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Why Your Vitamin E Supplement Could Be Harming You (& The "One Plant Wonder" Alternative That Could Be The Single Most Powerful Molecule If You're Stranded On A Desert Island).

At the recent A4M conference in Vegas, I ran into intriguing research from Dr. Barrie Tan, a scientist with a Ph.D in Chemistry and Biochemistry. For the last 35 years, Barrie has immersed himself in the world of Vitamin E (particularly from annatto) and is considered one of the world's foremost experts credited with discovering a molecule called "tocotrienol" from three major natural sources: -Palm: from his native Malaysia... -Rice: at the invitation of the Prince of Thailand... -Annatto: chance finding while in Ecuador searching for lutein... It turned out that palm and rice lacked the potency as they contain too much tocopherol, so Barrie moved his research interest away briefly from tocotrienol, when by serendipity he found the best-in-class tocotrienol in the annatto plant from the Amazon. Since then, Barrie's relationship with annatto has spanned 20 years. Barrie has worked with the US Armed Forces on using tocotrienol on "radiation countermeasures" and pioneered the science behind the annatto working with the leading scientists in the world to prove the multiple benefits of tocotrienol. Meanwhile, everyone (lay folk and nutritionist) is languishing with the lack-luster non-performing tocopherol, which Barrie calls the"wrong way to E." Most tocopherol trials failed and did not deliver. But in multiple clinical trials spanning chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, osteopenia, and inflammation, tocotrienol from annatto has proven clinical benefits. Barrie is currently working on multiple cancer trials after preliminary success with end-stage patients. This is because not all forms of Vitamin E are created equal... ...Vitamin E is not a single nutrient, but rather a complex made up of 8 distinct compounds: 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols. These components have slightly different chemical structures, and these differences impart unique properties that influence their biochemical functions and their effects in the body. Most conventional supplements are typically rich in tocopherols?alpha-tocopherol, in particular?but the tocotrienol fractions have unique effects across a variety of tissues that make them desirable to supplement on their own, without tocopherols. Tocotrienols, especially delta-tocotrienol as sourced from the annatto plant (bixa orellana), have shown impressive effects in supporting overall health. Tocotrienols are associated with significantly positive effects on cardiovascular health, particularly with regard to influencing healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They may also be beneficial for a healthy inflammatory response, an important asset since chronic inflammation is a factor in damage to the cardiovascular system. Having a positive influence on lipids (fats in the blood), tocotrienols may be beneficial for those with a buildup of fat in the liver, as well as those who need help managing blood sugar and insulin levels. Clinical research also suggests tocotrienols may be a valuable addition to the supplement regimens of those who need nutritional support for strong, healthy bones. Here is a recent remark of Jonathan Lizotte, Designs for Health Founder and Board Chairman: "The health benefits realized by annatto tocotrienol go beyond that of any other nutrient I know. It's the one supplement I would want with me if I were stranded on a desert island! This is a change for me as after 35 years in this industry, my top desert island supplements have switched between magnesium and fish oil and now it stands firmly as annatto tocotrienol alone. A minimum of 150 mg per day is a must for every adult alive." Apart from tocotrienol, Barrie discovered and has extracted the first-in-class geranylgeraniol (GG), also from the annatto plant. GG has benefits as 1) testosterone and progesterone booster; 2) pain alleviation and; 3) sarcopenia, myopathy and muscle building from this endogenous nutrient. GG is the last common step between plant and mammal (has huge implications), and may possibly be the last frontier in anti-aging nutrients. Here are Dr. Tan's two anti-aging bottom-line nutrients: tocotrienol (exogenous) will work from outside-in, and geranylgeraniol (endogenous) will work from inside-out. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Dr. Tan discovered Annatto and became interested in Vitamin E...9:05 Began while an assistant prof at U of Mass in Amherst Palm oil in his native Malaysia is orange; is bleached out when it's processed Received grant from Malaysian government to research Research process on palm oil: Remove all fats and oil Remove all kerosene colors (orange) 25% of what was left was alpha-tocopherol, the most common variant of Vitamin E Remainder was tocotrienol Led to research on different forms of lung cancer (stopped soon after) Prince of Thailand hired him to research Buddhists don't like anything mitochondrial related Wanted plant-derived, not animal-derived research Most beneficial results came from rice bran oil (contained tocotrienol) Research funding slowed due to a slow economy in 1987 Needed a break in 1998 from studying tocotrienol; this led to studying treating macular degeneration Vitamin E is made up 8 different compounds 4 of them are tocopherols; 4 are tocotrienols The most common are tocopherols, particularly alpha-tocopherols Tocotrienols are less common, and is the locus of Dr. Tan's research Research on the efficacy of Vitamin E as it pertains to exercise was primarily done on tocopherols Vitamin E was discovered in 1922 at Berkeley Was extracted from spinach Assisted in bringing fetus to full-term Alpha-tocopherol is the "currency" of Vitamin E; all other strains (delta, gamma tocopherol) is converted into alpha during processing Even "all-natural" alpha-tocopherol is partly synthetic How to undo the damage from an alpha-tocopherol heavy supplement: Best thing is to stop taking alpha-tocopherol supplement Ideal intake of alpha-tocopherol is 15 mg per day, derived from natural foods If you didn't get all that, get this... A Vitamin E supplement is not derived from what we would find in nature. It is only a few strands of tocopherol, mostly alpha-tocopherol. The original use of alpha-tocopherol has long outlived its purpose. Dr. Tan advocates for the other strands, particularly tocotrienols for humans to derive the full benefits of Vitamin E. -The major differences between alpha-tocopherols and tocotrienols...30:55 Tri = 3; E = double bond Tocopherol has a head with an OH group; tail is saturated Tocotrienol tail has 3 double bonds, so it is unsaturated; head is smaller than tocopherol Lipid antioxidants is the low-hanging fruit for our body to be oxidized Astaxanthin is a powerful singlet antioxidant (efficacious in an environment that is oxygen-deficient) >90% of antioxidants in the phospholipid cells are Vitamin E molecules Remaining ~10% are hydro carbon caratonoids Beta carotene and and lycopene contain nothing else than hydrogen and carbon 1995 study by Dr. Lester Packer of UC Berkeley: Used electron-resonance spectroscopy to compare alpha-tocopherol and tocotrienol Concluded that both capture free radicals, to protect the lipid from oxidation However, tocotrienol is 50 times more effective in protecting the cell Comparison: Tocopherol is like municipal police within a small jurisdiction; tocotrienol is like a state trooper with far larger jurisdiction Tocotrienol recruits to cancer cells 10X more than tocopherol Critics say that only alpha-tocopherol is found in the blood; therefore all advocacy for tocotrienol is moot Only alpha-tocopherol has a "transport protein", which chaperones a particular molecule to a site of action The transport protein ensures the conservation of alpha-tocopherol (which is why supplementation is bad news) -Dr. Tan's discovery of the amazing Annatto plant while living in South America...43:20 Went to find lutein and zeaxanthin Discovered the Annatto while searching for marigold flowers in Brazil It was nicknamed the "lipstick plant" due to its intense red color on the inside South Americans called it "achuite"; is used as a food coloring Dr. Tan recognized the Annatto to be a caratenoid: Carotene in nature has to be protected by something due to its instability (plants changing color in the spring) Because the Annatto did not change color, he realized it was a potentially powerful antioxidant Biggest surprise of his research: Did not contain polyphenols, nor any type of tocopherol. It contained primarily delta-tocotrienol, which had been shown to be the most potent form of Vitamin E. The plant is naturally free of any type of tocopherol -How the Annatto plant is used to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)...52:30 NAFLD is the new name for "metabolic syndrome" 20% of youth, and 40% of adults in America are obese 3 of 5 risk markers: Elevated triglycerides Reduced HDL Increased weight circumference 80-100 million Americans have NAFLD in some form The liver is very intolerant of fat Symptoms resemble those of alcoholics, hence the name "non-alcoholic" Notable data from Dr. Tan's study: Gave people 600 mg of tocotrienol Vitamin E; 300 mg twice daily 70 patients; double blind; placebo controlled Did at the beginning, 3 months after, 6 months after 3 months: lost average 10 pounds 6 months: lost average 17 pounds Waist circumference dropped 3 cm Use caution when purchasing products using the words "liver support" in its packaging -The other compound Dr. Tan found in the Annatto plant in addition to tocotrienols...1:03:10 GG: geraniol geranial It's an endogenous nutrient, naturally produced by the human body Helps with the synthesis of testosterone Older folks take it, not for the sex drive, but to have zest for life Required for the synthesis of caratenoid GG is a prerequisite for the synthesis of CoQ10 GG is currently in development; not currently on the market Its use as a pain management tool is complimentary, but not similar to, CBD -And much more! Resources from this episode: -Designs For Health Annatto-E -Book: Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols -Book (edition 2): Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols, Second Edition -Article: Annatto: Delivering tocotrienols from Amazonia -Article: Vitamin E: A closer look at tocotrienols Episode Sponsors: -Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Trusii: Contains a host of anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and anti-allergy benefits. For this reason, I have decided to now make consumption of hydrogen-rich water an important part of my daily nutritional routine...and I highly recommend it! Save 30% off your order when you use discount code: BEN -Four Sigmatic: I've been using Four Sigmatic products for awhile now and I'm impressed by the efficacies of their mushroom products. I use them. I like them. I support the mission! 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Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance
01:18:44 4/5/2019

Past Episodes

My guests on today's show are coming back for a three-peat. They first appeared in the episode... "Probiotic Enemas, Digestive Enzyme Myths, Breathing 10 Kilograms of Oxygen, Low-Protein Diets & More!..." Then appeared again in... ..."How I've Been Able To Gorge On Delicious Gluten-Filled Foods Without Feeling Like I Swallowed A Pair Of Motor-Powered Scissors Tearing Up My Intestines."... They are Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart. Matt Gallant is an entrepreneur, a poker champion, an ex-rock guitarist, a serial entrepreneur (who's built 13 companies in the last 20 years) strength and conditioning coach with a degree in kinesiology, the CEO and co-founder of a company called BiOptimizers. Wade T. Lightheart, host of the AWESOME Health Podcast, 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and Cofounder of BiOptimizers. He is also the author of several books including the best-selling books, "Staying Alive in a Toxic World" and "The Wealthy Backpacker." This episode is for you if you you ever experience digestive issues when you eat high fat meals...such as constipation, diarrhea or a meal just sitting in your stomach... ...or if your intense exercise or peak athletic performance has taken a dip since you switched over to lower carbs... ...or if you want to experience a new level of energy, mental clarity and focus without relying on stimulants... Matt and Wade have cracked the code on solving the major metabolic deficiencies that block you from thriving on keto.  They've actually turned hundreds of people onto keto over the last couple of decades. Unfortunately, most struggled with three core metabolic issues ? which Matt and Wade never knew how to fix until recently. They began doing hundreds of hours of research and testing on the different nutrients that could help solve these challenges. It wasn't easy... it took them pouring through a TON of studies (which we talk about in today's episode)... massive amounts of real-world testing... until they ultimately discovered the perfect combination of nutrients for optimizing fat digestion, energy metabolism, and fat loss enhancement. They're thrilled to finally reveal solution that solves all of these problems?in just 7 seconds... and gives you a new level of energy that rivals coffee. Smooth consistent bowel movements and fat loss on a low-carb or keto diet are now possible. These results are made possible by a solution we talk about in today's show - a solution that takes just 7 seconds to open the lid of a bottle, pour the capsules in your hand and throw them in your mouth. During our discussion, you'll discover: -Interesting biohacks Ben, Matt and Wade did prior to recording the podcast [7:23] Wade's 3 day water fast Maintained regular workouts Rebounder in the morning, weights in the afternoon Last day, go for a long walk, then into steam room to force the body to convert fat into water How Mark prepared for the call: Microdosed vyvanse Lucy gum (nicotine) Ben: Blood draw Peptide stack Grounding and earthing mats (BGF podcast with Clint Ober) The International Peptide Society -About nutrigenomics [24:20] 7 keys to biologically optimize your diet: Sustainability Lifestyle Genetics Allergies Gut biome Biofeedback Goals 3 categories: Aesthetic goals Performance Health (anti-aging) Geography of ones ancestors influences the proper diet for us -Vegetarian genes [30:45] AMY1A (amylase) LCT, MCM6 (lactase) FUT, SHBG (fiber, dietary, B12) FLAD1 (biosynthesize omega 3 and 6 from polyunsaturated fatty acids) BCML1 (polymorphisms) -Ketogenic genes [38:10] CPT1A - arctic mutation for fatty oxidation FAD 1, FAD2 ADRB2 (saturated fats) APOE2 (satiation) FTO3 (body fat) LPL APOC3 PPAR Alpha (coastal adaptation) -Whether Wade follows his current diet because of his genetics [47:30] Didn't do well on a plant-based ketogenic diet, but does well overall on a plant-based diet Does great on a high carb diet "Don't discount lifestyle and environment and place all the weight  on genetics" ATP Science podcast on how gut flora affects carb sensitivities Book: Wired To Eat by Robb Wolf -The biochemistry of Kapex and how it addresses some of the fundamental mistakes of keto [53:23] -Specific uses and applications of Kapex [1:09:10] 7 keto DHEA raises metabolism by ~5% Increases 3 different enzymes in the liver Activates PPAR Alpha Even if you don't need it for its nutrigenomics benefits, people love the simple energy boost -Interesting biohacks Ben, Matt and Wade have planned for after recording the podcast [1:17:30] -And much more! Resources from this episode: Click here to get Kapex (or go to to automatically get 20% off any package of kApex with coupon code GREENFIELDKX Ultimate Longevity grounding/earthing mats and patches Longevity blood testing panel (for men or for women) Ben did the morning of the podcast Ben's podcast on peptide stacks with Dr. William Seeds LUCY Nicotine gum Matt was chewing during show (use BEN10 for a $10 off the $60 subscription) ATP Science podcast on how gut flora affects carb sensitivities Book: Wired To Eat by Robb Wolf LGD-4033 Ligandrol The International Peptide Society BGF podcast with Clint Ober Episode sponsors: -Kion Lean: Support for normal blood sugar levels and healthy energy metabolism, even after large, carb-rich meals. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Organifi Red Juice: Enjoy all the benefits of the 11 superfoods and their micronutrients that help increase resting metabolism, support cardiovascular health, and remove toxins to turn back the hands of time! Receive a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: "BENG20" -Four Sigmatic: I've been using Four Sigmatic products for awhile now and I'm impressed by the efficacies of their mushroom products. I use them. I like them. I support the mission! Receive 15% off your Four Sigmatic purchase when you use discount code: BENGREENFIELD -Native Deodorant: Safe, simple, effective products that people use in the bathroom everyday. Native creates products with trusted ingredients and trusted performance. Get 20% off your first purchase when you use discount code: BEN Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Matt, Wade or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
01:25:13 9/13/2019
I recently read the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! (and my twin boys also watched the accompanying documentary "Earthing"). Although I already knew about the importance of having an intimate connection with the planet we live upon, this book blew my mind when it comes to identifying one of the best solutions for chronic inflammation, better sleep, enhanced deep sleep and much more. Since reading it, I've been traveling everywhere with my grounding mat, wearing my Earth runners every day, and my boys have barely even touched their shoes. In the book, author Clint Ober introduces the planet's powerful, amazing, and overlooked natural healing energy and how people anywhere can readily connect to it. This never-before-told story, filled with fascinating research and real-life testimonials chronicles a discovery with the potential to create of global health revolution. So obviously, I had to the get Clint on the show! Clint Ober is the innovator behind the Grounding Movement & CEO of Earth FX Inc., a research and development company located in Palm Springs, California. A series of seemingly unrelated synchronistic events dating back to his early childhood led to a groundbreaking discovery that's being recognized as the Greatest Health Discovery of all time. Grounding has now become a massive international movement - causing people to shed their shoes and reconnect electrically to the surface of the Earth. Clint first learned about grounding when installing Cable TV systems in Billings, Montana in the early 1960s. A decade later, he formed Telecrafter Corporation and built it into the largest provider of cable installation services in the United States. This company specialized in proper grounding of cable installations for safety and TV signal stability. In the 1980s, he turned his attention to the developing computer industry and partnered with McGraw-Hill to distribute live digital news services, via cable, to PCs. This led to the development of the first cable modem and an increased awareness of the need for proper system grounding. Following a health challenge in 1995, he retired and embarked on a personal journey looking for a higher purpose in life. During his travels, he noticed people wearing plastic and rubber soled shoes that insulate the body from earth. He wondered if no longer being naturally grounded could affect us. The question led to an experiment that suggested grounding alone reduced chronic pain and improved sleep. Thereafter, he developed a working hypothesis: Grounding the human body to the Earth normalizes the functioning of all of the body's systems ??? the body utilizes the earth's electrical potential and free electrons to maintain its internal electrical stability, normalizing all of its self-regulating and self-healing systems. Over the past twenty years, he has supported over 20 research studies* that collectively demonstrate that grounding reduces inflammation and promotes normal functioning of all body systems. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How a near-death experience led to Clint's interest in earthing -- 6:10 Clint grew up in rural Montana; childhood friends were Native Americans "If the pasture is pristine, the cows will be healthy" Grew up with a prevention mentality: look at the cause, not the syumptoms Spent 30 years in the communications industry Near-death experience involving a infected liver after a root canal "The next time I die, I wanted my life to be worth more" "Be the opposite charge" "Status quo is the enemy" -Why a roll of duct tape proved to be the catalyst to Clint's most important discovery -- 19:40 While living in Sedona, AZ experienced problems with computer crashing; identified static electricity as the problem Intuitive question: Are modern shoes preventing us from grounding with the earth? Began testing the charge in the earth with a volt meter Grounded himself to the earth via metal tape; Static reading on his body went to zero Slept the night without moving (was typically in a lot of pain) Friends reported reduced pain, lowered arthritis -The early days of Clint's clinical research on grounding the body with the Earth -- 25:45 There was very little research on how grounding with the earth reduces pain and improves sleep Two doctoral students at UCLA helped him design the study 60 participants: 30 grounded, 30 ungrounded Positive results on the participants who were grounded Similar results among those exposed to EMF and not exposed to EMF An anesthesiologist in San Diego was willing to help with the research; he was interested in saliva cortisol levels in patients Cortisol levels went from erratic to synchronized after grounding At 4 am, cortisol spikes until 6 am Everyone's cortisol went up beginning at 4 am (with no other environmental cues) -What is going on in the body when a person is grounded with the Earth -- 34:00 Dr. Stephen Sinatra "When you're reducing pain, you're reducing inflammation" Led to a different understanding of inflammation Inflammation is caused from neutrophils: encapsulates damaged cell and releases reactive oxygen Reactive: short on electrons We're no longer naturally grounded with the Earth since the advent of plastic-soled shoes in the 1960's When you stand barefoot on the ground, the Earth is negative 20-50 millivolts The Earth has negative ions from lightning, the sun Noon is the high point for the sun exciting the electrons on the earth Imbalance in charge beginning 2 pm (constant lightning) You'll feel the effects of lightning from far away locales The air feels amazing after a thunderstorm because of negative charge in the atmosphere If the body has a negative surface charge, you can't have charge in a grounded object Clint and Dr. Sinatra's study had the following results (via grounding): Reduced rouleaux formation in blood cells Increased negative surface charge of red blood cells by factor of 2.7 Face and skin color turns pink after being grounded for 20-30 minutes -What our ancestors understood about earthing and grounding -- 54:00 One of the healing methods for the kidney in ancient Chinese medicine is grounding with the earth Our ancestors didn't need to know about grounding; they were barefoot or wore conductive footwear -The best surface when it comes to conductivity between the Earth and the body -- 56:15 Concrete, grass and dirt are ideal; asphalt is not Rocks are good conductors Salt water is the optimal way to ground; fresh water speeds up the process but is not itself conductive (unless it contains minerals) Spring water has a natural amount of minerals If you can feel the tree and it feels cool, it's grounding; bark inhibits the grounding process Earthrunners grounding sandals Pluggz grounding shoes Earthling grounding strap Diabetes is inflammation-related; you can be grounded and have diabetes -The length of time required for a person to become properly grounded with the Earth -- 1:04:04 -How to know whether or not your home is grounded with the Earth -- 1:10:45 Homes built before the 1960's were not grounded; there was no need for it at the time Remodels of older homes don't necessarily have grounding, even though new outlets are installed -Are all grounding mats created equal? -- 1:12:15 "Ours is an accidental business" Mass production has compromised the quality and efficacy of the mats Clint maintains his products are the best on the market; although he wishes more would get in the business The patches are an athletes best friend -And much more.... Resources from this episode: -Click here to visit Clint's website (Ultimate Longevity) to get FREE* 2-day shipping (as long as the order is over $99) and a FREE* copy of the Earthing paperback book by Clint Ober (included with every Ground Therapy Sleep Mat purchase) and 3 bonus videos available online for immediate streaming or download (access link provided on order confirmation page)! - Clint's book "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!" - Root Cause movie - Earthrunners grounding sandals - Pluggz grounding shoes - Earthling grounding strap -Note from Ben: "I didn't even have time, today, to delve deeply into ALL of the over 20 peer-reviewed research studies that have been conducted on grounding, but I do want to at least give you a comprehensive list of the vast results that have been seen in the research, so far - impressive results have been seen when it comes to inflammation, pain, stiffness, circulation, blood pressure, blood viscosity, HRV, vagal tone, cortisol, stress, anxiety, depression, tiredness, fatigue, energy, mood, blood glucose, immunity, sleep, thyroid function, metabolism, serum electrolytes, wound healing, athletic performance and recovery, and more. There have also been anecdotal reports of improvements in autism, Parkinson's, MS, PTSD, autoimmune conditions, and pet health, just to name a few. But I'm going to put all that below! Enjoy!" Quick View: Grounding Research Results Initial Grounding Experiment Conducted by Clint Ober: Improved Sleep And Reduced Pain Medical Thermography Case Studies: Clinical Earthing Application in 20 Case studies Electrical Grounding Improves Vagal Tone In Preterm Infants Emotional Stress, Heart Rate Variability, Grounding, And Improved Autonomic Tone: Clinical Applications Effectiveness of Grounded Sleeping on Recovery After Intensive Eccentric Muscle Loading Pilot Study on the Effect of Grounding on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness The Biologic Effects of Grounding the Human Body During Sleep as Measured by Cortisol Levels and Subjective Reporting of Sleep, Pain, and Stress Earthing (Grounding) the Human Body Reduces Blood Viscosity?a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease Earthing the Human Body Influences Physiologic Processes The Effect of Grounding the Human Body on Mood Effects Of Grounding (Earthing) On Bodyworkers' Pain And Overall Quality O Life: A Randomized Controlled Trial Changes in Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygenation, Perfusion Index, Skin Conductance, and Their Variability Induced During and After Grounding Human Subjects for 40 Minutes Differences in Blood Urea and Creatinine Concentrations in Earthed and Unearthed Subjects during Cycling Exercise and Recovery Grounding After Moderate Eccentric Contractions Reduces Muscle Damage Effects of Grounding (Earthing) on Massage Therapists: An Exploratory Study The Neuromodulative Role of Earthing One-Hour Contact with the Earth's Surface (Grounding) Improves Inflammation and Blood Flow ? A Randomized, Double-Blind, Pilot Study Grounding the Human Body during Yoga Exercise with a Grounded Yoga Mat Reduces Blood Viscosity Grounding the Human Body Improves Facial Blood Flow Regulation: Results of a Randomized, Placebo Controlled Pilot Study The Effect Of Earthing On Human Physiology - Part 1 The Effect Of Earthing On Human Physiology - Part 2 Episode sponsors: -Click here to get updates on Ben's new book: Boundless or pre-order it on Amazon! -Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations, Kion blends ancestral wisdom with modern science. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -JOOVV: After using the Joovv for close to 2 years, it's the only light therapy device I'd ever recommend. Give it a try: you won't be disappointed. Order using my link and receive a nice bonus gift with your order! -Liquid Death: Sourced and bottled in the Alps, Liquid Death's infinitely recyclable cans of stone-cold mountain water will instantly murder your thirst. BGF listeners receive an exclusive 6.66% discount on 12-packs of Liquid Death when you use this link. -CAR.O.L: Clinically proven to give you the same cardio benefits of a 45-minute jog in under 9 minutes, with only 40 seconds of hard work. Receive a $300 discount off your CAR.O.L bike when you use discount code: GREENFIELD Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Clint or I? Leave them below and one of us will reply!
01:26:09 9/6/2019
Q&A Episode 402 Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the button at the bottom of the page (or go to SpeakPipe), or use the Contact button in the free Ben Greenfield Fitness app. News Flashes.. It is true that poor record keeping has probably inflated the actual number of centenarians in these so-called "Blue Zones",but I still think there's plenty of ancestral wisdom and practices to be derived from many of these places. Blue Zones by Dan Buettner Natural alternatives to metformin - a new study Superfuel: Ketogenic Keys to Unlock the Secrets of Good Fats, Bad Fats, and Great Health by James Dinicolantonio and Joe Mercola Training 1x/week just as good as 2x/week for muscle strength and size BUT note that in study they were using push/pull routine with EIGHT freaking these were tough workouts. Eating meat is NOT destroying the planet...and here's two good reasons why: Eating meat affects the environment, but cows are not killing the climate (The Conversation) and Is grass-fed beef really better for the environment? (NPR) BGF Podcast w/ Paul Saladino The Savory Institute Robb Wolf Books by Joel Salatin Plant milks are worse for the planet than animal milk... Special Announcements.. - Click here to follow Ben on Instagram for epic posts and photos about his morning, day and evening routines, recipes and much more. - Click here to follow Ben on Twitter for daily news flashes and research. - Click here to join Ben's free Facebook page for conversations with listeners and even more useful information, posts and support! - Click here to get updates on Ben's new book: Boundless or pre-order it on Amazon! Here's where I'm speaking and traveling around the world in the near future.. - View Ben's Calendar Here - Spartan World Championships - 26~29 September 2019 This podcast is brought to you by: -Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations, Kion blends ancestral wisdom with modern science. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Organifi Glow: A plant-based beverage that helps support the body's natural ability to produce collagen, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and protect the skin from sun exposure and toxins. Receive a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: "BENG20" -Clearlight Saunas: You can be sure that I researched all the saunas before I bought mine and Clearlight was the one that stood out from all the rest because of their EMF and ELF Shielding and their Lifetime Warranty. Use discount code: BENGREENFIELD to get $500 off your sauna and a free bonus gift! -NetSuite: With NetSuite, you save TIME, MONEY, and UNNEEDED HEADACHES by managing sales, finance and accounting, orders, and HR instantly- right from your desktop or phone. Click my link and download the free guide: "Seven Key Strategies to Grow your Profits". Listener Q&A: Bone Broth vs. Eating Bones Kevin asks: Hi Ben, I like to eat a lot of tendons, cartilage, bone marrow and what not, as I know you like to. But I wonder if that's as effective a way of getting the nutrients as making a bone broth in the pressure cooker for 2-3 hours. In my response, I recommend: - Kettle & Fire Bone Broth (code GREENFIELD for 10% off) Spot-reducing belly fat? John asks: After being introduced to a high fat, low carb and intermittent fasting diet several years ago, I found it was easy to maintain an ideal body weight. Most of my body is pretty lean (160-170 pounds) but when I measure my stomach using a caliper, it seems to come in around 15%. I've always heard that belly fat is one of the last places men lose fat, but I'd rather not drop to 145 pounds just to see abs. There seems to be a community of people online who think you can spot-reduce fat. Do you think that's possible, and if so, what techniques would you recommend? In my response, I recommend: - Glycogen depletion/exercise combo protocols (e.g. Tour De France riders) - Localized Cryo - Localized Photobiomodulation - Localized EMS How To Recover From A TBI/Concussion Fast Mark asks: A good friend of mine just got into a really serious car accident. She's been told she has some minor brain damage that's going to be permanent as well as some spinal injuries. I was thinking about some of the interviews you've had with Rhonda Patrick and other experts, and I knew there was some nutritional advice you gave regarding brain injuries. Can you give a brief summary of what you would advise for a recovery program for my friend? Visit for a comprehensive treatment of this question.  Giveaways & Goodies - This week's top iTunes review - gets some BG Fitness swag straight from Ben - click here to leave your review for a chance to win some! Prior to asking your question, do a search in the upper right-hand corner of this website for the keywords associated with your question. Many of the questions we receive have already been answered here at Ben Greenfield Fitness! -----------------------------------------------------
01:24:32 9/4/2019
Did you know.. ..a baby needs 30g of fat per day to support brain development, hormone regulation and build the immune system? Yet, sadly, nearly all modern baby food doesn't even come close to touching this daily requirement and furthermore, is chock full of preservatives, added sugars, non-organic, GMO ingredients and other toxins and additives that harm a baby's muscular and skeletal growth, cognitive development, immune system and much more. So I was incredibly pleased when I discovered a baby food I could finally get behind. As a father, nutritionist and health consultant, I can tell you with confidence that Serenity Kids baby food, designed and formulated by my guests on today's show - Joe and Serenity Carr - is, bar none, the only packaged baby food I would ever recommend any parent feed to their precious child. As a matter of fact, this stuff is so dangerously tasty that I suspect you as a parent may become addicted to it too. It is wonderfully refreshing to finally see a company doing things right when it comes to perfectly portioned ingredients tailored to the exact needs of a growing human being. I can't recommend this stuff highly enough. Serenity Carr, co-founder and CEO of Serenity Kids Baby Food, is on a mission to promote wellness starting with the first bite. Formerly employed in tech and logistics, Serenity left her job to pursue her passion of health coaching where she helped clients achieve their personal health goals. Having healed her digestive issues through a lifestyle diet change, Serenity is transforming the baby food industry by developing innovative nutrient dense products because every bite counts. Joe Carr, founder and President of Serenity Kids Baby Food, is a certified life coach and educator devoted to social justice activism. An autism activist and proponent of the Paleo diet, Joe works with other autistic adults and youth to help them harness their gifts and genuinely believes that food is medicine. He is also active with the ManKind Project helping men develop power with compassion. As President of Serenity Kids, Joe oversees day to day operations and leads sales that will transform the baby food industry. During my discussion with Joe and Serenity, you'll discover: -Joe and Serenity share their own back stories..8:55 Serenity: "The paleo diet turned my life around." Suffered major stomach and digestion problems as a child due to intolerances to conventional foods Over the counter meds stopped working in her 20's; sought stronger meds via prescription The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf Books by Mark Sisson The Dietary Cure for Acne by Loren Cordain Joe: Undiagnosed autism as a child (mislabeled "obnoxious") Discovered a gift as a performing artist (acting, singing, etc.) Became involved in social justice causes; became vegan/vegetarian Focused his altruistic efforts toward children after college Met Serenity; introduced to the Paleo diet which helped with many of the social anxieties that had become normal -How their paths led to an interest in baby food..18:30 They attended Paleo FX in 2016 and realized there were no products specifically for babies Serenity began an intensive immersion into the Paleo diet Joe was involved in a startup that was leading to serious burnout The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss opened eyes to creating a product vs. a service Tested and researched their offerings based on the preferences of their friends' children -Deficiencies and problems with modern conventional baby foods..23:30 The USDA recommends 30g of fat per day, no sugars, etc. What they found in grocery stores was the opposite of what even the government was recommending Organic baby foods had on average 9g of sugar per pouch The food is not satiating; it is addictive because of all the sugar Less than 4% of foods had meat; there were no source disclosures Mixed with grains (chicken and rice); zero fat "Flavor window": what kids eat as babies affects their preferences later in life The Weston A. Price Foundation The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care -How the ingredients Joe and Serenity use for their product are sourced..38:35 Desire to support family farms because of their sustainability as well as a personal connection on Joe's end Taylor and Katie of Epic Bars were helpful and supportive Discovered farm co-op's sharing the division of labor involved with the business of farming Grass-fed and pasture-raised beef is far superior to conventionally raised beef -Why Joe and Serenity offer 4 different flavors that contain no meat at all..44:20 Babies have an innate sense of what their body needs; at times it doesn't need as much protein while still needing the fat -How they maintain maximum vitamin content and ..47:10 No preservatives added Puree made shelf-stable by canning process; Pressure and heat does not harm fat, protein, minerals, amino acids Veggies begin to lose their vitamin content when they're picked Frozen veggies have more vitamin content than fresh More vitamins are preserved by pressure cooking than boiling -The biggest challenge Joe and Serenity have faced since launching their company..50:45 Environmental concerns with pouches vs. being competitive with other baby food makers who use them They realized that plastics are better for the environment than jars and cans Pouches are BPA free; no detectable toxins Shelf-life is 18 months, although it's technically infinite -Whether or not there's a market for their product beyond babies..54:30 Many adults use it for its convenience, or due to medical issues The age at which parents wean their babies off the product varies widely Baby-led weaning: allowing the baby to tell the parents when they're ready to move to whole foods -And much more.. Resources from this episode: -Click here for 15% off any of the variety packs from the My Serenity Kids website -Nourishing Traditions book of  baby and child care, and my podcast about it -The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf -Books by Mark Sisson -The Dietary Cure for Acne by Loren Cordain -The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss -The Weston A. Price Foundation -Epic Bars Episode sponsors: -Kion Clean Energy Bars: Satisfying, nutrient-dense, real-food energy bars with a delicious chocolate coconut flavor! Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire Kion order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Four Sigmatic: I've been using Four Sigmatic products for awhile now and I'm impressed by the efficacies of their mushroom products. I use them. I like them. I support the mission! Receive 15% off your Four Sigmatic purchase when you use discount code: BENGREENFIELD -Away Travel: Away creates thoughtful products designed to change how you see the world, so all you have to think about is where you're headed next. Getting Away means getting more out of every trip to come. BGF listeners receive $20 off a suitcase when you use my link and use discount code: BEN at checkout. -Birdwell Beach Britches: Quality is our Gimmick isn't just our slogan, it's a commitment we honor with every stitch we sew. 100% money back guarantee. Get 10% off your order, PLUS free shipping on any order over $99 when you use discount code: BENG. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Joe, Serenity or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
01:04:50 8/30/2019
In 2016, I published an interview with the person who taught me Transcendental Meditation (TM) And since meditation has been on my mind as of late, I wanted to share the interview with you again. Meditation is a powerful tool for improving your mental, emotional, and even physical health. Its widely studied benefits include stress reduction, better sleep, enhanced focus, elevated mood, improved regulation of emotions, and so much more. When practiced consistently and with intention, meditation has the unique ability to positively transform the way you think, behave, and interact with the world around you. It can literally rewire your brain! But unfortunately, in the words of Tim Ferris, "meditation has a branding problem." Many of us view meditation as some woo-woo practice that's exclusively used by ultra-spiritual gurus and self-important business executives. We tend to imagine it as sitting cross-legged on a pristine mountain top, eyes closed, thinking about nothing, totally blissed out: A mental image that's equal parts alienating and unrealistic. What's worse, the standard advice for beginners to "sit still and stop thinking" simply does not work. It's vague, it's confusing, and it leaves people feeling frustrated and ready to quit before their practice starts paying off. So what exactly is transcendental meditation? More than 380 peer-reviewed research studies on the TM technique have been published in over 160 scientific journals. These studies were conducted at many US and international universities and research centers, including Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, Yale Medical School, and UCLA Medical School...and they have shown irrefutable evidence that TM reduces insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, cholesterol, congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis/stroke, free radicals, blood sugar, diabetes, pain, along with higher levels of brain functioning, longevity, sleep quality and much more. The guy who taught me everything I know about TM is named Philip Land. Philip has been practicing TM for the past 40 years. But he's no woo-woo, robe-clad, Eastern mysticist.  He's an unassuming, straight-talking, God-fearing, gun-totin' redneck living in northern Idaho. (When he's not teaching TM, you can find him walking his dog or taking selfies with Colonel Sanders.) Philip has taught TM all over the globe, working with celebrities and high profile politicians. He's also worked in medicine, computed tomography, radiation technology, craniosacral therapy, hunting instruction, shooting, wilderness survival, and much more. In this fascinating interview, you'll learn.. -How "bad ass, redneck, hunting, hippy, family man" Philip initially got involved with TM..8:50 Was born and raised in Memphis, TN Heard of TM while attending Memphis State Univ. In retrospect, Philip believes he was "searching for something" Internal happiness was missing - Celebrity TM practitioners.. 11:25 Clint Eastwood (42+ years) Jerry Seinfeld Ellen DeGeneres Katy Perry Oprah Winfrey Ray Dalio (Author of Principles) Department of Defense gave $2 million grant to study TM to reduce PTSD -How Philip describes TM...15:30 "A simple, effortless mental technique that can be done anywhere" Creating white noise inside your head TM does not have a monopoly on the ability to "transcend" where the mind settles to a quieter and quieter level of awareness You transcend where you are physically, and take yourself to another place mentally -Religious elements of TM and why a guarded secrecy exists among its teachers..19:45 No religious belief is required; it's a mental technique You don't need to believe it will even work TM was argued before German Supreme Court; they ruled it is not a religion Teachers are sworn to secrecy to protect the integrity of TM; you can't learn certain parts of it in a weekend then teach it to others These techniques are 5000-6000 years old Traditional way of teaching: Teacher performs a brief ceremony which reminds him or her to maintain the integrity of the knowledge Performed in Sanskrit -The "place" where a person transcends that produces a biological effect..28:45 The field of pure consciousness is our core, our essence Many mantras that are used for each individual 3 things that make TM work: Mantra Sound (life supporting, no meaning assigned) The nature of the mind and life is to go to greater fields of happiness, joy and intelligence Within each of us is a field of perfect order, joy, intelligence, etc. Color fasting cloth analogy Conscious mind becomes saturated in the perfect field of order Mind settles, body settles and vice versa The vagus nerve plays an integral role in the mind/body relationship -Formal studies on the effects of TM on the brain..38:30 Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition (Dr. Fred Travis) Practitioners of TM with minimal sleep (4-5 hrs) performed similarly to non-practicers with 8-9 hrs. (TM is not a suitable replacement for sleep) TM has been shown to stimulate dreams -Why TM is still necessary, even with all the biohacks available today..45:30 TM is natural, whereas some biohacks are "forced" on us TM is portable; you don't need to carry any devices anywhere A large number of prisoners practice TM -The importance of a proper mantra when performing TM..50:20 A proper mantra puts up no boundaries on the mind, thus enabling it to transcend its normal environment They are time-tested for thousands of years There is no "one size fits all" The importance of one's individual mantra cannot be overstated The mantra is just a small part of the totality of TM -The connection between TM and longevity..59:10 Biological age can be younger than the chronological age Decreases the rate by which telomeres shorten "Breath suspension" is a state of deep rest for the body -The financial cost of learning TM and why it costs money in the first place..1:03:45 $960, one time, lifetime fee for the course (discounts for college and high school students) Financial assistance is available if necessary No one will be turned away, although you'll need to pay something What is "free" anyways? -And much more.. Resources from this episode:  -Book: Principles by Ray Dalio -Book: Money by Tony Robbins -Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition (Dr. Fred Travis) Episode sponsors: -Kion Clean Energy Bars: Satisfying, nutrient-dense, real-food energy bars with a delicious chocolate coconut flavor! Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire Kion order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Organifi Green Juice: Now you can get all your healthy superfoods in one glass...with No Shopping, No Blending, No Juicing, and No Cleanup. Get a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: BENG20 -Policy Genius: Whether you're an insurance expert or a newbie, Policygenius created a website that makes it easy for you to compare quotes, get advice, and get covered. -Zip Recruiter: As your qualified candidates roll in, we make it easy to screen & rate them, allowing you to make the best hiring decisions for your business. Try it for free when you use my link. Got a question about anything that Philip and I talked about in this episode? Leave a comment below and we'll reply!
01:13:13 8/28/2019
For the third time, I've joined Paul Chek at his home hidden away in the hilly backcountry of San Diego, California to interview him. And this time we take a deep deep dive into topics such as intuitive eating, consciousness, ego dissolution, education models such as Waldorf and unschooling and much more! Paul is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology. For over twenty-five years, his unique, holistic approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of countless people worldwide - many of his clients, his students and their clients. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed. Paul is the founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute, based in California, USA and the P~P~S Success Mastery Coaching Program. He is a sought-after presenter and has consulted for organizations such as the Chicago Bulls, Australia's Canberra Raiders, New Zealand's Auckland Blues, the US Air Force Academy and other elite organizations. He has produced over 60 DVDs and 17 advanced-level home study courses designed for the fitness and clinical professional. He is a strong believer in the essential role provided by practical training and has developed four Advanced Level Training programs to provide hands-on instruction for the exercise and health industries. Paul's CHEK Exercise Coach program introduces fitness and exercise professionals to an integrated approach to conditioning; the C.H.E.K Practitioner Program is a two to four year advanced level program teaching corrective exercise and high-performance conditioning; the Golf Performance Series focuses on functional conditioning for golfers; the Optimal Health and Fitness Through Practical Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program contains three levels and shows how to reach optimal health from the inside out. Thousands of people worldwide have been trained in one or more of these challenging and elite level certification programs. Paul has also accrued three US patents for posture calibrating, hydrotherapy and equipment inventions, and has also designed several pieces of functional exercise equipment. In this episode with Paul Chek, you'll hear: -Why Paul became an espresso aficionado....4:30 Paul and his wife at one time worked 18+ hrs a day; espresso was an effective way to stay engaged and productive Caregiver archetype Studying functional medicine, Paul found people who had blood sugar issues had coffee on an empty stomach Inflammation, hormone regulation issues Logic doesn't work to get people to kick a bad habit People have a deep emotional connection to coffee Came across some time release vitamins; saw word "chelated" on the bottle Saw a connection between chelation and coffee to help with above mentioned issues Began using organic butter, nut butters, yak butter tea Laird Hamilton was a fan out of the gate Encouraged people to put something in their coffee and eat a bit of food first thing in the morning -Intuitive eating and a discussion on what is "God"...10:40 Difference between intuition and instinct: Intuition is asking the totality of yourself a question and waiting for the answer Only "God" can give you the soul; the soul is "God" in you Ken Wilburn is known to be able to "stop" his brain (see video) Book: Destructive Emotions by Dalai Lama Scientifically speaking, "God" can only be defined as "zero" Book: Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzak Bentov Book: The Physics of Angels "What we call spirits and angels is the flow of information and energy that is anthropomorphized" (human interpretation) Eternity, not infinity, is the zero point that we call "God" Intuitive eating: One empties their soul, then asks if a particular food is what they should eat that day. They'll receive the answer according to the energy they feel, positive or negative "Human beings will continue to invent technologies outside themselves until they've either destroyed the planet or they've come to the realization that everything they've created outside of themselves is a copy of a technology that exists within themselves." --Rudolf Steiner -An alternative view of human DNA...28:55 DNA is not a bunch of information like a computer; it's an antenna system that's tapping into morphogenic fields The Michelson-Morley Experiment (proved that the aether does exist) YouTube video explaining Gregg Braden's "phantom DNA" experiment Book: The Mystic Spiral by Jill Purce YouTube: String Theory Explained - What is the True Nature of Reality? Article on Whirling Dervishes (re: Paul's experience seeing photons in the sun) Book: Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions by Phil Callahan YouTube series: The Dirt Facts by Paul Chek -Soul connection and ego dissolution...42:40 Ego dissolution often occurs when people are in a deep crisis It cannot occur when we are constrained by religious or cultural standards Book: The Second Mountain by David Brooks Book: Falling Upward by Richard Rohr Books by Viktor Schauberger Book: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl Set aside preconceived notions, and allow your soul to speak to your body YouTube video: The Hunza Diet A British medical officer found that the Hunza people were regular smokers and drinkers with no apparent ill effect on their longevity The psyche is more powerful than physiology 3-step process on learning to be guided at 3 levels: Diet logging Muscle testing (duck bill muscle testing) The body will not support a lie Addictions and unbelief inhibit honest biological feedback Listening to the soul The biggest challenge to soul connection is a connection of the ego You have to have legitimate spiritual courage Supplements muffle the signals of the soul -Paul's thoughts on educating children...1:11:15 Ground children into the realities of the real world (meet halfway on buying toys) Book: Parenting With Love and Logic Education system designed to support the agricultural and industrial revolutions BGF Podcast on Unschooling Book: The Kingdom of Childhood: Introductory Talks on Waldorf Education Steiner invented biodynamic farming, which has proven to be superior to other methods of farming Minimum screen time, maximum engagement with the world and creative stimulants at a young age We have a choice on how to raise our children: either allow screens and teachers or we can be proactive and use those as tools while retaining our role as primary educators -The one question Paul Chek wishes he could answer but hasn't been asked...1:31:20 -And much more! Resources from this episode: -Podcast: Why Humans Need Winter, How Too Much Christmas Is Dangerous, Rites Of Passage & More With Paul Chek. -Podcast: Heavy Rock Lifting, Building Your Own "Water Charging" Station, Biomechanical Fixes, Plant Medicine Journeys & More With Paul Chek. -All of Paul Chek's books -Chek Institute -Book: Destructive Emotions by Dalai Lama -Book: Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzak Bentov -Book: The Physics of Angels -The Michelson-Morley Experiment -YouTube video explaining Gregg Braden's "phantom DNA" experiment -Book: The Mystic Spiral by Jill Purce -YouTube: String Theory Explained - What is the True Nature of Reality? -Article on Whirling Dervishes -Book: Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions by Phil Callahan -YouTube series: The Dirt Facts by Paul Chek -Book: The Second Mountain by David Brooks -Book: Falling Upward by Richard Rohr -Books by Viktor Schauberger -Book: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl -YouTube video: The Hunza Diet -Book: Parenting With Love and Logic -BGF Podcast on Unschooling -Book: The Kingdom of Childhood: Introductory Talks on Waldorf Education Episode sponsors: -Kion Meditation Guide: Jumpstart your personalized meditation practice with 40+ pages of knowledge and guided meditations from experts! -WHOOP: The performance tool that is changing the way people track their fitness and optimize their training. Save $30 off your order when you use discount code: GREENFIELD -Native Deodorant: Safe, simple, effective products that people use in the bathroom everyday. Native creates products with trusted ingredients and trusted performance. Get 20% off your first purchase when you use discount code: BEN -Harry's Razors: Try the shaving company that's fixing shaving. Get a $13 value trial set that comes with everything you need for a close, comfortable shave when you go to Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Paul or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
01:45:09 8/23/2019
Drew Canole is a Nutrition Specialist, Transformation Specialist and national spokesperson for the benefits of juicing vegetables for health and vitality. He is the founder of Fitlife.TV where he shares "Educational, Inspirational and Entertaining" videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity. Drew Canole's transformation clients include celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO's, authors and personal development gurus. The success of his first book on Juicing Recipes vaulted him to national attention as a first time author and has garnered media and television attention in the form of book deals, TV talk show hosting and national endorsements from some of the leading national companies focused on health, wellness and athletics. You can see a full list of Drew's books here. Drew is also the founder of Organifi. After experiencing his own radical transformation, Drew Canole has dedicated his life to helping millions of others lose weight and reach optimal health, through the power of juicing vegetables and Superfoods. His Organifi juices make this process faster, easier and absolutely delicious! During our discussion, in which I delve into Drew's daily routine with some deep, deep rabbit-holing, you'll discover: -Why a man needs his own castle, and a family needs roots...5:45 Gadgets aren't enough The best offense is a great defense (re: dangerous times we live in) -A day in the life of Drew Canole...9:25 Write/journal first thing in the morning Meditation for 5-10 minutes Conjure up as much life force as possible when wake up Chilipad CBD added 2 hours per night of deep sleep Essential Oil Wizardry and Young Living Essential Oils -The best type of massage according to Ben Greenfield...16:00 Pulse Centers PEMF table Michael Tyrrell's Whole Tones Kion Aminos Onnit New Mood -The importance of fellowship with like minded people...18:30 Wolf pack vs. alone time (there's a need for both) Book: The Second Mountain Book: Falling Upwards BGF podcast: Brief Words Of Wisdom, Introspection & Insight From Ben Greenfield Need for man talk with other men, not your woman BGF podcast: Vision Quests and Rites of Passage -Drew's workout practices and regimens...27:10 BGF article: Why Juicing is Bad by Drew Canole "A lot of it is mindset..." Track: HRV, sleep, Oura Ring, Apple Watch Lifting heavy stuff (1x/ week is sufficient) BGF podcast: The Only Self-Quantification Wristband You'll Ever Need Fast 4x/week (16 hr. intermittent fast) -Why the 2 CEO's doing this interview don't have an office at their respective companies...37:25 Drew goes into the Organifi office 3x/week, but has delegated most decision making roles to others Ben is at the Kion office sporadically; is out speaking, researching ingredients for future products BGF podcast w/ Kion COO Angelo Keely Importance of positive company culture -How to cope with traumatic experiences...41:17 TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) Book: Trauma Through A Child's Eyes by Peter Levine Trauma gets stored in the vagus nerve Tremors move trauma out of the body -The power of water...45:30 Water affects human physiology positively BGF podcast w/ spearfisher Kimi Werner Anastasia book series  Learn to be comfortable underwater, along with water wildlife -Drew's love of music and creative activities...51:00 Pantheon steel hand drum (left and right hemispheric integration) Owns a baby grand piano Simply Piano app Halo headset Here's a photo of a handpan drum like the one Drew played on the show -About Drew's garden...55:30 Switched seasonally: tomatoes, leafy greens, squash Orgonite buried in the soil Compost with worm castings Citrus trees Meditate and ground with the earth in the garden Solfeggio and classical music can be helpful -Technologies and biohacks Drew is experimenting with...59:30 NeuFit HyperVibe Bemer mat Pulse Centers PEMF mat NuCalm -How Drew gets the best possible sleep...1:04:15 "Observe your day like an eagle watching from above. If you judge at all, do the next day. Until you can go an entire day without judging." BGF podcast w/ Peter Martone There's a whole different level of being "awake" Book: Biology of Belief Book: Mind to Matter -The one thing Drew wants the BGF audience to take away from the interview...1:10:00 -And much more! Resources mentioned in this episode: - Organifi - ChiliPad - Essential Oil Wizardry - Young Living Essential Oils - Michael Tyrrell's Whole Tones - Kion Aminos - Onnit New Mood - Book: The Second Mountain  by David Brooks - Book: Falling Upwards  by Richard Rohr - BGF podcast: Brief Words Of Wisdom, Introspection & Insight From Ben Greenfield - BGF podcast: Vision Quests and Rites of Passage  with Tim Corcoran - BGF article: Why Juicing is Bad by Drew Canole - Oura Ring - BGF podcast: The Only Self-Quantification Wristband You'll Ever Need with Will Ahmed - BGF podcast: with Kion COO Angelo Keely - Book: Trauma Through A Child's Eyes by Peter Levine - BGF podcast: How To Get Started With Spearfishing and Why It's So Good For Fitness & Food: The Kimi Werner Podcast  - Books: Anastasia books Series by Vladimir Megre - Halo headset - NeuFit - Bemer mat - NuCalm - BGF podcast: The Problem With Sleeping On Your Side, How To Sleep On Your Back, Little-Known Sleep Enhancement Tricks & Much More! with Peter Martone - Book: Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton - Book: Mind to Matter by Dawson Church - Books by Drew Canole Episode sponsors: -Kion Clean Energy Bars: Satisfying, nutrient-dense, real-food energy bars with a delicious chocolate coconut flavor! Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire Kion order when you use discount code: BGF10. -JOOVV: After using the Joovv for close to 2 years, it's the only light therapy device I'd ever recommend. Give it a try: you won't be disappointed. Order using my link and receive a nice bonus gift with your order! -Vuori: Activewear and athletic clothing for ultimate performance. Vuori is built to move and sweat in, yet designed with a West Coast aesthetic that transitions effortlessly into everyday life. Receive 25% off your first order when you use discount code: "ben25" -Birdwell Beach Britches: Quality is our Gimmick isn't just our slogan, it's a commitment we honor with every stitch we sew. 100% money back guarantee. Get 10% off your order, PLUS free shipping on any order over $99 when you use discount code: BENG. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Drew or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
01:13:59 8/21/2019
Since releasing a previous podcast episode about peptides, I've received a ton of questions about them, including: -What's the best way to store peptides and for how long are they stable? -What's the most updated anti-aging peptide stack? -What's the best nootropic or cognition enhancing peptide formula? -Can peptides be used to slow or stop hair loss? -What's the unique peptide that stops gas and bloating in its tracks? So on today's podcast I have two guests. The first guest, Dr. William Seeds is a leading researcher and educator in the field of peptides. He is a Medical Doctor board certified in Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine. Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Seeds provides this leading edge care at the world renowned Spire Institute, Olympic Training Center in Geneva, Ohio. He has treated athletes from all over the world, helping them compete on the playing field and fulfill their dreams of winning gold metals. As a consultant for ABC's Dancing with the Stars, he enables their dancers to stay competitive and recapture their careers after injury. Dr. Seeds is the Medical Director for the New Initiative of Regenerative Medicine at the NFL's Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio Dr. Seed's passion is bringing Peptide Medicine to the forefront as treatment of all major disease processes, traumatic injuries as well as Mental, Addiction and pain disorders. As a researcher of peptide therapy protocols for over 25 years Dr. Seeds Founded and Chairs the International Peptide Society. The only Organization with Certification and Fellowship Training in Peptide Therapies. This academic medical society leads the forefront as the Authority in Peptide practices and is the leader in Education for Physician, and health care providers. Mr. Jeremy Delk, my other guest, has been a successful entrepreneur for over a decade, with a keen eye for innovative new products, technologies and unexploited market niches. Mr. Delk utilized the financial acumen he learned in the financial sector with Fidelity Investments, while working in both Boston and NYC, to incorporate Delk Enterprises in 2002. With the growth of Delk Enterprises, Mr. Delk made the decision to move back to his native Kentucky focusing on the growth of his company, which includes the peptides arm Tailor Made Compounding. Over time, Mr. Delk expanded Delk Enterprises from primarily a real estate holdings firm to a diversified private equity portfolio including equity holdings in animal health, sports medicine, human health care, pharmacy & creating access to future IP through strategic investments in technology and human health R&D initiatives. Today positively disrupting healthcare through portfolio companies and other strategic investments is where his primary focus lies. During our discussion, you'll discover: -Just what is a peptide, exactly...7:45 Natural signaling agent made up of amino acids, sequences, chains, etc. Reproduces what the body already knows to do in signaling, neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, etc. Maintain a state of neutrality in a cell "We can find the pathways involved in cellular progression into generation, and change it by isolating the signaling agents that aren't working and induce it via a peptide" "Cells are intelligent; we're just giving it the ability to show its intelligence" Impacting neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, autoimmune dysfunction and more Peptides are not new; what's new is the ability to hold the peptide in the system and pinpoint the synthesis in the cells The lack of intellectual property protection causes some hesitancy among pharmaceutical companies to proceed full speed ahead on peptide R&D -How peptides can be used for an anti-aging protocol...14:20 "Aging is a disease, the #1 risk factor for everything..." Cells have different receptors to detect problems (infection, environmental stressor, etc.) Cell can organize itself and take on the adaptive stress Allostatic load: Wear and tear on the body as it is exposed to repeated or chronic stress Phenotype: The composite of the organism's observable characteristics or traits True senescent state: The condition in which cells change their phenotype Autophagy: The natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components. Certain peptides can naturally upregulate cellular autophagy, thus slowing down the aging process -Which peptides should the consumer consider for an anti-aging protocol...21:05 It will vary depending on the individual A cell is like a see-saw: AMPK and mTOR AMPK gives the cell energy (calorie restriction and intermittent fasting) mTOR builds the cell back up If mTOR is always going, you can't have autophagy MOTS-c is a "magic bullet" for autophagy Corrects metabolic imbalances Improves metabolic flexibility of muscle FOX04 induces a cell into apoptosis; specific to senescent cells (cell directive) The protocol and schedule for each peptide will vary on the state and health of the user MOTS-c works by downregulating Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) If you can control GSK-3, you can control a great deal of disease processes in a cell Humanin is a mitochondrial derived peptide in the same category as MOTS-c; it has specific functions in the body when used Human in slightly more complicated in determining the dosage and mode of injection than MOTS-c Is there a protocol that would alternate MOTS-c, FOX04 and Humanin? Yes, but be aware of what mechanisms you're improving and what you're slowing down -The peptide Ben recently discovered to help with SIBO and gut stability...45:15 LL37 was discussed on Super Human Radio w/ Carl Lanore LL37 can be very powerful, but also the wrong thing to use The gut can go very well or very wrong It only works if we have all the bacteria we should all have working for us If you're feeding the gut the right nutrients, the microbes make short-chain fatty acids The gut produces its own LL37 when its functioning properly LL37 can induce discomfort and nausea if used to fight SIBO -How to best inform one's self on the proper use of peptides...52:00 They should be used under the care of a properly educated physician The International Peptide Society is a self-governing body created for oversight and accountability Other industries (such as stem cells) have suffered due to the lack of a similar organization NYT Article: At the Heart of a Vast Doping Network, an Alias -Peptide protocols to use for hair loss...58:45 PTD-DBM Used to affect suppression of Wnt/?-catenin pathway Upregulate the pathway that rescues the stem cell from being suppressed Thymosin-Beta 4 (TB4) goes after senescent cells that affect interleukin 1 beta TB500 is a generic form of TB4 GHK-Cu Valproic acid Microderm abrasion -Peptide stacks that are good for memory and cognition...1:05:25 FGL puts microglial cells into a quiescent state FGL improves already normally functioning memory; a sign it's on the right track Neuro inflammation is a big problem in the current day and age of busyness, lack of sleep, etc. Dihexa upregulates brain-derived neurotropic factors Can change a pro-inflammatory microglial cell into an anti-inflammatory one It's applied topically -Facts around ghrelin and the GHS-R1a and GHS-R1b and how it effects dosing of the GH secretagogues...1:12:05 -And much more! Resources from this episode: -My previous peptides podcast with Jean Francois Tremblay -Dr. Seed's Oral BPC-157 (use code BEN for 15% off ) -The International Peptide Society -Super Human Radio w/ Carl Lanore -NYT Article: At the Heart of a Vast Doping Network, an Alias Episode sponsors: -Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations, Kion blends ancestral wisdom with modern science. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Organifi Red Juice: Enjoy all the benefits of the 11 superfoods and their micronutrients that help increase resting metabolism, support cardiovascular health, and remove toxins to turn back the hands of time! Receive a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: "BENG20" -Four Sigmatic: I've been using Four Sigmatic products for awhile now and I'm impressed by the efficacies of their mushroom products. I use them. I like them. I support the mission! Receive 15% off your Four Sigmatic purchase when you use discount code: BENGREENFIELD -Birdwell Beach Britches: Quality is our Gimmick isn't just our slogan, it's a commitment we honor with every stitch we sew. 100% money back guarantee. Get 10% off your order, PLUS free shipping on any order over $99 when you use discount code: BENG. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Jeremy, Dr. Seeds or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
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Carnivore diet expert Dr. Paul Saladino was my guest on the show "The Truth About The Carnivore Diet: Everything You Need To Know About Dangers, Benefits, Mistakes & Hacks For Eating Only Meat." And now he's back! In this episode, we discuss my time at the Swiss Mountain Clinic, liver detoxes, European Biological Medicine, peptides, spirituality, hunting, survival, homemade pesto, BFR training, the carnivore diet (of course!) and much more. Throughout the course of his life, Paul Saladino has embarked on many adventures that have shaped his personal interests - including his unique, individualized approach to medicine. After studying chemistry at College of William he spent 6 years traveling and exploring. Highlights included a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, a summer in the New Zealand backcountry, and 2 years skiing and climbing in Wyoming's Teton Mountains. He returned to academic studies after these adventures, first becoming a physician assistant and practicing in cardiology before training at the University of Arizona, obtaining his M.D. in 2015. He is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner (IFMCP) through the Institute for Functional Medicine and will complete his residency in psychiatry at the University of Washington this June. When he is not researching connections between nutritional biochemistry and chronic disease he can be found in the frigid waters of the pacific northwest in search of the perfect wave. In my conversation with Paul Saladino, you'll hear... -About my recent trip to the Swiss Clinic...7:38 BGF podcast of Q&A sessions delivered at the Swiss Clinic Colon cleanses Hyperthermic therapy for cancer Liver treatments (INDIBA) UV treatments for blood Vitamin IV's Biophotonic therapy Intensive fasting first 5 days; diet customized according to individual's needs or condition Digital detox: no wifi, no bluetooth, etc. Nature therapy; hikes and walks in the mountains Ben's two boys attended BGF podcast on Unschooling -About my 12-week "bastardized" version of the carnivore diet...24:18 Very positive results Good bowel movements Good energy Significant increase in muscle mass Missed the social aspect of food (veggies from the garden, home-made recipes, etc.) "Quality of life" equation BGF podcast with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines People have varying tolerances for plant foods My two biggest takeaways from the experience Raw vegetables are interfering with my digestion Organ meats are energizing for libido, performance, muscle gain Ancestral Supplements -Nutrient profiles of organ meats...38:50 Kidney, heart and liver are high in riboflavin and Vitamin B2 White Oak Pastures Suet - fat around the loins and kidneys U.S. Wellness Meats Pack the organs when hunting "Animals will go for the viscera before the meat" Book: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky Animals in captivity become infertile when fed only muscle meat -Differing returns on investment hunting small vs. big animals...51:21 Paul Saladino's podcast with Miki Ben Dor Bigger animals have more fat Increased risk of disease, no protein in small animals Fatty fish show potential -What are the best edible plants?...54:06 Some plants contain more amino acids (ex. nettle) Plants that have a damaging effect have another one close by that will soothe it Morel mushrooms, Oregon grapes, black raspberries BGF article on curing Giardia naturally -How to understand the effect vegetables have on your body, for better or worse...1:01:00 Raw garlic helped Ben with his giardia, but otherwise can cause bloating Paul was vegan for 7 months Was bloated constantly Remained committed to the ideology in spite of the unpleasant consequences -Ben's thoughts on peptides...1:04:52 You can create amino acid sequences that target specific cellular function Some peptides cross the blood brain barrier and act as neuro inflammatory Decreased risk of all-cause mortality (Epitalon) Humanin and motsC are the two most studied peptides currently Unscheduled Not approved by FDA for human consumption The International Peptide Society Many peptides are inexpensively produced in China; have undesirable compounds in them and incorrect amino acid sequences Tailor Made Compounding The industry has expanded beyond body building to more useful functions such as mitochondrial function, gut healing, nootropics, etc. Frequency of injection varies by type of peptide and by individual need Dr. Vladimir Khavinson did clinical research on epitalon 10 day protocol, 2x yearly Inject epitalon every day Ben's personal experience with peptides Saw no noticeable effects after doing the epitalon protocol Big difference after BPC 157 and TB500 "Clean burning energy with enhanced focus" -The most radical thing Ben Greenfield has done in the last month...1:15:35 Read two books while suffering from giardia Falling Upward by Richard Rohr The Second Mountain by David Brooks "I've realized that my family isn't just my wife and kids. It's the people around me and in my community. I need to be more committed to that family as well." -And much more! Resources mentioned in this episode: -BGF podcast with Paul Saladino -BGF podcast of my Q&A sessions delivered at the Swiss Clinic -BGF podcast on Unschooling -BGF podcast with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines -Ancestral Supplements -White Oak Pastures -U.S. Wellness Meats  (code GREENFIELD gets 15% off storewide. Offer good for up to 2 orders per customer. Excludes orders over 40 lbs, sale items, volume discounts, and gift certificates.) -Book: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky -Paul Saladino's podcast with Miki Ben Dor -BGF article on curing Giardia naturally -Book: Falling Upward by Richard Rohr -Book: The Second Mountain by David Brooks Episode sponsors: -Kion Flex: A bioavailable blend to support joint comfort, mobility and flexibility, and bone health. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order at Kion when you use discount code: BGF10. -Thrive Market: Organic brands you love, for less. Your favorite organic food and products. Fast and free shipping to your doorstep. Receive 25% off your order when you use my link! -Clearlight Saunas: You can be sure that I researched all the saunas before I bought mine and Clearlight was the one that stood out from all the rest because of their EMF and ELF Shielding and their Lifetime Warranty. Use discount code: BENGREENFIELD to get $500 off your sauna and a free bonus gift! -Felix Gray Glasses: Don't go another day looking at screens without the help of some Felix Grays. Visit Felix Gray's site and get free shipping and 30 days of risk-free returns or exchanges. Got a question for Paul Saladino or myself related to what we talked about in this episode? Leave a comment below and one of us will reply!  
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