Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Bachelor winner from season 19 Whitney Bischoff and Kailtyn team up to reminisce about hijinks they got into during their shared season and Whitney's exciting new engagement.

01:25:53 10/2/2017

Past Episodes

The second half of the Chris Harrison interview is here! Kaitlyn asks some hard hitting questions, but ends up getting a much needed heart-to-heart with Chris about her own experience on The Bachelorette and much more.
01:30:00 3/15/2018
The host of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and all-round good guy Chris Harrison invites Kaitlyn crack open his favorite wines while talking about the recent season finale with Arie, his take on the break up debacle with Becca, and his own road to television stardom lined with crappy jobs. Tune in this Thursday to hear the rest of the interview!
01:50:00 3/13/2018
Ashley Iaconetti of Bachelor Winter Games joins Kaitlyn in the Los Angeles studio to talk about what they thought of first half of the two-part finale that Hulu totally spoiled for them!
01:03:00 3/8/2018
Winner of Season 4 of The Voice Danielle Bradbery meets up with Kaitlyn to talk about their chance meeting at a charity softball tournament, their respective personality numbers, awkward gynecologist visits, and her journey through the world of country music.
01:30:00 3/6/2018
It's the women's turn to talk about Arie! The Bachelorette that started it all Trista Sutter watches the most recent episode with Kaitlyn to talk about Seinne's chances as the new Bachelorette, Becca's GIGANTIC earrings, Arie finally having a personality in blooper footage, the mystery behind Chris Harrison's aging process and Lauren B's last name, obvious bee-roll footage, and what they see going to happen in the Finale! Then Kendall Long calls in to talk about the reality of her taxidermy, Arie's split decision, and her prospects on The Bachelorette!
00:48:00 3/1/2018
Easts meets West as fellow Bachelor alum and Canadian Vanessa Grimaldi talks to Kaitlyn about her experience of the show, working as a special ed teacher, how empowering it is to be single, who's dating who in the Big Brother world, and her Ken You Nots about dumb Canada questions.
01:45:00 2/27/2018
It's time for Arie to make those hometown visits and we get to see a lot of interesting characters--both living and taxidermied! Kailtyn & Shawn make their predictions about the Final 3 and get a call from this season's Tia Booth! Also, Shawn gets his own fancy segment designed to help you beautiful people out!
00:58:00 2/22/2018
Country sensations Russell & Kailey Dickerson swing by to talk about their involvement on The Bachelorette, their post-Valentine's Day reflections of one another, how much they loved The Greatest Showman, and following their dreams to achieving success in the country world!
01:28:00 2/20/2018
Kaitlyn's back with an update on the latest episode of the Bachelor (including truffle hunting, a second Kissing Bandit, and the even-more-dreaded triple date) with Shawn B and a noisy Tucker Doodle in the background. Then they take to social media to answer your questions!
00:40:00 2/15/2018
Big Brother's Season 19 power couple Elena and Mark pop by the studio to talk about finding love in a house full of cameras, puppies, moms-turned-haters on the internet, awkward gynecologist stories, and so much more! Also, Elena and Kaitlyn might be twins--just sayin'!
01:28:00 2/13/2018

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