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Greater Cincinnati wakes up every day with Jeff and Jenn on Q102, Cincinnati's hit music station. Don't miss out as Jeff and Jenn play songs that will get you ready to take on the day, talk with listeners and share their thoughts on life and love, news and community events. Check out the podcast for the highlights of today's show!


Jeff & Jenn Podcasts

E News: Mandy Moore is living a real life "This Is Us" moment. 11-20-2018

E News: Mandy Moore is living a real life "This Is Us" moment, Paris Hilton's engagement is off, and Tiffany Haddish wants a man.
00:09:13 11/19/2018

Past Episodes

Second Date Update: It's just a better offer.
00:11:05 11/19/2018
Fake or For Real and News That Didn't Make the News: Try adding Christmas lights to your beard and Burger King has a new burger with eight slices of cheese.
00:15:37 11/19/2018
Best Friend Game and News That Didn't Make the News: The 10 Most Popular Thanksgiving Foods and What do we do to our house before the holiday comes?
00:13:06 11/19/2018
John Matarese: Best Black Friday deals and News that Didn't Make the News: How to make a cheaper Thanksgiving dinner.
00:13:09 11/18/2018
Second Date Update: Do you expect me to believe that?
00:12:06 11/18/2018
Best Friend Game and What are you buying on Black Friday?
00:13:06 11/18/2018
Second Date Update: You're in to what???
00:18:44 11/15/2018
E News: Amy Schumer has been hospitalized, What are the best movies of 2018, and Pee Wee Playhouse is coming back!!!!
00:11:21 11/15/2018
Best Friend Game and Fake or For Real
00:09:20 11/15/2018
News That Didn't Make the News: How much does it cost for Thanksgiving dinner?
00:11:16 11/15/2018

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