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Matt Perez and Satchell Drakes dig into the curious and intellectual aspects of video games and the medium's impact on the world. Erik Kain and Paul Tassi discuss the week's relevant video game news and new releases.


What's Next For 'No Man's Sky'

Paul and Erik discuss the long journey Hello Games has taken from the launch of No Man's Sky in 2016 to the big 'Next' update that launched this week.
00:42:50 7/26/2018

Past Episodes

Erik and Paul talk about the state of Fortnite: Battle Royale as the game crosses the $1 billion mark and tries to stake out a place in the esports business.
00:39:13 7/19/2018
Matt and Satchell talk to cofounder & co-owner of the Yetee Glen Oneil. They discuss the emerging Speed Running gaming phenomenon, the Games Done Quick event, and the future of this growing gaming community.
00:36:00 7/17/2018
Erik and Paul talk about the current console generation: Why investors are spooked about the Nintendo Switch, and why a more competitive Xbox One would be good for PlayStation gamers, too.
00:38:19 7/12/2018
Paul and Erik talk about the huge one-time live event in Fortnite this past weekend and what it could mean for the upcoming season.
00:38:00 7/6/2018
Matt talks to founder Javier Gimenez of Moonlighter about the influence and addictive gaming experience of Moonlighter. Listen to this in depth look at the development of this debut game from Digital Sun Games.
00:30:00 7/3/2018
Erik and Paul talk about Destiny 2's upcoming expansion, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5, and what to expect from this year's biggest shooters.
00:37:00 6/28/2018
Erik & Paul discuss how you can play Fortnite across multiple platforms and how Sony isn't playing nice!
00:30:21 6/21/2018
The spectacle that is E3 has come and gone, and Matt Perez and Satchell Drakes take some time to talk about their main takeaways, from the fervor behind Fortnite, to Nintendo's dipping stock, to the oddities of Sony's press conference.
00:00:00 6/15/2018
Erik Kain and Paul Tassi go over all the big E3 press conferences and discuss the best games and most cringe-worthy presentations from the show.
00:00:00 6/13/2018
Matt and Satchell speak with Michael Pachter, a video game, social media, digital media and electronics analyst with Wedbush Securities about the video-game trade show conference E3 and whether or not the conference is relevant. Then, @37:00, Erik Kain and Paul Tassi talk about E3 as well, but their focus is more on the biggest games coming out this June.
01:09:00 6/5/2018
Matt and Satchell speak with Tristan Donovan, author of 'It's All A Game' and writer of the current chapter of the 'Business Wars' podcast about the intense rivalry between Nintendo and Sony -- which we hear all about. Also @ 28:50 Erik and Paul discuss the 'Battlefield 5' reveal and why it's drummed up controversy online.
01:07:00 5/29/2018
Today Satchell Drakes speaks with Forrest Lee, the award-winning producer and long-standing editor behind hundreds of gaming media's most influential videos to discuss storytelling amongst the gaming enthusiast press and its uniquely dominant role in the gaming industry.
00:50:00 5/22/2018
Satchell Drakes and Matt Perez ponder the surprisingly difficult question of how they actually decide on what games to buy and play. Reviews, friend recommendations, online algorithms? And, @33:09, Erik Kain and Paul Tassi talk about the crazy success of Fortnite's 4th season and how other game companies like Bungie need to start taking note.
01:04:00 5/15/2018
Hear Matt speak with Delane Parnell, CEO of PlayVS, an official esports league for 20,000 high schools. Students can play esports for a state championship like other sports and be recognized by their state association. Plus, at 30:50, Erik and Paul talk about the fate of the loot boxes trend.
01:03:00 5/8/2018

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