Katie K9 on MyTalk

Need dog advice? Look no further than Katie K9, the down-home dog trainer. Long trusted by dog owners and industry professionals, Katie is dedicated to educating the everyday family through this Q&A program, in addition to running her own obedience school. Dogs are her specialty, but her wisdom doesn't stop there. You won't find expensive gimmicks or treats here! Just simple logic and kind-hearted patience from an entertainingly jovial host.


Katie K9 on MyTalk

08/11/19 Hour 2: Cat Diabetes

We talk about cat diabetes. Other topics include: an older cat and new kitten food/litter issues, a hint for small dogs in the winter, the information about how carbs feed diabetes and a dog that doesn't like the husband.
00:44:11 8/11/2019

Past Episodes

We discuss what to do when a dog is mounting you or someone else. Stomp Out Suicide is happening next weekend. Other topics include: vaccines and diet information and a potty and obedience issue in a 7 month old pup.
00:43:43 8/11/2019
Dr. Jess Levy, Holistic vet is in studio with us today. Call in with your questions! Topics include: Apoquel usage and information, what shots are necessary, dog with low blood count and the KTK9 show was shortened due to extreme weather coverage.
00:35:59 7/28/2019
We talk about the new addition that's coming to the myTalk team. Other topics include: how to get a dog to stop barking, where to adopt when having kids, Shiztipoo that is nipping, wet food vs. kibble , potty issues and a dog recovering from pancreatitis.
00:44:10 7/21/2019
We talk about supplements to use with your pets. Other topics include: dog jumping/barking, dull coat and shedding a lot, paws that are itchy, neighbor dogs that are barking and a kenneling issue.
00:45:54 7/21/2019
We discuss how to get rid of a "moldy" smell in a dog. Other topics include: loss of training in a dog and a dog that is territorial barking. We talk to Rebecca Bell about the importance of having a pet trust.
00:45:21 7/14/2019
We discuss the update on the grain free diets. Other topics include: overweight dogs, how to stimulate your dog's minds, adopting/purchasing a new dog and a puppy needing to work on his obedience.
00:46:04 7/14/2019
We briefly talk about DCM in grain free foods as well as the "trade" technique to get things out of our pet's mouths. Other topics include: a dog with bumps on it's sides, a dog that is mounting other things and a pup that is licking/chewing its paws.
00:45:44 7/7/2019
More information on DCM is discussed. Other topics include: a dog that becomes dead weight when going out to potty, 12 yr-old dog gained weight and now having potty issues, we go deeper into Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), follow up on fireworks, and a dog with a staph infection.
00:48:31 7/7/2019

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