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Cassandra Clare

This week, we catch up with one of the bestselling YA writers publishing today - Cassandra Clare. She talks to us about her latest books, her upcoming series, and what it's like wanting to satisfy a lot of fans who have different ideas about what her characters should be doing. Megan and Clay speculate on the working method James Patterson and Bill Clinton used to co-write THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING and our editors reveal which new bestsellers are worth your time!
00:49:00 6/19/2018

Past Episodes

This week, we're all about great summer reads. We talk to Jessica Knoll, whose debut, LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE, was a major bestseller; her new thriller, THE FAVORITE SISTER, is an addictive thriller in which the set of a reality TV show gets a little too real and a star is murdered. But the novel is also a trenchant, deep dissection of contemporary feminism. And our editors join us to reveal their favorite summer reads!
00:57:00 6/11/2018
Rick Bragg has been telling stories about his family for decades now, including his bestselling books ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTIN' and AVA'S MAN. His new book, THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD, is about the "working-class mountain food" of his native Alabama and his mother, who does wonders with all kinds of Southern food. Megan and Clay talk about "trauma envy" among writers and our editors join us to talk about this week's bestellers.
00:56:00 6/5/2018
Barbara Ehrenreich is the notable writer who tackles whatever subjects interest her most: American poverty, the American idea of "positivity," and now, in NATURAL CAUSES, she returns with research and rumination on the complexity of our human bodies and the misconceptions of our minds. She urges that we recognize that death is natural, and that we enjoy our lives while we can. Megan and Clay talk about the summer books they're most excited about and our editors join the podcast to reveal which bestsellers are actually worth your time!
00:58:00 5/29/2018
This week, Kirkus Reviews editor Clay Smith interviews two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward live on stage from her recent book tour event in Austin, Texas. Ward's novel SING, UNBURIED, SING is the story of a family in rural Mississippi taking a road trip to the notoriously brutal Parchman prison, where a family member is being released. As with the best and most meaningful American fiction these days, old truths are recast in the novel in new realities rife with both peril and promise.
01:03:00 5/22/2018
This week, our hosts catch up with David Duchovny, who in addition to being an actor and musician, is a novelist (three times over!). His latest, MISS SUBWAYS, is an entertaining, postmodern fairy tale that tests the boundaries of love and fate. And our editors reveal which new books they think are well worth your time!
01:01:00 5/15/2018
Fully Booked goes to Hollywood this week! We catch up with some of the leading writers covering Hollywood: Joy Press, who profiles the women who've been transforming television in STEALING THE SHOW; Adrienne Sharp, whose new novel, THE MAGNIFICENT ESME WELLS, is set in the old studio system of Hollywood and in Las Vegas in the 1950's; and Ben Fritz, whose book THE BIG PICTURE: THE FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF MOVIES, reveals why Hollywood is sticking to safe, reliable movies like superhero series. Meet us under the palm trees.
01:04:00 5/8/2018
When Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden's mother began to show signs of Alzheimer's disease, Harden decided to try to capture her memories before they were gone. Harden's new book, THE SEASONS OF MY MOTHER, is an affectionate memoir about a spirited mother-daughter relationship and Harden tells us about the book on this week's episode. Why do we always talk about mermaids instead of mermen? In Melissa Broder's buzzy debut novel, THE PISCES, a disaffected academic struggling with a breakup finds love in the arms of a merman. It's a fascinating tale of obsession and erotic redemption told with black humor and biting insight. And our editors stop by to talk about the new books they think are worth your time!
00:55:00 5/1/2018
This week, we talk to Luis Alberto Urrea, whose new novel, THE HOUSE OF BROKEN ANGELS, is getting great reviews, including a starred review from Kirkus, whose reviewer writes that the novel is, "a family saga that asks what it means to be American." We also catch up with Cutter Wood, whose debut true crime book, LOVE AND DEATH IN THE SUNSHINE STATE allows Wood to tackle a true-crime story and, in the process, discover some uncomfortable truths about himself. And our editors reveal which new books they think are worth your time.
01:02:00 4/24/2018
This week, in our special Woman Episode sponsored by Sourcebooks, we catch up with Cecile Richards, the outgoing president of Planned Parenthood who has led that organization through many bruising tussles with political leaders. Her new memoir, MAKE TROUBLE, is just out this month. We also talk to Alex Wagner, the CBS correspondent and writer; her new book FUTUREFACE: A FAMILY MYSTERY, AN EPIC QUEST, AND THE SECRET TO BELONGING, is a fascinating story about her complicated search for her ancestry. And our editors reveal the best books written by women that are out this week!
01:05:00 4/17/2018
In bestseller Sloane Crosley's new essay collection, LOOK ALIVE OUT THERE, the witty, perceptive writer confronts middle age, and she's not exactly loving it. What was life like on the set of the big-budget, Hollywood epic, GIANT, starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean (egos clashed, for starters). Don Graham has written GIANT, the definitive account of the making of the movie and we're asking him about it on this week's episode. And our editors tell us which new books they think are really worth your time!
01:01:00 4/10/2018
A trio of struggling teens meets by chance in Central Park and becomes everything to one another in bestseller Gayle Forman's new YA novel, I HAVE LOST MY WAY. We catch up with Forman in this week's episode and also see what it was like for Michael Benson to write the definitive account of the making of the film 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Benson's new book is titled SPACE ODYSSEY and it's fascinating. And our editors reveal which books they think you ought to dig into this week!
00:59:00 4/3/2018
With a title like HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE, you'd be forgiven if you assumed the book is a dire read. The nationally bestselling book actually has some hope in it; we ask the book's co-author, Daniel Ziblatt, about the state of American democracy in this week's episode. We also ask Dr. Daniela J. Lamas about the research she did to write YOU CAN STOP HUMMING NOW: A DOCTOR'S STORIES OF LIFE, DEATH AND LIFE IN BETWEEN. And our editors share their insights about the best new books to read!
00:58:00 3/27/2018
Alan Hollinghurst's new novel, THE SPARSHOLT AFFAIR, is about a young gay man growing up as his father is involved in a major sex scandal in Great Britain in the late Sixties. This week, we ask the Booker Prize winner about the novel and his career. We also catch up with comedy writer Laurie Kilmartin about her irreverent, thoughtful new book, DEAD PEOPLE SUCK: A GUIDE FOR SURVIVORS OF THE NEWLY DEPARTED. And our editors tell you which new bestsellers are worth your time!
00:54:00 3/20/2018
Univision anchor Jorge Ramos famously got into a tussle with Donald Trump when he was a candidate for the presidency; his new book, STRANGER, reveals what happened after that incident and explains Ramos' point that immigrants make America a better, not worse, place. We also ask Shannon Hitchcock why she set her new middle-grade novel, ONE TRUE WAY, in 1977 North Carolina as two seventh-grade girls fall for one another. And we talk to our editors about which bestsellers are worth your reading time!
00:51:00 3/13/2018

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