Ground Game

A conversation with AP reporters in the field about the top issues coming up in American politics ahead of this year's midterm elections. Hosted by Magan Crane.


Politicians fight to win over suburban women

In places like Virginia's 10th Congressional District, both parties are fighting for 2018's most prized voters, suburban women ?swing voters seen as key to winning in this contentious election cycle.
00:26:46 10/10/2018

Past Episodes

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks with AP about the contentious confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the upcoming midterm elections and President Donald Trump.
00:40:49 10/9/2018
Missouri's Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill is making a bid for a third term in a state that's become increasingly red, setting up a nationally watched showdown that could prove key to which party controls the U.S. Senate.
00:21:03 10/3/2018
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has jumped into his home state's U.S. Senate race in a bid to unseat the Democratic incumbent. We explore what impact this pot-smoking, Libertarian ex-presidential candidate could have on the race.
00:30:00 9/26/2018
Long a Democratic stronghold, Minnesota has four congressional seats that are looking like toss-ups in November as the issues dividing voters around the country come into sharp focus. Also: hockey.
00:31:37 9/19/2018
With less than two months to go before the November midterm elections, we talk about what trends are emerging and what surprises to look out for.
00:39:26 9/12/2018
What do primary upsets like the one in Massachusetts mean for the future of the Democratic party? Are they a function of a younger, more diverse electorate? Or a long-term push to the left?
00:28:53 9/5/2018
From tallying votes to declaring winners to polling voters, The Associated Press has played a crucial role in every major American election for more than 150 years. Here's how and why we do it.
00:43:25 8/29/2018
Every 10 years, congressional district lines are redrawn by politicians hoping to strengthen their party. How statehouse elections impact Washington and national politics.
00:35:37 8/22/2018
Presidents tend to stay out of primary politics in midterm elections, backing nominees only after voters have had their say. But Donald Trump has put his finger on the scale in Florida's gubernatorial race by tweeting his endorsement of Rep. Ron DeSantis, who has closely aligned himself with Trump.
00:22:41 8/15/2018
With Republican candidates moving to the right in Arizona, can a former Green Party activist win over centrists?
00:34:06 8/8/2018

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