Penn visits Newtek founder Tim Jenison at The Museum of Old & New Art in Tasmania, where Tim's exhibit & experiments are currently on display. Tim's Vermeer, MONA's unique collection & its patron David Walsh.

01:06:56 6/4/2017

Past Episodes

Goudeau tours Taipei & Idaho. Vocal coach John Henny ( spends the day with Penn. College hoops & how to catch a bat.
00:59:14 3/18/2018
More on ABC's Deception, prized crosswords, Scrabble, A.I. vs ai, escape rooms, & secret yets.
00:49:24 3/14/2018
Deception producer David Kwong calls in to talk TV, magic, & cryptic crosswords.
00:46:38 3/11/2018
Penn discovers violence is sexy, saves Jewel's life, & changes his mind about Cirque du Soleil.
01:08:36 3/7/2018
Piff fills in as guest host while Penn & Teller's Fool Us! production begins. Replacing Mr. Piffles, being paid in cash, solving apartheid, & we finally figure out the problem with Hitler.
00:48:06 3/4/2018
The exciting conclusion of Goudeau's Romania story.
00:47:00 2/28/2018
Goudeau has TSA trouble, Jason Garfield's customized 14 minute workout, & Psychic Hill Bill sees the Penn & Teller show for the first time.
00:48:15 2/25/2018
Annie Baker, hot air balloons, Mike Nesmith's band, Goudeau makes the list, & Penn guests on Scorpion & Cirque du Soleil's One Drop.
01:17:18 2/21/2018
Averting disaster on The Steve Harvey Show, Goudeau leaves for Romania, & propaganda testing our limits of free speech.
01:06:14 2/18/2018
The finale of the Blah Blah Blog Game, Celebrity Apprentice stories, DJ TiŽsto vs Paris Hilton, & The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island. (Recorded at Cleopatra's Barge in Caesar's Palace.)
00:47:03 2/14/2018

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