Give'm The Biz with John Tabis

The founder & CEO of enlists the help of his real life Cousin Bill and News Girl Katie Rotolo to share his experiences and wisdom in the startup game and the broader business world. From raising 10's of millions in financing to dealing with work stress to getting that first interview, we'll tackle it all every week.


Give'm The Biz with John Tabis

Live at the Workarea Summit

Give'M The Biz takes the show on the road to Philadelphia with their first live audience recording as guests at the 2019 Workarea Summit. John gives the Keynote speech and the Workarea founders Darren and Jason Hill join the show and talk about the origin of their company, and the future of E-Commerce. Katie brings a news story about the trend of drunk online shopping and Cousin Bill reveals his most embarrassing drunken online purchase.
00:22:51 4/16/2019

Past Episodes

With John on a business trip to Japan, Cousin Bill and Katie fly solo and take inventory of what they've learned 30 weeks in. Elon Musk's rap debut "RIP Harambe" makes its Give 'M The Biz debut, and Cousin Bill laments the demise of the American Alliance of Football. Katie gets put on the spot with a lighting round game based on past episodes / guests.
00:40:08 4/9/2019
John, Katie, and Cousin Bill talk about how to handle spending vs investing found money. Treating yourself vs. Saving for the future. John lays down the gauntlet for any and all beer companies to sponsor the show. Cousin Bill defends Busch Light. Katie brings the news, including a new beer / cocktail Keurig in the marketplace and short flight ride share app "Blackbird." Katie and John square off in a rousing game of "Up in your Bid-ness" featuring Allen's Mom! (Who has it going on)
01:07:49 4/2/2019
In this episode, John gives insight on what to do and not do in regards to growing your network on Linked In. Katie follows up on Scooter App Charging /neighborhood Feng Shui. The team gets nostalgic about the last Blockbuster Video on the planet (including John's controversial rewind policy), and Cousin Bill introduces a new game, "Swing and a Miss".
00:44:23 3/26/2019
Brendan Kelly joins John, Katie, and Cousin Bill to discuss his career path from being a Sales engineer for heating and A/C in Chicago to writing for shows like Weeds and CBS's soon to premiere "The Red Line" The team considers getting into the organic lip balm market based on the latest Amazon news, and continue to plug their fake social media app "Snappy Wappy".
00:57:07 3/19/2019
John talks about jobs coming with warning labels to let you know what you're in for from the start. Katie brings us a news story about Venture Capital in emerging markets. Cousin Bill starts a crowdfunding campaign to search for Bigfoot with Jose Canseco and John advises a listener on how to register your business (LLC, S-corp, etc) in our "Business the Sh*t Out of It" segment. After 25 episodes of wooing, Firestone Walker finally sponsors an episode with some Luponic Distortion.
00:57:15 3/12/2019
John, Katie, and Cousin Bill are joined by Co-founder of Omaze, Matt Pohlson. Matt shares an inspiring story about working with Bono, and wild tale of how a last ditch effort with Bryan Cranston saved his company. The show closes with a jaw-dropping story from Matt's personal journey that leaves the team so speechless they have to skip their weekly game. Keep your tissues close, Tearjerker alert.
01:02:45 3/5/2019
John, Bill and Katie are back with Business the Sh** Out of It talking about getting VC attention. John and the crew chat about working hard and setting goals, but also being happy in the present. Warby Parker and Quadriga CX are in the news and we round out the episode with a game of Like a Boss. The gang also learns they each have degree of separation from Kevin Pollak and where the high five comes from!
00:55:09 2/26/2019
In this episode John talks about the proper way to leave a job when that time comes. Katie tells us about her days as a fantasy football guru for CBS, and Cousin Bill joins remotely from the clutches of the polar vortex. The team weighs in on the Gillette ad campaign, and they learn a little bit about their own social media accounts.
01:00:34 2/19/2019
Christina Pascucci of KTLA News joins the crew for their first on location taping at her home KTLA Studios. She and the crew talk about the business of news but also the bigger picture, how time is fleeting and the desire to reinvent yourself every ten years. Slogans Heroes is back and Christina may or may not bend the rules!
00:54:59 2/12/2019
Co-Founder of Project Unite, Paul Pastor joins the team and outlines his journey from Disney, to Discovery Channel, to his newest venture. John and Paul talk about the difference between being an operator vs strategist. Katie surprises the guys with an "Impossible" taste test, and Cousin Bill's Hype Man startup business picks up another client.
01:21:46 2/5/2019

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