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We're celebrating the 2000th episode of RHAP with a special podcast featuring highlights and guests from Rob Has a Podcast

04:03:13 6/11/2017

Past Episodes

Rob Cesternino is joined by Alex Kidwell and Taran Armstrong to interview Kevin Martin, the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 5!
01:33:22 6/21/2017
Rob Cesternino is joined by LFC members Taran Armstrong and Alex Kidwell to preview the women of Big Brother 19!
01:28:54 6/20/2017
06/20/17 - Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about The Breatharian Diet, Stolen Avocado, Michael Phelps Racing a Shark, Lorde Onion Ring Posts, House Arrest, Skittles Pride, Chocolate Milk Origin and more!
01:12:55 6/20/2017
Rob Cesternino is joined by LFC members Brent Wolgamott and Melissa Deni to preview the women of Big Brother 19!
01:34:24 6/19/2017
Rob Cesternino reacts to the newly announced cast of Big Brother 19
25:00 6/19/2017
Mike Bloom counts down the 15 greatest Survivor non-playing characters and animals with Rob Cesternino
01:30:51 6/17/2017
Taran Armstrong joins Rob to discuss why a Survivor fan should give Big Brother 19 a try
01:06:00 6/15/2017
We'll explore various psychology principles that affect the way the Survivor social game works with Amanda Rabinowitz
01:30:10 6/15/2017
Sarah Lacina joins Rob to discuss her winning game in Survivor Game Changers in a long form interview.
02:32:08 6/13/2017
06/13/17 - Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about Dead Butt Syndrome, Dangerous Doppelgangers, Death of the Hawaiian Pizza Creator, getting busted for selling Fake Drugs, Unicorn Pizza, Women's One Piece Hairy Chest Swimsuit and more!
01:09:06 6/13/2017

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