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On the Every Day is Kids' Day podcast, moms, dads and other experts share tips and advice on all things parenting.


Episode 8: Ready? Set? Create! Fun arts and crafts activities for kids

Every kid loves a good art adventure. Searching for a project beyond the basic crayons and colored paper? Look no further.

14:38 8/4/2017

Past Episodes

How much screen time is too much? Are some forms better than others? And should parents set limits? An expert weighs in.
11:52 7/21/2017
This week on Every Day is Kids Day, were diving headfirst into play. After all, it is summer. But play is so much more than a part of the summer experience for kids ...
12:20 7/7/2017
Summer gives kids a much-needed break from the structure of the school year. But while a little bit of freedom from textbooks and pop-quizzes is necessary for their well-being, you don't want them to backslide and forget everything they learned over the year in just a few short months.
14:03 6/16/2017
The days are long, the air is hot, and lets be honest: there's a lot of time to kill in the months the kids are out of school for summer vacation. Finding something to keep little ones busy, day in and day out, can be a challenge for parents. An expert shares her best tips.
14:03 6/1/2017
Summertime means its time to hit the road, but finding the right destination can be tricky with a car full of kids. Parenting blogger and avid traveler Guiomar Ochoa has done her homework. Here are her top getaways that are sure to please parents and children, alike.
15:05 5/19/2017
For kids, summer camp is a right of passage. And for many working families, its the answer to child care during the summer months. But with so many options out there, where do you start when it comes to planning summer camp? Parenting expert, author and blogger Leslie Morgan Steiner, shares some of her best tips for navigating the costs, concerns and logistics associated with sending the kids off to camp.
11:45 5/4/2017
Its always nice having an extra set of hands to help around the house especially when those helping hands are responsible for the majority of the mess. But when it is OK to start assigning chores to your kids? Parenting blogger Nicole Dash lends her expertise.
08:15 4/20/2017
Not every date night needs to be with you and your partner. Sometimes it's fun to include the kiddos in your special activities. Whether it's mother-daughter time, father-son time or the whole household, this week's guests brainstorm ideas for your next family date night.

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