Pardon My Take

NBA Finals Game 1 recap, are the Cavaliers dead? Is Kevin Durant the new GOAT? Is Mike Brown the luckiest man on earth? (2:21 - 11:08) In honor of the Scripps Spelling Bee, the first annual Pardon My Take TELLING Bee with Hank (11:08 - 17:12)). PR 101 with Mr Met (17:12 - 20:54). Houston Texans Nose Tackle Vince Wilfork joins the show to talk ribs, football, and whether or not he's retired (20:54 - 33:56). A special segment with TeaBoy Tex talking about the Eric LeGrand fundraiser on Sunday in New Jersey. Segments include Sabermetrics with Hugh Freeze, Mayweather vs Mcgregor update, Explain it to Hank Nasa firing a rocket into the Sun, Bad Visual for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Shoe Roast for the new Curry 4's, Panic Button for the Cubs, and Jimbos of the week.

63:47 6/1/2017

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