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Pete and Dan are just a couple of lads who love to game.. after the nappies have been changed. The guys keep you up to date with the latest in gaming news and reviews, along with a few tips thrown in on how to juggle a love of gaming with being a *good dad*, ("Good dad" is subject to the interpretation of our wives, particularly if they try and get the kids to play 'Call of Duty').


Game On Australia (AUS)

Ep 123 - PS5

This week Dan is off so Pete is joined by Jacko_Gfreak, an Aussie twitch streamer from Victoria doing epic things in front of the camera!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. PS5 details have been released and they are LEGIT
2. Assassin's Creed Unity could hold the key to rebuilding the Notre Dame Cathedral
3. Xbox has revealed a launch date for its all digital edition Xbox one S

We've hit over 800 members in the Game On AUS GOD MODE closed facebook
group, meaning we give away another prize!

Jacko tells us all about himself and what inspired the character - "Gfreak"

Did you change your PS4 name with the new update? Our community has answered, we read some of the comments and also reveal next week's big question which has been sent to us by CHRIS, thanks legend! You can send yours to us at

Don't forget to listen in for the AOC/AGON code to get your free monitor suitcase with a purchase of a new AOC/AGON monitor at!

Thanks to all of the legends watching us on and listening everywhere!


01:11:47 4/18/2019

Past Episodes

Prince Harry had a crack at Fortnite, so we pull out the guitar and sing our right of reply on behalf of all gamers!

Top 3 things gamers need to know:
1. GOAG tournaments are COMING and Logitech G and Astro are on board to give you prizes!
2. A millionaire has announced plans for a real life Battle Royale on an island - we break down how it would work!
3. EA announces a new star wars game, here's everything we know!

We've been bashing out a poll on our socials lately and 1000 votes from our bloody epic community later we have the answer...

What game did you get the most value for money out of over time? Our facebook community gives us their answers!

Plus we reveal our next BIG QUESTION

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01:12:19 4/11/2019

HUGE THANKS TO AOC/AGON monitors, the world's #1 monitor brand has joined Game On AUS as our major sponsor for the next 13 eps!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:

1. What is GOALL?

2. Google stadia, and the issues with it

3. A new record for most video games in a collection has been set!

HYPERX Cloud Alpha gaming headset giveaway!

We give away this awesome headset thanks to HYPERX who have just signed on as a major partner of the Western Sydney Wanderers E-league team!


Jo "N8 OhNoAGoat" Nassar, pro FIFA E-League player for the Western Sydney Wanderers joins us!


We talk about the GOA facebook community's answers to this week's big Q - "What game did you buy even though you knew it was SH*T?"

We reveal also our next big Q!


Bonus content!!

Thanks to 2K, we're joined by David Hoey, who will compete at Wrestlemania 2019 this week in NY for one million dollars as one of four finalists and the ONLY AUSSIE in WWE 2k19!

01:15:59 4/4/2019

Dan's still away, so Pete's joined by a special guest this week!

Jaime Bodeker is the co-founder/owner of Esports organisation, MC Esports. In this week's episode she joins Pete to talk about MC Esports, and the LANS they're taking around Australia.

However, during the chat, they get onto the subject of AFLW star Tayla Harris, whose image went viral this week when her extraordinary athleticism was put on display and attacked by online trolls. She has since become a voice for change in the online community.

Women in Esports & gaming have been the target of such trolling for a long time, and Jaime shares her experiences, as well as her thoughts on how the industry needs to tackle change.
@gameon_AUS on twitter
@GameOnAUS on instagram


00:38:00 3/21/2019

Dan's off to Vegas for a couple of weeks so we welcome two of the Game On AUS content team - Stix & The Historian to the mic!

Don't forget we have also started broadcasting every recording on twitch, this is where you can interact with our show live! Follow or sub at 

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. The Halo suite is coming to PC!
2. The funny stuff you can do in Division 2 to get achievements.
3. Google's games streaming service launches next week!

ANTHEM - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. 

We spend the bulk of the episode getting stuck into Anthem, where it went right, wrong, and how it can improve - warning, it gets really philosophical.

INTERVIEW - QNTM NRG is in the house to talk about their new sugarless energy drink, plus if you use the promo code "GameOnAus" you can get 25% off your purchase at 


01:04:28 3/14/2019

You always know it's a special episode when we title it "Acapella"

Actually that's a lie, it just means we got kicked out of our studio and had to do it on the floor in a small soundproof box... BUT you get the awesome acapella Game On AUS podcast experience. It's raw!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. Xbox One S BUT WITH NO DISC PORT is coming!
2. Govt. loot box enquiry comes to a grinding halt
3. Surgeons claim they're better when they play games

The Game On AUS Facebook BIG QUESTION!
Your community answers to "Which character/voice actor deserves an oscar?"
PLUS we reveal the next BIG QUESTION!

Reverse sights:
Dan got an email from one of our awesome community members - STIX, who showed off an incredible way of sticking it to the man when it came to hit sh*t internet!
@gameonAUS - insta
@gameon_AUS - twitter 

01:03:11 3/7/2019

We have some incredibly exciting news to share! Over the last few months we have been working with twitch on taking our twitch channel,, into partner stat us as we begin a new phase of the weekly podcast, the live video broadcast!

Each week on a Wednesday night join us from 5:30pm AWST for our live broadcast of the weekly Game On AUS podcast - follow and/or sub now at, and thank you so much to Twitch for the partnership!

In the podcast - Dan kicks things off with an apology, plus...

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. Who is Baptiste?
2. Fortnite's revenue has HALVED over the last month - why?
3. It's Division 2 month!

We put in a quick call to the THE HISTORIAN who tells us about some exciting news for fans of the original DUNE games

We read your answers to the GOA Facebook community BIG QUESTION:
"Why did you use a walkthrough"

Keep an eye out on our facebook page for the next big question at! 

01:05:32 2/28/2019

Are you playing Apex Legends and feeling like your ping on the pong? 

It's not an accident...

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week.
1. Alex walker from Kotaku joins us to reveal some really interesting build mechanics in Apex Legends that will show you you're not just imagining you were behind that wall when Wraith killed you...
2. Fortnite is suing someone who tried to put on what turned out to be the Fyre festival equivalent of a Fortnite theme park!
3. It's Anthem week, if you're experiencing things like long load times and buggy mcbugs in your early access game, we have some great news for you!

Each week we ask our community a big question and read out the answers the following week.
This ep your answers to "what game were you genuinely addicted to" + the next BIG QUESTION!

I've got you in my sights.
Our bitch and whinge segment makes a mini come-back with a major issue Dan's experiencing...

Find us on facebook and socials, check out the latest stories at


01:03:42 2/21/2019

It's Valentine's Day week and in what is meant to be the season of love, we're actually busy breaking up with something that's been a part of our lives for a long time.

Dan surprises Pete with a Valentine's break up song.

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. We're investigating doing tournaments for our members.
2. Activision/Blizzard lays off 800 staff in the face of a record earnings year - the full story.
3. Rainbow Six Siege's new map is set in Australia, and it's bloody brilliant! 

This week's big facebook question!
"Which game did you chuck a sickie for?" - we read the comments from our community and reveal our next big Q.

Eayl Mackless from Thunder Insurance joins us for an in-depth chat about their new start-up which is specialising in insurance for gaming and esports.

01:16:00 2/14/2019

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. APEX LEGENDS, what is it and is it any good?
2. Xbox Live is coming to Switch, IOS, and Android.
3. We're celebrating a milestone achievement in our facebook GOD MODE group!

BIG QUESTION: What character would you like to see as a DLC in Mortal Kombat 11?

We read out some awesome answers from our facebook community!

Dan explains why he's back on Red Dead Redemptoin 2
Pete's on APEX Legends and Kingdom Hearts 3


00:56:24 2/7/2019

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:

1. The community wants Shaggy from Scooby Doo to appear in Mortal Kombat 11
2. Fallout 76's latest update - one step forward, two steps back!


Ryan Lappin, one half of Jade and Ryan from Channel 10's cult children's 90's TV show, Cheez TV, joins Pete for an in-depth chat about the series and how it launched pop culture in Australia!


3. Chris "The Historian" Inglis joins us to talk about Anthem's first hit out over the weekend during the early access demo, does it live up to the hype?

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01:12:37 1/31/2019

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