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Veronique de Rugy is a Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. She joins Ben Domenech to discuss the aftermath of the GOP tax bill, the new corporate tax rate, federal spending, and some French politics.

00:54:00 1/2/2018

Past Episodes

The Federalist Radio Hour interviews three individuals on this week's FISA bill and what it means for the privacy of American citizens. Ben Domenech discusses surveillance laws with Senator Rand Paul, Cato Institute Senior Fellow Julian Sanchez, and Jamil Jaffer, a former Bush administration official and Founder of National Security Institute.
00:54:00 1/17/2018
Clay Travis is a sports writer, Fox Sports Radio Host, and the founder and host of Outkick The Coverage. Travis joins Ben Domenech on air to discuss his unique career path into sports and how sports media is rapidly changing. Travis compares ESPN's business model to that of Blockbuster's. "Blockbuster's entire business plan was what? They rented the content that other people created and gave you an opportunity to rent to rent it yourself, " he said. "And once you could get that content direct, there was no reason for Blockbuster video to exist."
00:47:00 1/16/2018
Emily Jashinsky, commentary writer at The Washington Examiner, joins Ben Domenech in studio to discuss the change in course of the #MeToo movement. Some women continue to share discomforting sexual encounters, while other women are calling the whole movement a witch hunt. "I think the Aziz Ansari incident shows that we need to start splitting the #MeToo conversation into stories about sexual misconduct, and then into the discussion what constitutes sexual misconduct," she said.
00:41:00 1/15/2018
Cam Edwards is currently the host of the "Cam & Company" show on NRA TV He lives on a 40-acre farm with his family in Farmville, Virginia. Edwards joins Ben in studio to answer questions on gun laws, gun training, and his role in conservative media.
00:51:00 1/11/2018
CJ Ciaramella, criminal justice reporter at Reason Magazine, discussed latest Attorney General Jeff Sessions actions on Marijuana and the future of the weed industry. "We have a giant chunk of the United States where there is recreational marijuana, and one of the biggest problems with normalizing the marijuana market is uncertainty," he said. Later in the hour, Ciaramella shares details of his reporting on civil asset forfeiture, prisons and policing. "Agencies who participate in the Justice Department's big asset forfeiture program get payouts from a giant pool that all contribute to," he said.
00:55:00 1/10/2018
Warning, this show contains Star Wars spoilers! Alexandra Petri is an opinion columnist for the Washington Post and Star Wars enthusiast. Petri and Domenech talk through their thoughts on the good, the bad, the silly, and the biggest disappointments of the The Last Jedi.
00:53:00 1/9/2018
Rabbi Meir Soloveichik discusses issues of religious liberty, the decline of religion in America, and give a historical perspective on how faith and the role Judaism played in the creation of our country. Soloveichik is the Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel in New York City, and the director of the Zehava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought at Yeshiva University. Later in the hour , Soloveichik explains why declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is bigger than Trump or politics. Soloveichik is teaching an online course on Jewish ideas and how our American Founding Fathers encountered them.
01:02:00 1/8/2018
Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson take a break from their day job of talking politics to discuss football and tonight's NCAA National Championship. They preview tonight's Georgia-Alabama face off and break down the season. They also discuss why college athletics are proving to have a stronger fan base than professional sports leagues.
00:50:00 1/7/2018
Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi host this episode of Federalist Radio Hour, discussing the latest on the FBI's ongoing election investigation, Fusion GPS, and the infamous dossier. They also talk Steve Bannon, Trump's North Korea tweets, and hate mail.
00:57:00 1/4/2018
Becket Adams is a commentary writer and media reporter at "The Washington Examiner." Adams and Domenech discuss the latest D.C. gossip surrounding the Bannon-Trump feud, as well as how Michael Wolff seemingly embedded himself in Trump's White House. Later in the hour, Adams describes his 15,000 word compilation of bad reporting and fake news stories from 2017.
00:55:00 1/3/2018

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