Woody has questions for Penn & more tricks for you to try at home, or at work, or at the gym, but definitely not while driving to work, unless you're in a fully autonomous car & you aren't subject to laws requiring your hands on the steering wheel regardless. Also, you'll need a deck of cards.

00:48:38 12/27/2017

Past Episodes

Steven Banks, Johnny Thompson's new book & documentary, & Penn sees David Byrne's current tour.
00:49:44 4/22/2018
Tony & Max Fitzpatrick return with stories from the sets of their movies & television projects, Houdini, & the best advice from the best directors.
00:54:02 4/18/2018
Artist Tony Fitzpatrick (Patriot's Jack Birdbath) & his son Max join Penn in Chicago. Casino scams, lie detectors, & doing drugs on your death bed.
00:51:44 4/15/2018
More mantids, Matt's new show Opium, & a gallon of Tobasco.
01:06:25 4/11/2018
Jonesy stops by with a copy of his new bebop duet with Penn, The Show Before The Show. Being bitter, supporting Aerosmith, breaking Moxie's bike, & Jonesy's version of the Green Mill story.
01:07:01 4/8/2018
Watching buskers at the Fremont Street Experience, playing at the jazz club, another Google-translated review of The Show Before The Show, & a funky pigeon.
01:17:42 4/4/2018
Farming octopuses, vasectomies as vacations, & Penn's sales techniques.
00:50:11 4/1/2018
A Futile & Stupid Gesture director David Wain returns. Creating pilots, The State & Childrens Hospital, National Lampoon's Lemmings, & Martin Mull.
00:53:30 3/28/2018
Memory isn't real, A Futile & Stupid Gesture, breaking the fourth wall, & calling Michael O'Donoghue with Wet Hot American Summer director David Wain.
00:43:21 3/25/2018
Penn & Jonesy's album The Show Before The Show is released on JonesJazz.com. Learning new skills late in life, improving intonation after 40, & Matt discloses nothing about some new shows in Vegas.
00:51:18 3/21/2018

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