Unproduced Table Read #61 - UNITY w/ Lindsay McRae

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents The Unproduced Table Read, a weekly Vodcast series featuring Hollywood's best unproduced pilot and movie scripts read by professional actors, accompanied exclusive writer interviews and insight! Show Description: When most Americans think about our ugly relationship with slavery, we think of the African Slave trade. But most don't know about unique chapter in our history where a series of scrappy Scottish POW's were forced into indentured servitude, under the hand of oppressive puritanical colonists. Lindsay McRae's UNITY explores this group, their challenges, their fight, and their passion in a new world. It's thrilling, beautifully-told, and we couldn't be prouder to feature it here on the Unproduced Table Read. Make sure to subscribe to Popcorn Talk! http://youtube.com/popcorntalknetwork HELPFUL LINKS:

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