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The biggest stars in and around the professional wrestling business join hosts Robbie Fox and Jared Carrabis every Wednesday afternoon to dive into the biggest angles, news, and events of the week. Plus, bonus episodes every Monday following a pay per view! Fox is the designer behind many of your favorite wrestler's ring attires and Carrabis is a lifelong fan, creating a unique dynamic you'll find on no other show!


Episode 10: The Bella Twins

Robbie and Carrabis preview SummerSlam, recap New Japans G1 Climax,...Robbie and Carrabis preview SummerSlam, recap New Japans G1 Climax, and talk all things wrestling on RAW and SmackDown. The Bella Twins join them later on in the show and Robbie reveals that he was the origin of the Nikkisawa forearm, as well as Brie giving an update on Daniel Bryans in ring career. Cream of the Crop is best SummerSlam match.   Show More


Past Episodes

Robbie and Carrabis talk all things wrestling this week, from Ronda Rousey potentially becoming a wrestler, to backstage heat on Enzo, to the G1 Climax, to RAW and SmackDown! After that, Pete Gas joins the show to discuss his time with the WWE in the Mean Street Posse in the Attitude Era. Cream of the Crop is Best Special Guest Referee.
Robbie and Carrabis record their first podcast from New York City, and talk Brock Lesnar leaving WWE, Seth Rollins' theme, the death of Enzo Amore, Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles, and John Cena being dropped on his head. Rone joins the show and reunites with his old college buddy Kevin Condron, founder of r/SquaredCircle and independent wrestler, and Scorpio Sky joins the show even later to talk about his upcoming match against Cody Rhodes.
Robbie and Carrabis record their final remote show before Jared moves to New York. They talk about SummerSlam plans, Shane McMahon diving out of helicopters, and Chris Jericho's return. Matt Jackson joins the boys later in the show to talk about The Young Bucks and their major success in wrestling, their crazy gear and merchandise, and the Bullet Club. Cream of the Crop this week is favorite tag team of all time.
Robbie and Jared recap the worst show of the year, WWE Battleground, and struggle to stick to their promise that theyd be an optimistic wrestling show.
Robbie and Jared go off the rails this week, recording at almost midnight and talking everything from the Punjabi Prison to Reddit haters. Pat Buck, Robbie's former trainer and the man who kicked him in the face WrestleMania joins him in the later half of the show and delivers the best obscure match recommendation ever. Cream of the Crop this week is Best Worst Match Stipulation.
Robbie and Jared have Billy Gunn on the show this week to discuss everything from being apart of the Attitude Era with the New Age Outlaws to his current run in Japan. Topics include AJ Styles US Title win at MSG, Alberto Del Rio/Paige, Austin Aries release from WWE, and Roman Reigns NOT turning heel. Cream of the Crop this week is best MSG moments.
Robbie and Carrabis are coming at you with a bonus episode to talk about the best pay per view with the worst name they've ever seen, WWEs Great Balls Of Fire. They discuss Braun and Romans apparent double turn, Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe, and more!
Robbie and Carrabis are joined by lifelong wrestling fan, Barstool Heartland employee, Pro Bowl Punter, and current wrestler in training Pat McAfee this week. Topics include New Japans G1 in USA special, RAW and SmackDown recaps, and a Great Balls of Fire preview. Cream of the Crop this week is favorite womens wrestler of all time inspired by GLOWs success.
Robbie and Carrabis have a stacked show this week with two guests booked! Topics include Ring Of Honors Best in the World pay per view, Robbie and Cody Rhodes hospital adventures, Lavar Ball, the friendship of Enzo and Cass, and the second historic Womens Money in the Bank match. Cream of the Crop is favorite wrestling event ever! Rocky Romero and Joey Ryan join us to talk about NJPW in the USA and GLOW on Netflix.

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