new movie "Chappaquiddick" and how Senator Ted Kennedy's legacy might be different in today's Washington politics.
00:51:00 4/11/2018
Naomi Schaefer Riley is the author of the new book, "Be the Parent, Please." She shares her research on technology and raising kids in a world full of screens. Riley also shares her personal story of being fired from a publication because of social media mobs and their fear of ideological diversity.
00:45:00 4/10/2018

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