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Dennis and Christian discuss this weekend's shows in Knoxville for Dennis's upcoming "Fake News, Real Jokes" comedy special, and Dennis reminisces about Sam Kinison, Robin Williams, Rick Overton, being interviewed about an epic Monday Night Football game he called, reading Moby Dick and the demise of his favorite hiking path. Then, guest Victor Davis Hanson discusses his most recent book, "World Wars Two", the denuclearization of North Korea, whether Trump is reckless or savvy, and why there are so many people who aren't willing to give him credit for anything, even for something that works, like his tax cut.

01:13:29 6/19/2018

Past Episodes

Dennis talks to Christian about a trip he took years ago to Mt. Everest, including the difficulty flying in and out of Bhutan, meeting the monks, and seeing an actual Golden Child. This transitions to a conversation about the Vatican and the Pope, the Young Pope with Jude Law, and purple nurples. There's also discussion about a Republican winning a Texas special election in a district Hillary won by 12 points in 2016, whether Democrats can win the House this year, and whether millennials will follow the elderly Democrat revolution. Also, more on North Korea's nukes, mailbag comments about Paul McCartney's recent revelation, An "Inside Edition" camera crew that was robbed (and the fact that the show is still on), a surprising declaration from a former "Sesame Street" writer, a listener's guide to bit-surfing, great jokes throughout history, and the comedic tandem of Norm MacDonald and Drake Sather.
01:15:33 9/20/2018
Dennis is cranky and lays into Dianne Feinstein for waiting to release on the letter she received with the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh until she considered it to be politically expedient. He also stresses the importance of avoiding confrontations over politics, shares his exhaustion at comparisons between President Trump and Hitler, and wades into the continued furor over Norm MacDonald's comments to the Hollywood Reporter. Later, he takes Joe Biden to task for saying "God forbid me" for not speaking up about Trump sooner which leads to commentary about how this November's election will be very telling for where we're at as a country. He also rails against weather reporters who over-act on camera to exaggerate the effect of a storm, but finds time to commend Vontae Davis of the Buffalo Bills for retiring at half time.
01:05:54 9/18/2018
In an all-new Dennis Miller Option, Dennis talks to Christian about the controversy surrounding Norm MacDonald's comments about Roseanne Barr and Louis CK, Paul McCartney's revelation about group masturbation with John Lennon, a million less viewers for the swimsuit-less Miss America pageant, Will Smith's career, zombies, Bowie Drummer Woody Woodmansey and the Charles Bronson movie Telefon. Then, actor Tom Berenger is in studio to talk about his new movie "American Dresser", their shared appreciation of "Fargo", actors being replaced by holograms, working with Oliver Stone on "Platoon", "Major League", "The Big Chill", working with Bill Paxton and Powers Boothe on "Hatfields & McCoys" and more!
01:22:12 9/13/2018
Dennis reacts to the announcement that Les Moonves is out at CBS, the couple who set up a Go Fund Me for a homeless veteran and kept the money. Dennis and Christian also discuss Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the TV show "Big Brother", Dennis signing autographs at a supermarket early in his career and some of his earliest memories of doing stand-up. Then, comedian Tom Papa is in the studio who talks about his new Food Network show "Baked" about baked goods around the country, his new book "Your Dad Stole My Rake", being a part of "Live From Here" the new version of "Prairie Home Companion", and his friendships with Rob Zombie and Stephen Soderbergh. Finally, Christian has a mailbag question about an upcoming "Fountainhead" remake and a discussion and Eva Gardner.
01:12:10 9/11/2018
Dennis chats with Spike Feresten, who joins Christian in the studio to discuss working with Dennis as a receptionist at SNL, podcasting, writing for David Letterman and being a part of the legendary writing staff for "Seinfeld", where his first script was the famous "Soup Nazi" episode. They also answer a mailbag question about the greatest frontmen, which leads to a great story about Mick Jagger. They discuss the boycotts of In N Out Burger and Nike, the Aretha Franklin funeral, Dorothy's ruby slippers and so much more.
01:03:02 9/6/2018
Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey once again join Dennis and Christian for the entire show, giving more specifics about the weekly schedule at SNL and the famous dinners with Lorne. Jon also talks about knowing Phil Hartman at The Groundlings back in 1984 and the kind of guy he was on stage and around the office. They also talk about having out with Walter Peyton, Joe Montana, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Billy Joel and Brooke Shields. They all talk about their New York apartments back in those days. Dana talks about first meeting Burt Lancaster. Jon discusses taking up stand-up 15 years ago. They also talk about Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, performing at Dennis's wedding, the genesis of Dana's Regis Philbin impression, Carvey performing with his kids now, and he gives his impression of President Trump in Helsinki and pitching a movie idea to Barack Obama.
00:47:08 9/4/2018
Dennis talks to Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey who join Christian in studio for the entire show, talking about auditioning for SNL, joining the cast of the show, and the day-to-day week-to-week schedule of the show. Jon talks about how Dennis helped him settle into the show. They also talk about developing their performing style, creating some of SNL's best loved characters and impressions and so much more!
00:50:29 8/30/2018
Dennis is back from vacation to tell Christian and all the listeners about his time in Prague and London and bus trips not taken to Budapest and Vienna, and a cross-country US bus trip he did take when he was younger. He talks about getting on stage immediately after flying in from Europe twice in his life, which leads to a discussion of fate. Plus talk of the Titanic, Gene Shalit, Vince Vaughn, Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four, Ken Watanqbe, Jools Holland, Aiden Turner, MLB's 1967 pennant race and a town called Mayo, Florida. Dennis also reacts to the latest Trump-related headlines with regards to Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, and things wind down with a chat about James Bond and Star Wars and to thank everyone for their support in helping the podcast become a success.
01:11:00 8/28/2018
Dennis talks a little more about Wesley Snipes, the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, how the Houston Astros were able to succeed last year, the TV shows "24" and "Lost", Saudi Arabia, the CN Tower and St. Louis Arch, Steven Seagal, James Whitmore, Star Trek, a Beauty Queen who resigned rather than cover her tattoos and more! Dennis and Christian are also joined by Author and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow WESLEY SMITH , who talks about adjusting to life in Washington DC, writing about end of life issues, so-called "nature worship" and state-sponsored euthanasia in European countries,
00:49:46 8/23/2018
Dennis discusses COPD, Penn and Teller, boosting Facebook posts, the kind of people who fall for Nigerian Princes, male cheerleaders in the NFL, counseling for Mets fans, the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" and his friend Bo Derek introducing him to Ann Margret. He also takes calls from Corbie in Missouri, William in Ohio and answers a question about whether the 2012 election could have been rigged.
00:52:09 8/21/2018

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