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This contest has ended! In this jam-packed episode Victoria chats with bestselling author Alexandra Horowtiz, author of Being A Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell. Victoria also attempts to interview a singing and Christopher Walken-impersonating Jay Mohr, host of the Mohr Stories podcast. Then, Conservation Canines detection dog handler Suzie Marlow stops by with a story about her canine partner Skye's incredible nose. She is also joined by CEO & Co-founder of Nom Nom Now, Nate Phillips about his journey of building up this amazing company. Finally, Victoria describes "Find the toy", a game that taps into your dog's incredible sense of smell.

00:52:33 11/13/2017

Past Episodes

On this minisode Victoria takes a question about a pug who prefers to skip dental hygiene, helps a dog mom with a puppy that's a part-time piranha, and addresses the age-old tug of war dominance debate. (Spoiler alert: it's okay to play tug with your dog!)
00:27:28 12/18/2017
In this episode Victoria welcomes journalist and author Bronwen Dickey to talk about her book Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon. Fellow dog trainer and pit bull advocate Lori Nanan stops by to answer a listener question about the "pit bulls need a heavy hand" training myth, and radio personality Richard Hunter tells a story about his best friend Mel, a pit bull rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring.
00:37:00 12/11/2017
On this week's minisode, Victoria welcomes fellow dog trainer, author and kids and dogs expert Colleen Pelar to answer a listener question about how a newly mobile baby is impacting the family dog, then Victoria tackles a caller whose "ninja" dog won't tell her when she needs to go out for a potty break, and finishes up the show helping a caller interested in adding a feline friend for her resident dog.
00:34:55 12/4/2017
This episode of petMD's Life With Pets is all about fostering; how to get started, what it entails, and how amazing it can be! Eileen Hanavan from the ASPCA stops by to answer basic fostering questions, Cindy Szczudlo from North Shore Animal League America tells a story about how she turned her husband from a scardey cat to a kitten fostering pro, Lilian Garcia from the Chasing Glory podcast drops in to chat about her adopted sidekick Colby, Julie Steines and her rescued therapy dog/internet celebrity pup Norbert chat about their inspiring new book, and Mardi Larson from PetSmart discusses how PetSmart Charities helps pets in need all year round.
00:56:42 11/27/2017
On this episode Victoria helps draft a peace treaty in a household with a rowdy puppy and a senior dog that's officially over it, assists a caller hoping to find the right canine match to combat empty nest syndrome, and suggest ways to help an early riser dog hit the snooze button instead.
00:37:03 11/19/2017
This contest has ended! Victoria answers some more of your questions.
00:40:06 11/5/2017
This contest has ended! In this episode Victoria chats with pet expert Julia Szabo, who gives advice about dealing with pet stains, odors and dirt, and explains how microfiber is a pet parent's dream fabric. Victoria also welcomes fellow PodcastOne host and former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe to the show, and discusses how her pup, the famous Tucker-Doodle, played a part in her recent home renovation with fiance Shawn B. And to close out the show in the "Try This at Home" segment, Victoria attempts to describe a cat crafting project without the benefit of visuals. (Does she succeed? You be the judge!)
00:47:18 10/29/2017
Victoria helps a listener figure out how to deal with their dog's meal time neediness, and discusses how to find a good dog trainer.
00:22:38 10/22/2017
In this episode Victoria talks canine aggression, separation anxiety and litterbox issues with Dr. Carlo Siracusa from Penn Vet. She also chats with Adam Carolla about his dog Phil, then welcomes Dr. Siracusa back to answer a listener question about excessive meowing. Victoria finishes up the show with a story about a leash aggressive dog that changed her life, and suggests a quick and easy training tool that can help with many canine behavioral challenges.
00:44:47 10/15/2017
Victoria answers questions about puppy crating, creative puppy play and when to get started with puppy training. Presented by
00:27:00 10/8/2017

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